23 August 2006

Poking out of the Bomb Shelter

Pardon me while I dare to poke my head out of my bomb shelter for a minute to take a look around.

Ah, I see that Israel has been put in a very pretty spot. One coworker said to me yesterday, "Well, I think if Iran were to launch nuclear weapons at Israel, the United States would respond immediately," with a triumphant note of victory in his voice. "Sure," I responded, "but what does that mean for Israel?" Apparently, he hadn't thought of that. By encouraging the Israeli government to concede to the wishes of the World Body, the United States has effectively established Israel as the wall between America and Iran. According to insider sources, Rumsfeld is apparently dubbing the politico-military move, "Operation Jewman Sheild." (One wonders if he doesn't have to pay royalties to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for that little quip.)

The grand irony of the Bush Resolve continues as the Detroit Free Press reports:
A day after conceding that the war in Iraq is "straining the psyche of our country," President George W. Bush has authorized the Marine Corps to recall as many as 2,500 inactive Marine reserves at a time.

And the national heartache continues.
What national heartache? Let's dare to be pragmatic for a moment and take an honest look at the situation.

The Marines, their wives, husbands, children, and families are probably experiencing some form of heartache. At the same time, they're extremely patriotic and pro-military, therefore they believe in fighting for their country. Not understanding that they're really being moved like pawns on a global chess board by the powers that be who seek world domination, these soldiers are operating under the notion that they are fighting to defend democracy abroad in order to make it safer here at home. Poor shmucks. I say that not because I don't believe in all of their integrity and good wishes- I say it because the integrity is being wasted and the good wishes will never come to pass, and that is a damned shame. Everything they believe that they are fighting for-- freedom, democracy, human rights-- all of these are good ideals worthy of defense. The problem is, they aren't defending those ideas. These soldiers are being put on the ground in a country that openly supports terrorism, and, essentially, they are training their enemies to shoot at them and blow them up. Yeah, yeah, there are good Iraqis too. They're so good that in their first free election they put a bunch of terror-loving, Jew-hating radical muslims into parliament. Nothing says "decent human being" like the "Vote for Qaddafi" t-shirts now being hawked next to the stands selling soft porn on Baghdad Ave.

The right-wing faction in the country basically supports the war because they operate under the same notions that those in the military do. If they raise their voices about anything, they'll do it over the fact that 2,500 IRR Marines are being called up for 2 year stints because draft numbers are so low-- thanks to the anti-Americanism of the Democrats. Voila! A brilliant moral and ideological argument thrown to the wind of politics. Brilliant. Hello, election year. What was that about being heartbroken for the troops? Oh, you mean people are dying needlessly for... this terrorism thing? Well, they died for their country and therefore they will always be honored. Yeah, you think that next time you step on someone's name as you cut through your local Veteran's Memorial on the way to Sunday brunch.

The left-wing faction in the country doesn't give a rat's tuchus if soldiers are being murdered by terrorists-- don't forget, their parents were the ones who spat on soldiers coming home from Vietnam. In fact, the left wingers don't really care about anyone but themselves. Take an objective look at an anti-war rally and you will observe the most slovenly cross-section of the American populus out at play. They didn't come there to protest so much as to buy pot, get free food, and blow the stink of patchouli off of their unwashed bodies. Getting a little riled up over authoritah helps to score them their fifteen minutes of fame for the day, which is especially enjoyable since they descend from the greatest generation of navel-gazers this country has ever produced. The people who are protesting the war aren't protesting because they care about the troops and want them to come home-- they're protesting because they don't want to get their asses drafted into battle, because that will mean fleeing to Canada, and man, like, moving is really expensive. Who wants to move when they can just sit around and do nothing but slowly decompose in their own filth? These people aren't activists- they're apathists; they don't care who dies as long as they can be left alone to do whatever they want. Wouldn't Rosseau be pleased.

Heartbreak indeed. The only people whose hearts are breaking are the ones who know the difference and can see the game being played out until the very end. How pathetic to lose so many lives-- good, honest, upright lives-- in the name of greed and lust for power. These are the good people, the ones being sent off to war. When they are gone, what will be left but a group of patriotic citizens in shock and another group of navel-gazers functioning in a perma-stupor? What a wonderful way to destabilize a country and render its people nothing more than useless drones.


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