24 July 2006

Israel, Northern Armies & More

Gov’t to Consider European Force for South Lebanon [Israel National News]
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told visiting German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeyer that Israel would consider positioning a European force with fighting experience on its border with Lebanon.
According to TV news, Germany, France, Italy, and India have already volunteered troops for this tour de force. Now, pragmatically speaking, doesn't this sound an awful lot like acharit-hayamim happenings? I know, I said this before, but doesn't this sort of smack of the "armies of the north" prophecies? In any case, Olmert is nuts if he allows armed fascists-- er, I mean, the sons and grandsons of fascists-- into Israel. NUTS.

Israel Matzav warns Jews abroad to keep their eyes peeled, after the Shin Bet issued a warning to all Israeli installations abroad to be alert for the waking of Hizbollah sleeper cells. As Carl in Jerusalem notes, this isn't just about Israel, it's about the Jews. I was reading today that the Orthodox Rebbes teach that when Israel is at war, every Jew is at war. The principle stands, especially when it comes to terror cells. Gates of Vienna has reported extensively on the terrorist training camp (I mean, Muslim Day Camp hidden in the back woods of Virginia), Jamaat al-Fuqra. Ricky Sperry at The Sperry Files has recently published a book, Infiltration detailing the gross amount of control Muslim Arabia has over our government. The idea that Hizbollah is in America, watching and waiting, is not merely a conspiracy theory-- it's a plain truth. Jewish Americans beware: They will be out to get us, first and foremost.

Judging by the way Professor Eugene Narrett sets it up and Felix Quigley analyzes it, it will be grass-roots activism, civil disobedience, and militia-making that will save the masses both in Israel and around the world from complete destruction. I'd like to add one further, overarching observation to the mix: For the people of Israel and the innocent masses of gentiles around the world to be saved from the hands of terrorists and the world governments who use human beings as weapons of mass destruction, ISRAEL MUST LOOK TO HER G-D FOR SALVATION. All the grass-roots militias in the world won't mean a thing if Israel does not seek salvation from HaShem. As King David, the leader of a rebel militia once wrote, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we praise the name of Adonai Our G-d." (Psalm 20:7)


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