13 August 2006

UN, Cease Talking

AbbaGav says it perfectly:
...This conflict is not over, merely on hiatus. The soldiers are still being held, and during this interim will in all likelihood share Ron Arad's now twenty-year-old fate, being moved to Syria or Iran as more lethal missiles with enough range to threaten every home in Israel pass by headed the other direction back into Lebanon.

It's probably the easiest prediction any psychic could ever make, but this war will heat up again, and when it does it promises to be more violent and threatening to Israel's existence than anything seen so far. ...
I once heard it said by an Evangelical pastor that human beings were determined to do it their own way and not submit to the authority of G-d. I don't think that's true at all. I think human beings will do whatever is easier. Trusting in an omnipotent deity that you can't see or touch is hard; trusting in the paper documents of visible men is easy.


G-d help Israel, because she clearly cannot help herself.


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