12 August 2006

UN Ceasefire

What a depressing Shabbat.

Unable to tend to news yesterday due to personal reasons, I click on ynet this morning to find that Olmert has agreed to the UN Ceasefire resolution, and that Israeli troops will be withdrawn as early as 48 hours from now. Some Israeli bloggers hate this, some love it, most are confused and don't know what to think.

It's bad.

Very bad.

The enemies of Israel are gathering around her like vultures, ready to attack. Olmert's opting for a UN Resolution, realizing that if he sent troops into Lebanon and casualties soared (which was a probability) he would lose his job. What a greedy, selfish ass.

He's costing Israel her life.

Watch out, Israel-- you'd better keep your eyes to the sky, because that is where your help, your ONLY help, is going to come from. By accepting this UN Resolution, Olmert is setting our nation up for nothing short of a jihadi massacre.

On behalf of my people and my nation, I'm sorry Adonai. I'm truly, truly sorry that we are still too bull-headed to put our trust in You. Please, dear G-d, in your mercy, interviene in the life of your people for the sake of Your Good Name and reputation-- save us, oh G-d, for the sake of your Truth! Baruch haShem, with you, there is always hope.

Pray hard, Israel and lovers of Israel everywhere. PRAY HARD AND FAST, NOW, while there is still a nation and a people to pray for.

And, P.S.-- Don't think the "sudden arrest" of 21 terror suspects after "months of investigation" wasn't timed just right to coincide with the release of this ceasefire. Nothing beats taking world attention off Israel for a day or two to quell people's emotions about the war. On top of that, scare them a little bit by showing them that "terrorism" is still a "world threat"-- minds full of fear dislike the idea of fighting back. And for those who still want to fight back, show them that even one of the most socialized law enforcement agencies can still bag the bad guys-- that'll convince them that war is wrong, and fighting back against these Islamic nutbags is wrong. Wait, the UN has a ceasefire plan? Great! Let's just put an end to all the fighting now, mmmkay?

Never forget: EVERYTHING happens for a reason.


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