23 July 2006

Our Hope & HaShem's Glory

We're in Lebanon. We aren't occupying Lebanon or anything, it's more like we needed a place to party for a few hours, so we busted through Farmer Jones's fence, parked our beat-up Chevy Malibus, hauled out the 'shine and started throwin' the cow patties. Just in case you're still not clear on the subject, WE'RE LEAVING AS SOON AS WE FINISH TIPPING THE COWS, mmmkay?

Seriously, I have never heard more ridiculous news reporting in my life. Only today did one Fox n' Friends host say, "Well, I guess we can finally call this a war now, right?" Where the hell have you been for the past two weeks?

I couldn't blog today. I decided that Shabbos meant resting my eyes, so the computer would have to wait until sundown. My internet provider complied by sending a weak signal. Lying in bed, contemplating having to make yet ANOTHER service call tomorrow morning, I recalled that the last time this happened, a massive thunderstorm reset the modem. So, I decided to take a cue from HaShem and induce my own power failure/restart. It worked. Baruch haShem, may we take all our cues from Him.

As I walked past the fiction section in Barnes & Noble, a two-volume Herman Wouk set caught my eye: The Hope and The Glory. The first is a fictionalized account of Israel from the War of Independence to the Six Day War. The second goes from the Six Day War to the present. I've already dug into the first chapter of The Hope and am taking great joy in the fact that we, a ragtag army of Hebrew-speaking natives, Yiddish-speaking Holocaust survivors, and new and eager Zionists with no military training, slapdash weapons, and rotten communications equipment were able to defeat the combined armies of the British-armed Arab world in 1948-49. If we could do all of that then, how much easier will it be now, with the army HaShem has blessed us with! We must continue to put our trust in Him who gives us our future and hope. HaShem WILL save us.

Friday night I caught a documentary on "The Bible Code II". Having gotten halfway through the book before deciding the author was going off the deep end, I thought I'd check it out to see if I missed anything. I'm a pragmatist when it comes to these things. I believe in the current viability of prophecy-- that HaShem still speaks to us today through the Tanak He wrote thousands of years ago. Could there be a code embedded into the Torah? Sure. Have some of the codes been proven truths before? Yes. But my pragmatism remains for the same reason I'm weary of false prophets; plenty of people can claim to know the truth, but in the end it is HaShem who has the final say.

Nevertheless, one item struck me in particular when I was catching up on the news just now. It was reported in the documentary that one Bible code deciphered indicated that chemical weapons were transported from Iraq, through Syria, into the Bekka Valley in Lebanon in 2003. According to a post on Israpundit, Joseph Farah reports:
The British intelligence service MI6 has established that Hezbollah is poised to launch a new “rain of terror” on Israel with rockets equipped with “dirty bomb” nose cones, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

“The nose cones will contain spent nuclear rods from Iran’s nuclear programme. The rods are wrapped with conventional explosives. The dirty bombs are primarily intended to create increased panic across an already nervous population in northern Israel,” claimed a senior intelligence officer in London.

Meantime, Mossad undercover agents are desperately trying to locate where the “dirty bomb” arsenal is located. It is believed to be in the Bekaa Valley.
True or not, the similarities are too close for comfort. Are they operating on Bible Code intelligence here? A former Intelligence Cheif interviewed acknowledged that the Bible Code was one source for information. In any case, the message here is clear: LISTEN TO YOUR TORAH. Only HaShem knows the end from the beginning, but the secrets He has to share are in the book that He gave to US.

We've already got a list of Righteous Gentiles going in the Media War: Jennifer Griffin, Shepard Smith, Mike Tobin, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter. Listen to these reporters and writers who are, respectively, giving Israel a fair shake and coming out in favor of her actions and radically against those of Lebanon, er, Hizbollah.

Iran and Syria are stepping up war preparations as America rushes bombs to the Israeli military. Baruch HaShem. Why? Because the terror needs to end. If that means a full-scale war in the region, then let's do it. We've conquered a multiplicity of Arab forces before-- with Adonai on our side, WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR! And this time, we won't give our victory over to the nations; we will give the Glory to HaShem!


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