19 July 2006

This is an Israeli Artist/They're Running Scared

The Jerusalem Post has an article on Israeli musician David Broza who is busy scheduling his own tour of the North in an attempt to comfort and support the Israeli people who are under constant rocket barrage. Literally, he's calling up places and scheduling unplugged performances in bomb shelters.

David Broza rocks.

Live from an Israeli Bunker blogs:
Information is coming in that Hezbollah is firing on Lebanese citizens who are trying to flee their towns after being warned by the IDF to leave the area. They want to go, and Hezbollah is now literally using them as a human shield. Some of them have actually been calling friends and family here stating this!
Right now our army is fighting on the border-- the rockets aimed at Israel are becoming less and less accurate, and Hizbollah is shooting civilians trying to flee. They're scared. Bad.

Good, they should be.

Live also reports:
As I started writing this post I saw Haifa on TV and a siren in the background while at the same time hearing that some of the trucks providing weapons have managed to slip thru from Syria and are somewhat close to our border.


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