23 July 2006

Observations from the News

IDF Calls Up Unit for Setting Up Military Government [Israel National News]
The IDF commander did not specifically say that Israel intended to set up a military government in southern Lebanon. “We always need to be prepared for the full length of the operation and the full extend of its objectives,” Adam explained.
This report rings of the same tone used in the "Lebanon did not comply with UN Resolution 1559" that we keep hearing over and over again: Israel is starting to use the classic Arab terrorist tactic of doublespeak to respond to the media. I love it. "No, of course we aren't 'occupying' anything-- we're performing a 'limited incursion' in order to roust out terrorists, duh!" Seriously, how many times have you been to see an Israeli speaker, only to have the speech interrupted by some Arab lunatic (or his whitebread homey) screaming his head off about random UN resolutions that Israel supposedly "violated"? Good, we're finally using their own words against them and making them play the guessing game.

U.N. Observer Hit in Hizbullah-IDF Crossfire [Israel National News]

Okay, seriously, what is this? A tennis match? What the hell are "observers" doing there, anyway, counting who fires what, when? Moron. He/She deserved to be pinged in the head with a volley or two. One less person to help Kofi run his sex slave rings.

Syria Official: ´We Are Ready to Help Solve Crisis´ [Israel National News]
"Syria is ready for dialogue with the United States based on respect and mutual interest."
All this while Debka reports that Syria's calling up her Iranian proxy-army. What was that I just said about Arab doublespeak?

One disturbing trend I'm noticing more and more: negative reports coming out about Israeli odds in battle and morale on the ground, compounded by endless MSM/blogger analysis that remains stuck in the thoughts of men and not of Adonai. I'm not brainless; I know that not every Jew believes in G-d, and even those that do wouldn't know how to pray if they were given a Siddur and told to read pages 4-10. My argument is this: for too long, in fact, for our entire modern history (and the majority of our ancient history in the land as well) we have mired ourselves in the thoughts and wishes of the nations who conspire against us.

Our purpose in life isn't to be like everyone else! Our purpose in life isn't to make everyone else happy! Our purpose in life is to be G-dly and to make Him happy!. Until we realize this and start operating from HaShem's perspective, not a human perspective, we run the risk of losing, compromising, and continuing the chain of suffering and surrender that has led us to the point we're at now.

Stop thinking from a human perspective, Israel! Start thinking from HaShem's perspective! How do you think Dovid haMelek became the great King that he was-- by foregoing HaShem and joining the ranks of the gentiles when he faced guaranteed defeat? NO! By rising above his human perspective and striving to see things through the eyes of His G-d, by being a "man after G-d's own heart"! This is how our greatest king achieved his victory then, and this is how we will achieve our victory today! START THINKING THROUGH G-D'S PERSPECTIVE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Every negative report I read or hear I take as a positive sign that HaShem will save Israel. Why? What is the test of truth? The world will not believe it, the world that has constantly sought our destruction will not believe the truth.

This is the truth: "ADONAI-Tzva'ot says, 'The fast days of the fourth [Tammuz], fifth [Av], seventh and tenth months are to become times of joy, gladness and cheer for the house of Y'hudah. Therefore, love truth and peace.'" - Zechariah 8:19 [emphasis mine]

"As for me, ADONAI, let my prayer to you come at an acceptable time; In your great grace, God, answer me with the truth of your salvation." Psalm 69:13 Baruch haShem, may it be so for all of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael forever and ever, amein.

Stop thinking from a human perspective, people of Israel, and start thinking along the lines of HaShem!


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