21 July 2006

This Says it All...With a Laugh

Via Jacob Shwirtz-The Journal who writes:
Ring Around the Rosy

Haven't played in years but somehow its all part of the Zionist Conspiracy, as brought to us by Harry, Dan and Mike, my fellow Israel-based bloggers. Like I always say, the best comedy in Israel comes from Americans. Enjoy.
Well, you are talking about the Jews with the best comic ancestry-- Jack Benny, George Burns, Mel Brooks (and everyone else who wrote a movie or a TV show in the 20th century). These guys are definitely the cool group. Enjoy.

(If that doesn't work, click here.)

Shabbat Shalom, Yisrael. Maybe that's not the most appropriate greeting at this hour, but the sentiment stands. May HaShem bless our troops with strength, and go out before them, removing our enemies from their sight.


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