18 July 2006

Afternoon Links

I learned from one Israeli blog today that the same Hebrew slang for "Great, Awesome," haval al ha'zman is literally translated as, "a waste of time."

For more Hebrew slang, go here.

Over at Step by Step we learn that an army of female suicide bombers marched today in Gaza.

Adloyada gives the most recent and prolific example of foreign media bias occuring in Israel and pressing forth through the wires.

This morning I was watching the news and thinking, "Yeah, yeah, but what does Tzippi Livni think?" Apparently, I'm not the only one who digs the IFM.

The religious community is gearing up for geula.

Interesting American reactions are noted at the the Muqata.

A first for the New York Slimes: They publish an Israeli who is proud of their country's actions.

IMRA has an updated list of Pro Israel Rallies taking place across the United States.

The latest rage that's so hot it's even hit the MSM is the new Live from an Israeli Bunker.

Carl in Jerusalem links to well reasoned Egyptian observations of both sides of the war. He also has a great pic of Israeli Soldiers praying in action.


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