28 April 2006

Petition the Petitioners

[Yarmulke tip: LGF]

Left wing looneys in the academy have started an online petition in support of Mearsheimer & Walt's insane re-make of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Sign the Petition and tell them what you really think.

Good Shabbos,

Dr. Ima ProudJew
University of Kiss My Kosher Tuchus
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This Shabbos, See United 93

There are a lot of idiot film reviewers out there panning United 93 as either "unfair to terrorists" or "too harsh for audiences." Prove them wrong.

The families of those murdered in the name of Allah aboard Flight 93 wanted this film made. Respect their wishes. Respect history. Know the current crisis. Go to your local theater and see United 93 this weekend.

It's a mitzvot and an opportunity for tzedekah-- 10% of all opening weekend ticket sales go to the Flight 93 Memorial Fund.

Shabbat Shalom.


27 April 2006

Ideological Wars

Only yesterday I found myself in a discussion with a neighbor on the failing economy and dastardly world situation. "What do we do?" she asked. "You don't want to feel hopeless, you don't want to feel helpless and not in control over your own destiny, but you're made to feel that way nowadays. You're made to feel as if you can't control the world around you." Her complaints are far from unique; in fact, they echo the disenchantment of my generation, whether they are liberal or conservative, politically active or not, they are disgruntled with the world around them. More importantly, they are at a complete loss as to how they can help rectify the situation.

Today, I came upon two blog entries at familiar sites, both of which expressed similar discontent with the current American administration. Michelle Malkin half-heartedly critiques singer Neil Young's impeachment cries with "Now, if he had said something about Bush's open-borders insanity, I might have been more sympathetic..." Malkin is not alone in her disenchantment with W. Millions of conservative voters share in her discontent with the President, whose approval ratings have hit new all-time lows. Rob, a MilBlogger at Kommentariat writes, "Honestly, I hope Bush is impeached. I hope he is impeached for failing to fulfill the duties of the Executive concerning US sovereignty."

In what was his final entry to the reading public, Rob declares, "Well, I'm off. I'm going to pursue my life and seek the enrichment of the individual: Me."

Is it that simple? Is it that simple to turn yourself off, as so many others in my generation have, to just give up on the world and float through it a renegade with no country, no loyalties, nothing but your name to call your own? Can anyone successfully turn themselves off from the rest of the world without running the risk of becoming what they so despise-- another cog in the wheel, another ostrich with their head in the sand?

This goes beyond merely losing interest in politics; if you truly have a passion for improving the world around you, can you really just disconnect yourself and expect to be satisfied? With all the frustration that the battle brings, can you really expect not to be bothered if you just stop talking? Theoretically, it isn't the sound of your own voice that bothers you; it's the sound of everyone else's, right? So how will silencing yourself solve any problems?

But all of it boils down to more than these mere arguments. In his final blog entry, Rob evidenced an attitude that is woefully far too common among my generation: resignation. A professor whom I admire very much recently said to me that there are students out there who want to learn, who are frustrated by the lack of truth in this world and want to know where to turn; I believe heartily in his assumption. The twenty and thirtysomethings of this world, the Generation X who isn't supposed to give a damn, really does care about what is going on in this place. The proof is in their apathy, their melancholy, and their resignation to defeat that evidences itself in a life where the universe becomes "Me" and the world becomes "The Other." What causes this? What causes a person to live their life in a shell? What is driving such passionate young souls to retreat?

Disenchantment with one political figure, in this case, George W. Bush, cannot possibly have that much of a mass effect unless that person was viewed as a masthead of some sort. Was George W. Bush the General of the Conservatives? Were the Republicans in Congress supposed to be our righteous Captains, leading us into battle? Is that how the war works? Is that how the game was to be played?

Look at the mainstream media and you'd think so; the mainstream media with their squawking heads spouting press-released rhetoric into the echo-chamber of the human psyche, the reverb so vociferous you'd think your eardrums would collapse from the sheer magnitude of it all. The alternative media, with their bloggers shouting, platforming, campaigning, crusading righteously for their candidate-- the man who was to save us all from the evils of the liberal rings of fiery hell. We've had painted for us a dramatic and triumphant picture, indeed. Apparently someone forgot to tell us that the painter was a pre-Raphaelite who, despite their love for the literal, still managed to craft a work slightly too romantic for real life.

Despite our suspicions, we were swept up in the fervor; Gen X dared to dream, and has been squinching their eyes closed ever since. Now that they have been forced open by reality, a maelstrom of vices has swept in, turning the dream into a nightmare. The borders are crashing; the price of oil is rising; nuclear warfare is quickening; enemies are closing in; the world is literally crashing around us. Who do we blame? Whose fault is it? Who is responsible to fix everything, to patch it up, to stick a band-aid on the world's wound, to kiss it and make it all better? George W. Bush was supposed to fix it all-- he made promises. Yes, I know, this is what politicians do, they make promises and don't keep them. But he was going to keep them; good ol' George is a man of his word... wasn't he? If the General fails, then the Captains will fail. And if they fail, the soldiers will fall. We will fall. Now is the time to sound our retreat, to run in the face of the enemy before we fall!

In the dust of retreat, we are blinded to the fact that this isn't about the President. It isn't about what the Republican party has or hasn't done for you. This isn't about the left-wing lunatics, the right-wing radio hosts, or 5% of Fox News being owned by the King of Saudia Arabia. This, this battle, this crisis of human history is about ALL OF THESE THINGS, for they are merely SYMPTOMS OF THE CRISIS. It is about suicide bombers in Israel as much as it is about the growing nuclear threat of North Korea. This is about left and right, liberal and conservative, America and the world. Don't you see? Can't you understand that when you hear obscure terms like "New World Order" and "War on Terror" that the simplicity of concrete, rational thinking is gone, that we are no longer able to point a finger at an enemy and eradicate it?

We do not live in a world of Hitlers and Tojos, but of mullahs, and politicians, and secret societies, and lobbyists, and think tanks, and alternative media, and hundreds of other things that all weave together into a tangled web even the most talented of spiders could not hope to construct in their lifetime, all of which serve a purpose in the dissemination of chaos. Chaos that serves to distract you, the listening public, you with your eyes and ears open, ready to speak out against the perceptible injustices of the world, from what is really going on. You, men and women of action, you are being distracted away from your true targets and instead taught to shoot at your fellow soldiers on the battlefield. Can't you see? Is the fog of chaos that surrounds this deception so thick, so impenetrable, that you cannot see that you are shooting yourself in the foot?

Why? Why are conservative bloggers wasting so much time on blaming the President for failing? Why are such a growing number of Gen-X thinkers and doers withdrawing into their shells? Why are we letting the frustration beat us, and beat us so easily at that? So, a politician failed-- that is what politicians do. That is why the Constitution begins not with "We the Politicians" but WE THE PEOPLE. We are those people, the people endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights to life, to liberty, to all that is holy and good, all that the enemy is trying so viciously to take away from us. And every time we allow ourselves to be disillusioned by one person's behavior, to be frustrated by one bill going through Congress, to be disheartened by one news report we read on Drudge, every time we allow ourselves to pull back tighter and tighter into our shells, we lose. We are not fighting a conventional war; lines aren't being drawn on maps of land, they are being drawn on the maps of our minds and hearts. Victory is not measured in land won or lost, or lives won or lost, but in hearts and minds won or lost.

We, the conservatives, the lovers of America, the lovers of Israel, the believers in the Bible and the Constitution, in the powers of the First Amendment, in those beautifully unalienable rights, we cannot give up. We cannot simply settle into a world that revolves solely around ourselves. To do so would be the moral equivalent of throwing a handful of dirt into our own graves. This crisis is not going to go away if we merely shut our eyes to it. To merely sit around, condemning the President, without offering realistic, alternative solutions to the problems we face, is tantamount to serving the Kool Aid to Bill Clinton at the next Bildebergers meeting. If we stop talking, the crisis wins. If the crisis wins, we lose. If we lose, we die.

Don't let the chaos cloud your vision-- that is what the enemy wants most of all!! Don't allow anger to morph into resignation and defeat. Don't stop standing up for what is right. Instead, unite fellow lovers of truth! Unite, and impassion each other to move forward, to move this nation forward, to move the world forward into a future that will not be shrouded by the darkness of the evil that currently surrounds us, but will be a place where we may bask in victory's glorious light.


25 April 2006

Yom HaShoah

61 years since the liberation of the camps, and this world is still as fucked up as ever. Despite the obvious and the inevitable, our enemies are using our own people to destroy us. We may remember the Shoah, but by G-d, it's about time we learned something from it, before it is our enemies who are saying "Never again," as they erase our name from the maps and from history for good.


24 April 2006

Alternative Academia & Aliyah

Dr. Eugene Narrett has done it again:

Divest from Penn State [Israpundit]

...This is a call for TOTAL JEWISH DIVESTMENT AND DISINVESTMENT FROM ALL American institutions of so-called higher education and the re-channeling of money to founding academies (there are plenty of excellent teachers, the present writer is one) that will teach Jewish history, which is abundant and abundantly attested by many cultures, and will teach the conflicted origins of western culture and explain its long term decline and suicide.

This also is a call for American Jews to withdraw from the professions and seriously consider moving to the homeland of the Jewish people. Even one hundred thousand American Jews could turn around the suicidal path of subservience to America’s ruling elites that Israel has been trudging down toward its ruin. In any case, it is increasingly clear that America, once so great, led by its ‘opinion makers’ and reshufflers of the world has no place for Jews aware and proud of their heritage. ...

Today, I noticed that a woman I work with was reading Elie Wiesel's Night. I mentioned it and we got into a bit of a conversation about Holocaust survivors. She had seen one woman speak who, as a child, had been hidden on a farm. One day, a German soldier saw her roaming the farm and just turned around and walked away. "You know," she commented, "not to downplay what happened in any way, because that was horrible, but hearing stories like that really makes you wonder how many Germans really knew what they were getting into, or if they just went along with it, not realizing what was really going on." Mein Kampf was published in 1925. I think the German people knew what they were getting themselves into. Or, at least, they could have.

Never underestimate the power of an ignorant majority over an apathetic minority. Could 100,000 Jewish Americans rise up and turn the tide? Theoretically, yes. Realistically? HA! Classically speaking, despite all our Kosher laws, the Jews have been plagued by recurring bouts of "heads up their asses" syndrome that seem to break out during periods of increasing persecution. My grandfather still tells the story of seeing a German Rabbi speak at Simon Gratz High School in 1934, less than a year after Hitler seized power in Germany. The Rabbi warned that America had no clue what was coming, that his own people had no clue what was coming, it was going to be that bad. Did the masses of Jewish people, either here or in Germany, listen? No. There wasn't any kind of public/en masse outcry until it was too late.

Now, it's 1934 all over again. Are we, the second generation after Shoah, going to shove our heads up our collective ass? That is one tradition I, personally, would like to forego. We have a duty to HaShem, to our ancestors, to our peers, to our children, and to ourselves to confront the misery of Israel hatred while it's still 1934 and not 1939, or 1941, or April of 1945 once more.

Right now, we have the blogosphere on our side. But talk is not enough. Talk in the virtual world must be accompianied by action in the real world. We must speak out in public. We must participate in protests against anti-Israel factions, actions, and laws. We must organize ourselves and our efforts, that we may appear as a cohesive and powerful force aligned against our enemy. We cannot be the Jews of Sinai, roaming in circles, easily distracted by handmade golden gods. Instead, we must be the Jews of the Joshua generation, who proudly and forcibly went in to claim the Land, both physically and ideologically. We must establish these alternative academies along with viable political institutions through which our voices can and will be heard in the public sphere on a large scale. We must put thought into action before it is too late.

Israel: ourselves, our identity as a people, our land, our home, our sanctuary, the very physical evidence of our covenant with HaShem -- all of this is at stake. If it goes, the free world, comprised of Jews and gentiles, Israel and America, democracy and truth, goes along with it. The Islamist war with Israel is not a "Lesser Jihad" as some would argue, but the Jihad, the battle of all battles, the center of the Crisis. What we do as a nation directly impacts the victory of that American soldier in Iraq as much as the IDFer on the Gaza border, the peace of the goy on the street in Kansas as much as the Jew on the streets of Jerusalem. According to our Covenant with HaShem, which is forever, we have a duty to our G-d and to the world; we are the soldiers, this is our battle. Knowing all of this, are we going to willingly stand down, or will we be the first to rise up and fight?


21 April 2006

Shabbat Shalom

"Sure, we want to go home. We want this war over with. The quickest way to get it over with is to go get the bastards who started it. The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home. The shortest way home is through [Iran and Syria]. And when we get to [Iran], I am personally going to shoot that paper hanging son-of-a-bitch [Ahmadinejad]. Just like I'd shoot a snake!"

-General George S. Patton (paraphrased)

If we don't kill the terrorists, the terrorists win. Shabbat Shalom.

It's high time and go to with .

20 April 2006

Iran, Iran so far away....gotta get away

It never ceases to amaze me that the folks who argue that "cultural insensitivity" is solely a moonbat theory continue to be amazed by stories like this. Has everyone's head really been shoved up J. Lo's ass that far for that long? Here's a clue: the Jewish world thinks it's 5766; the Christian world thinks it's 2006; the Muslim world thinks it's 1427. That should speak volumes about the type of mindset we're dealing with here. The fact that imams preach the hatred of Jews and Christians in their weekly services is not news, and it's certainly NOT shocking. Muslims pray five times a day, right? Well, guess what they pray for five times a day from their muezzins in Jerusalem: they pray for the destruction of Israel. I'm serious. Go there. Go to Israel, sit in a cafe in Jerusalem, and listen to all that mystical Arabic gurgling that spouts out from the spires five times a day like clockwork. Sit there and know that those bastard camel jockeys hanging over your head and bowing on a carpet near you are praying for your death. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll get it. It's not a joke. It's not a rarity. It's not the exception, it's the rule, it's the fact. Facts are nothing to be shocked about; they are to be dealt with accordingly.

Oh, but if we stop being shocked by this kind of stuff, we lose our sense of right and wrong and the terrorists win!!! Waaaa, Ricky!!! No. If we DON'T stop being shocked by this stuff, if we DON'T start operating on the basis that these ticking time bombs are insane lunatics bent on destroying us and taking over the world, we'll guarantee victory for the terrorists-- because their prayers will come true! If we don't stop approaching these idiot nutballs like they're normal human beings capable of rational thought, we'll be the ones blown to kingdom come! You don't reason with the bear in the woods that's ready to rip your eyes out-- you shoot it before it can kill you!

Oh, so now you're equating them with animals. You know, that's just the way they think about us! How does that make us different from the terrorists? It makes us different because it makes us smarter. Ever hear about "getting into your enemy's head"? It's a common strategy during times of war. And, by the way, we are dealing with animals. Animals that don't deserve special sanctioned protection so their oil reserves stay safe and their land isn't harmed or taken away from them.

At the end of World War II, General Eisenhower paraded the German people through the Nazi death camps to make them face the reality of what the government they had elected into power had been doing for the past decade. It appears as if we've taken a tip from General Eisenhower, only instead of parading Muslim terrorists through the scenes of suicide bombings, we are being forced to parade the American people through an average day in the life of Islam. When will all the good and righteous patriots of this country actually stop being shocked and start addressing the realities of this war? You'd better stop burying your head in the sand, because it's going to become stock in a glass factory pretty soon, one way or the other. Either we blow the crap out of them, or they do it to us. I vote for the former versus the latter; while I prefer to keep business in-country, that's one industry I wouldn't mind seeing thousands of miles away.


Is there a doctor in the house?

From Instapundit via White Peril:

You will be relieved to hear that while Palestinian terrorists embed nails, nuts, and ball bearings in their bombs to maximize casualties, [they] sometimes use plastic pieces instead because they can't be detected by X-rays at the hospital, and source their projectiles from "metal shops" that pretend to be dedicated to serving legitimate civilian markets, there is no conclusive evidence that they are soaking bomb components in rat poison to maximize hemorrhaging.

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18 April 2006

Joke of the Day

Q: What are the two English words suicide bombers learn first?

A: Unmarked twenties.

Stick that on a popsicle stick and suck on it.


17 April 2006

Vakakta Schlemiels of the Day

Top officials mull response

No large-scale operation expected in wake of bombing; officials wish to avoid escalation

Two legs good, four legs better.


13 April 2006

Bringing Mohammed to the Molehill

Everyone is flipping out about Comedy Central's decision not to allow the creators of South Park to include a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in last night's episode. I wasn't exactly surprised, although, I did find their imagery of George W. Bush and Jesus Christ deficating on an American flag quite an apropo political statement when it comes to what the West does and doesn't consider PC re: G-d, religion, and State. So, why is America, as the kids from South Park would say, so fakakta'd up?

Dr. Eugene Narrett explains it perfectly in his paper ISRAEL & WESTERN CIVILIZATION’S PROBLEM WITH HISTORY, MEMORY & SURVIVAL:

So here we have the source, the fons et origo of Western civilization's irremediable problem with history, memory, roots and survival. Here we have the source of the West's race toward self-annihilation, into a state where memory and manliness yield to the passions of the moment, to forgetting as a way of being; where the truth of our contingency and our need for deference yields to the lie of self-creation and pride; where all distinctions and modest joy drown in a media-encouraged "orgy porgy".

Read it all... and read to understand that we are in a very, very, very old war.


12 April 2006

Chag Sameach & a Shout Out to the IDF!

Chag Sameach & wishes for a miraculous Pesach to my readers the world-over! I dropped by one of my favourite blogs, Beautiful Atrocities, to find this post re: the IDF. (And regarding Jeff's post, as I've said before, there isn't a single bad looking guy in the Israeli Defense Forces.)

Now, being pro-military is a part of any conservative's political makeup, and I am no exception. While I love the US forces and have a great respect for them, my heart really goes out to the men and women of the Zahal, who have the toughest job in the world: keeping the peace in a land constantly at war.

As if confronting the constant threat of Islamic terror hasn't been enough, the soldiers of the Zahal were ordered to pull their own people from their homes in Gush Katif, and may soon have to do it again in Judea and Samaria. Despite overwhelming personal objections, the majority of these soldiers followed their orders and will forever be scarred by those memories that didn't have to be. Some soldiers refused to follow their orders, and I love them, too; their boldness speaks volumes about the Israeli character and what it means to be Jewish in a world where everyone hates you.

The Zahal is the one military in the world that isn't afraid to fight Islamic terror the way it needs to be fought: to the death. With a history of miraculous victories under their belt, and the philosophy that viable threats must be wiped out before they can be acted upon, the Israeli Defense Forces are the last bastion of reasoned military thought on the face of this earth. To go from being a rag-tag group of settlers and Shoah survivors who hand-made bullets out of discarded lipstick cases in 1948 to one of the most high-tech and well-equipped fighting forces on the planet in less than 50 years is nothing short of a testimony to the fact that HaShem is working in the lives of His people-- even if, sometimes, they don't know or acknowledge it.

I had the honor of visiting an IDF base in the Golan in 1998. Right as Bill Clinton was issuing warnings to travellers to leave the mid-East region, I was sitting atop a hill with a group of soldiers who, in broken English, peppered me with questions about America and asked if I'd like to buy some ice cream, as they were doing a fundraiser to get some cash for a new TV for their break room. Saddam Hussein my ass, I thought as I munched away on an ice cream sandwich. Silly Americans, silly Arabs, they really have no clue. And they still don't, and maybe many of them never will. But there was a distinct peace on that base overlooking Lebanon. It is the gift of being Israel, that we can live in peace, side-by-side with our enemies, while remaining prepared for war.

Chag Sameach, IDF-ers. Happy Pesach wishes from someone who wishes they could do more than just pray for you, but who has full faith that HaShem is doing and will do everything to ensure your continued victory and the survival and success of the State of Israel.


11 April 2006

Listen to this Man!

Israel National Radio

Tovia Singer Show
Airdate: Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Guest: Dr. Eugene Narrett

Part One
Part Two

From INR:

Dr. Eugene Narrett, professor at Cambridge College and author of "Gathered against Jerusalem," challenges conventional thinking on the bitter Arab-Israeli war and explores the unyielding US policy in the Middle East which led to the disaster in Oslo, Gaza, and Amona. Is American policy as friend and guarantor toward Israel similar to Great Britain's 'special relationship' with Israel from 1917-1948?

Dr. Narrett's books at Amazon:

Gathered Against Jerusalem: Essays on a False Peace

Israel Awakened: A Chronicle of the Oslo War

This man is the one person I've heard who is completely on-target when it comes to Israel, the "War on Terror," the real goals of Israel's so-called "allies," and the relationship between socialism and Islam. What he speaks is the truth, and it is the wake up call that Israel and the rest of the world needs to hear.


10 April 2006

Why is everybody always pickin' on We?

It's an Old, Old, Old, Old War

Continuing on the Saddam & the Third Reich thread, check out the archives of Tovia Singer's show on Israel National Radio, specifically, air date Tuesday, April 4, 2006. Tovia interviews Chuck Morse, author of the new book The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini. From Amazon:

As the leader of Arab Palestine during the British Mandate period, al-Husseini introduced violence against moderate Arabs as well as against Jews. Al-Husseini met with Adolf Eichmann in Palestine in 1937 and subsequently went on the Nazi payroll as a Nazi agent.

Al-Husseini played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role in instigating a pro-Nazi coup in Iraq in 1941, in urging Nazi’s and pro-Nazi governments in Europe to transport Jews to death camps, in training pro-Nazi Bosnian brigades, and in funneling Nazi loot into post-war Arab countries.

Incidentally, Morse is currently running as a Republican for U.S. Congress in the 4th Congressional District of Massachusetts in a seat presently held by Democratic Representative Barney Frank. Go, Morse, go!

Bush screwed Israel [Israpundit]

Yeah, that in and of itself isn't news. But here's an interesting item from the article:

Bush then referred to it during his weekly address. “The Al-Qaeda letter points to Vietnam as a model,” the president declared. “Al-Qaeda believes that America can be made to run again. They are gravely mistaken. America will not run and we will not forget our responsibilities.”

From the Israpundit Archives:

Ever since that meeting in Hanoi in 1970, in which the Vietnamese Communists recounted their success in influencing the U.S. and Western media and undercutting the American will to fight, Yasser Arafat's strategy has been shaped by the Vietnam model.

So, Bush compromises Israel as a source to point out something the U.S. government has known for over 30 years. Nice.

Hamas: Israeli move "a declaration of war" [Reuters]

Yeah, because declaring that you're determined to destroy an entire nation in your national charter is really a Chamberlain-esque call for peace in our times. Admit it, HAMAS, you're just angry because these political moves force you to confess that you're completely and utterly dependent on Israel for everything; so much for being a self-sustaining, independent governing body. What was your party's campaign slogan, by the way: A belt on every child, and a bullet in every gun?

An Interesting Sidenote: The Impact of the Intelligensia in the Language Wars

Academia has a far greater impact on our media and government than the average citizen realizes. Want proof? Check out the comments following this post on Israpundit: The Orwellian Origin and Development of the Term “Anti-Semitism”. To keep it simple, the basic argument is that the term "anti-Semitism" is being reappropriated by the intelligensia to mean hatred of ANY RELIGIOUS GROUP, not just the Jewish people. The discussion that follows in the comments section is reminiscent of a college semantics class gone wild. While it is not for the faint of mind, it does shed a great deal of light onto the impact seemingly complex dialogues have on our seemingly simple everyday lives.

In the ancient days, we will return with no delay
Picking up the bounty and the spoils on our way
We've been traveling from state to state
And them don't understand what they say
3,000 years with no place to be
And they want me to give up my milk and honey
Don't you see, it's not about the land or the sea
Not the country but the dwelling of his majesty

--Matisyahu Jerusalem
from the album YOUTH

Chag Sameach & Shalom

L'Shanah HaBa'ah B'Yerushalayim!


01 April 2006

Saddam & the Third Reich

Last night, the History Channel aired a brilliant documentary giving the history of the relationship between Nazism and the Arab world. Titled Saddam and the Third Reich the description at Shop A&E reads:

Few people realize that the Baath party was actually formed upon the principles and organizational structure of the Nazi party. Iraq, because of its oil and hatred of Jews, was an important battleground between the Axis and Allied powers in World War II. Nazi propaganda was broadcast throughout Baghdad, and Iraqis often went on rampages against Jews throughout the war. One of the most ardent Nazi supporters during WWII was named Khairallah Talfah. Talfah was Saddam's uncle. After the war, many of the key Iraqi Nazi supporters, all of whom evaded prosecution, wound up involved in Saddam's rise to power. This special examines the key individuals of the Iraqi-Nazi connection, the little-known battle for Iraq in WWII, and the strange link to Saddam Hussein.

We're fighting a new battle in a very, very old war.