15 July 2006

Shabbat Update

Yes, it's Shabbat, and yes, I'm blogging. I consider it a mitzvot to support my people who are fighting in the Zahal to protect our nation. I'm too humble to consider it a mitzvot to support my people who are huddled in bomb shelters or wandering the streets in southern Israel, anxiously awaiting news of any kind to tell them what exactly will be going on with their lives in the next five minutes to fifty years; it isn't a mitzvot to support your mishpocha under attack, it's an avodah-- a service to HaShem.

To all of my Israeli readers who are on edge, whether you're in a shelter, or huddled in a hallway with no windows, or scanning the web for the latest news from a relatively safe spot, know this: DO NOT BE AFRAID. I'm no hypocrite; it's easy for me to tell you to have no fear from thousands of miles away, I know that. I wouldn't be saying it unless I had the complete conviction from the Ruach of HaShem that He is fighting for us, that He is hearing our prayers of repentance and cries for mercy, that He knows our hearts as individuals and our heart as a nation, and that He loves us and wants us safe. Moreover, I know that this is true--that HaShem will save us--for the same reason He spared our nation of complainers roaming in the desert: for the sake of His Good Name. (B'Midbar 14:13-20) DO NOT BE AFRAID, ISRAEL! Instead, BE BOLD and HAVE TRUST IN HASHEM!

Blog Reports from the Land:
(Limited, due to Shabbat)

Bert at Dutchblog Israel writes:
The real soldiers are doing their difficult jobs near and across the borders with Gaza and Lebanon this very moment. On television yesterday we saw a portrait of one Cobra helicopter pilot, a major who normally is a wine importer and culinary chef. With his baby face he is two years younger than I am and has such a tremendous responsibility. He was identified with a nickname that he was given during his pilot training, Speedy. He wore a helmet ( the names and faces of pilots and other specific security personnel are never shown ) and told us about the two most important things that he and his colleagues have to do when doing their jobs: fulfill the mission and make sure as much as is possible that bilti-me'uravim ( those who are not involved ) are not hurt. For some reason, when it comes to both caring for the security of my family and sincere efforts to try and protect human rights, I trust major Speedy and his colleagues more than Mr Chirac, Mr Annan, Mr Assad or Mr Nasrallah. May he and all other IDF soldiers and other members of Israel's various security services who are fighting Hizbullah and Hamas and trying to stop the rocket attacks against Israel and to return the kidnapped soldiers do a good, successful job, and may they all return home safely from each of their missions.
Baruch HaShem, may it be so.

Simply Jews has a message to Lebanese bloggers:
Sorry, folks, I understand your pain and am concerned and worried about the loss of innocent lives and the damage to your beautiful country. ...But here it stops. IDF is not and cannot be a subcontractor for the Lebanese government and the Lebanese people. Granted, for many years IDF was passively watching the Hizbullah build-up on the border, without moving a finger. But at the final count it is the Lebanese internal issue, and if you couldn't or wouldn't do anything about it - too bad.
In the News:

Hizbollah rockets have gone further into Israel, hitting into Tiberias along the Galilee.

Israeli Intelligence has confirmed that Iranian soldiers are in Lebanon, assisting Hizbollah in pulling off these massive rocket attacks.

Hizbollah rockets may now be able to reach Tel Aviv.

YNet News reports: "Lebanon police reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked targets in the northern city of Tripoli, located some 90 kilometers (55 miles) from the capital Beirut. (AFP)"

Ha'aretz reports that "The London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported Saturday that Israel issued an ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to which a regional war would erupt within 72 hours if Damascus does not prevent Hezbollah attacks. According to the report, a Pentagon source said that if Syria does not try to influence Hezbollah, Israel could bomb essential installations in Syria. The source neither confirmed nor denied rumors that Israel had given Damascus 72 hours to comply with international demands."


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