15 July 2006

Update on IDF Ship

IDF confirms warship hit by explosive-laden UAV[JPost]
A Hizbullah strike on an IDF warship off the Lebanese coast damaged the ship severely, The IDF confirmed to The Jerusalem Post late Friday.

Earlier reports disagreed regarding the extent of the damage, with the IDF initially reporting that the ship was largely unharmed.

According to security officials, the ship was struck by an unmanned aerial vehicle packed with explosives, a new tactic for Hizbullah.
A guerilla fighting force gets a UAV to play around with, hm? Gee, Papa gives great toys for Ramadan, doesn't he?

Somehow, methinks that when this is over, Ama-dinnerjacket, in an attempt to ressurect his wounded celebrity, will be releasing an album of greatest hits in the after life. The number one single from the album will be a Farsi version of, "And I-ran...I-ran so far a-way.... Gotta get away."

I hear 80s music is huge among celestial virgins.


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