05 November 2004

Yellow-Toothed Pansies from Across the Pond

I'm sure everyone's heard the news from across the pond-- it has just been reported by the Investigative Bureau of BBC News that, "several London papers that printed insulting headlines questioning the mental clarity of Americans who voted in the recent election, actually ressurected old broadsides for the event. It turns out that the front pages of the Daily Mirror and the Guardian were actually copies of propaganda leaflets and posters printed in London in 1776. Apparently, the leaflets and broadsides were pilfered from the Victoria and Albert Museum some time early last evening. While there is no clear identification of the theif, eye witnesses who were in the area gave descriptions of a rather large man with scruffy-looking hair who wore a baseball cap and kept yelling at a rather non-descript accomplice carrying a Digital Video Camera to 'get a good, clear shot and stop pointing the camera at my ass!' The editors of both papers have declined to comment at this time."


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