17 July 2006

Olmert Addresses the Nation

In his plenum speech this evening, Olmert made some startinglingly strong statements for being a leftist nutbag. He also prayed portions of the Prayer for the State of Israel and concluded his speech with quotes from the prophet Jeremiah.

He's still talking about accepting the negotiated cease fire demands if Lebanon is willing to comply, but he also said,
Olmert explicitly pointed the finger at Iran and Syria, saying Hizbullah and Hamas “are nothing but emissaries, sent and supplied by enemies of peace in Tehran and Damascus.”

He also said that even if Lebanon had no involvement in last Wednesday’s attack on an IDF patrol along the northern border, which killed eight soldiers and resulted in the kidnapping of two others, “it holds full responsibility for the attack launched from its sovereign territory and the same goes for the PA with regard to the Kerem Shalom attack.
Opposition leader Bibi Netanyahu,
called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to remain strong, promising the opposition will remain firmly behind the government towards reaching the objectives, calling on the government “not to do half a job but to finish the job” against Hizbullah.

“Israel must learn the lesson this time… a decisive victory without concessions but to eliminate Hizbullah once and for all… to eradicate weapons caches including long-range rockets which are a constant threat to Israel’s survival.”

...“The Jewish Nation is united as a iron fist to send the message that you do not fire missiles at us. There is no peace without security and no security with terrorism.”
No commentary yet from Israeli bloggers. Israel National Radio has been pumping the national spirit all day with repeated calls to prayer and action, confirmation of Israelis' anger and desire for terrorist acts to be put to an end, and expressions of many Israeli reservists to go fight on the front lines for Israel. Keep it up, Israel! Keep the Spirit of Yhoshua and Calev going!!!


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