28 September 2005

If You Have Yet To Believe Me

I give you photographic evidence that the Communists are merely leading the pro-Palestinian camp by the nose.

Check out Anatomy of a Photograph to see how the San Francisco Chronicle carefully trimmed the edges of some incredibly incriminating protest photos.

(Link originally posted on Little Green Footballs.)

27 September 2005

The Temple Mount and our Spiritual War

Thought of the Day:

Don't the recent synagogue burnings and desecrations illustrate the truth of the matter at hand? We can't bring ourselves to destroy our synagogues because that would mean breaking religious law. So we leave them standing, only to watch reactionless as they're torn down and turned into museums honoring those who murder us.

That says:

We can't let go of our faith in our hearts, yet we allow others to claim it and use it for their own evil purposes.

Resigning our authority over our faith gives those who hate us free reign over our lives.

Handing our temples over to our enemies is the equivalent of giving them spiritual power over our souls.

Could the synagogue burnings in Gush Katif be the trigger for the final reclamation of the Temple Mount, Har HaBayit? To be sure, the Revava boys have been at it for months (http://www.revava.org) but more and more discussion has been devoted to the reclamation of the Temple Mount in the wake of the Disengagement:

September 15, Israel National News: The Temple Mount; Getting Serious

September 25, Fundamentally Freund: Standing Up for What is Holy

Today, on Israpundit: The Temple Mount Is...

This may not seem amazing at first, but for a variety of right-wing Zionist news sources to publish articles proclaiming Israel's right to reclaim the Temple Mount has been pretty unheard of until now. Will the argument have the weight to finally tip the scales of justice in favor of Israel?

Off Topic TV Post of the Day

The Office.
9:30 PM EST.

And for those of you who missed Arrested Development, well, you're just gonna have to get that group hug somewhere else now, aren't you?

Anti Semitism of the Academic Variety

Their hatred of the Jewish state may be due to inherent hatred of Judaism and Jews.

Israpundit's latest post reminds me yet again of why I have absolutely no desire to move forward in academia. It also reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

"Why are there so many of you in the media, anyway?"

This was asked of me by a fellow graduate student in the critical studies field of the Film Department. If you'd never been exposed to real, brutal, totally blatant anti-Semitism before, you'd probably react somewhat the way I did:

"Actually, I just read a fascinating article by Ben Stein, citing that the media is more openly populated by representatives of every demographic now than ever before."

Which led to: "But it was all started by Jews; Jews are still in charge."

Again, I answered with a logical, thought out response (silly me):

"Yes, but the real reason many Jews moved west to start the movie studios was because they were prevented from obtaining educations/careers in other fields. Really, Hollywood was an escape for them."

Which led to: "Well, why were they so successful?" (I shouldn't quote that directly... that was the general theme of it.)

"Jews have always had a strong tradition of contributing to the success of their host country. Applying themselves in education and business made them viable producers for their host country's economy. They wanted to prove that they were good and worthy citizens, just like everyone else. Also, the Jewish tradition itself is one that is based on education, starting in Torah study, but also leading out into other academic fields."

The student looked over to the other student, a Turkish exchange graduate, next to him, and she laughed this little "I told you so" kind of laugh. He laughed too.

If I could've rolled out of the moving vehicle at that point, I would've gladly done so. As it was, we were near enough to my house that I just stayed silent, got out of the car, and walked away. Floored, I called a Jewish friend who was completely unmoved by the situation. Then I emailed my non-Jewish Zionist friend a complete account of what transpired. He felt bad, but I don't think he was totally surprised.

There are very few incidents in my life that I'd ever want to re-do. This, however, is one of those incidents. Why? Because it will haunt me for the rest of my life, and I truly dislike having that burden. One thing's for sure; if I ever see either one of those kids again, they're going to get a smack in the jaw. Why? As one commentor put it: "While I am not advocating physically fighting anti-semites to beat their Jew hatred out of them, in the real world, words sometimes fail to get a point across nearly as well as a punch in the nose, which like a picture, can be worth a thousand words in the right circumstances."


26 September 2005

Too Jewish

Little Green Footballs' poster Citizen Smash attended an anti-war demonstration in San Diego and gave a full report on LGF. Excerpts:

"In an effort to regain control of the rally, CodePink maven Barbara Jaffe-Rose takes the podium, declaring her solidarity with the Palestinian cause. “As an anti-war Jew, I support the Palestinian Right of Return, and demand the end of U.S. aid to Israel.” She attempts to lead the crowd in a cheer: “Not one penny, not one dime, U.S. out of Palestine!”

It flops."

Hence my previous post.

Where We're At in Time

Little Green Footballs just posted a 70-shot retrospective of this weekend's war protest in California. I couldn't help but notice the endless amounts of anti-Israel propaganda present among the anti-Bush, anti-Iraq crap.

Here's the question: When the Communists are willing to go whole hog and claim a role in the mix, instead of letting the toadies do the dirty work, should we take it as a sign that they're weakening, or that the battle is coming to a head?

Accurate, Just Too Late

Accuracy in Media, a Right-Wing media watchdog based out of Alexandria, VA,published its commentary on this weekend's war protest in D.C.; the following comment was among their remarks:

We were tipped off about the article by Herbert Romerstein, a former government investigator into communist strategy and tactics who produced a 1974 congressional study, "The Workers World Party and its Front Organizations," examining how the organization manipulated innocent people into supporting communist regimes and Arab terrorism.

Romerstein said that the Catalinotto article reveals the real intentions of the protest organizers. "They've finally come out in the open," he said. "They've pretended to be for peace. But they're really a solidarity group for Al Qaeda and the terrorists in Iraq. The Marxist-Leninists and the Islamic fundamentalists are now allied against the United States."

Their complete lowdown on the Red Menace behind the antiwar movement can be found here.

Now, this is all well and good that they're uncovering the truth behind war protestors.

It's just a shame that they're doing it about 30 years too late.

Lexis-Nexis "Arafat" and "Castro" and you'll learn from the handful of articles, mainly printed in the conservative Washington Times that Castro and Arafat have been buddies since the mid-sixties. Castro provided training ground in Cuba for Palestinian militants as well as land for a Palestinian Embassy (the only one in existence) and an introduction into the United Nations. Castro also introduced the up and coming Arab terrorist to his communist buddies in Vietnam. After the North Vietnamese declared victory in 1974, they sat down with Arafat and his militants to help them draft a plan to "drive the Jews into the sea" based on the successful strategies employed during the Vietnam War. The plan included taking the land of Israel in stages-- hence Abbas's comment, "Today Gaza, tomorrow Jerusalem!"

Of course, in return for the favors, Arafat helped Castro train militants in Cuba and South America. While the world is focused intently on what's going on in the Middle East, the Red Menace and its Muslim Brotherhood are at it with a vengeance in Venezuela and other South American countries. No wonder Hugo Chavez is as anti-Israel as he is anti-American and pro-Fidel.

Makes just a little too much sense, doesn't it? You have to wonder, then, why it took me four months of independent study, and not 17 years of American public education that culminated in a Master's Degree, to figure it all out. Actually, I haven't figured everything out just yet-- I still want to know why, over a thirty year period, a mere handful of articles have popped up in major American newspapers regarding the ties between our oldest enemy and our newest one. I'd also like to know why I spent years sitting in history classes, being told that democracy beat communism when the Berlin Wall fell, therefore multicultural globalism was the wave of the future.

No, everything you're being told isn't the truth, but if there's one thing this AIM report proves, it's that you need to find the truth for yourself, and not trust even the most reliable sources to get the facts straight in time.

The Thanatopsis Pleasure and Inside Straight Club

I dislike going off topic in this blog, but to quote one reliable source, "when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people" to find something good to watch on television, a revolutionary post is in order.

Arrested Development.

Maynard G. Krebs says be there, or be square.

Second bit of off topic discussion-- Barbra Streisand (okay, she's Jewish--sort of--so I guess this is halfway on topic) is in control of a weather machine that can predict when global warming trends are threatening the American coast. Part of the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, or just another celebrity reading box office returns from the 1980s as if they were the latest Zogby polls? Talk amongst yourselves.

23 September 2005

Despised and Rejected Among Men

I used to be quite close to a number of people I went to college with. Over time and distance, we eventually grew apart. The greatest schism came during the 2004 election season, when I began voicing conservative political opinions that offended/"freaked out" my extremely liberal friends. In fact, they were so offended/"freaked out" by my conservative opinions that instead of arguing against them in a civilised discussion, they elected to ignore me to the point of censure, with the exception of one somewhat, I supposed they would call it "mean spirited," anonymous comment left on one of my blog entries that went something to the effect of "I don't like to pick sides or anything, but I don't think its really cool to compare me to a terrorist just because I'm a liberal!" Cry me a river.

Because I get easily bored at work (do you see how many posts I make a day on here?) I will occasionally float over to livejournal and pick up on a quiz or two from a familiar blog. The politics quiz found at http://www.okcupid.com/politics proves entertaining until you reach:

Proposition 31: A person has the right to claim the Holocaust never happened, if that's what he believes.

What? What kind of person would even consider putting that question ON a quiz? How is that even a legitimate topic of discussion?! When Holocaust denial reaches such a point of politvogue, we must realize that we are living in a state of madness, mustn't we? How horrifying of a world do we live in when the concept of denying the fact that 6 million people were murdered because of their birthright is so common, so pedestrian, that it is included in a LIVEJOURNAL QUIZ THAT GAUGES YOUR POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY?!

This isn't why I stopped talking to my friends, but it does shed a heck of a lot of light on why they stopped talking to me.

Today's Highlights

In US Slams Pals: Not Fit to Print Mediacrity points out the tepid criticisms of the Palestinian "government" recently voiced by various U.S. officials, including Condoleezza Rice:

"...Now, I think it would be a good start for the Palestinians, by the way, if they would disarm the militias of Fatah. That would be a good start. They have a roadmap obligation to disarm terrorist organizations and militias. But as a starting point, because I understand that there are complications with Hamas and there are questions about how capable they would be of actually insisting on disarmament of Hamas."

Yeah, like, you know, cause like, I know its really hard for you to say no to mass murder and stuff, but like, you totally promised and all!

Pathetic. Mediacrity's point was that major U.S. news sources like The New York Times didn't bother to give any press to these "criticisms." My point, the overarching, blatant, obvious point, is that fourth graders on the playground are more vicious in their criticisms than the Secretary of State is towards A MILITANT ISLAMIC TERROR THREAT.

Yet another excellent post is to be found at Israpundit. Europe died in Auschwitz, penned by Sebastian Villar Rodriguez, a Spanish journalist, Front Page Mag is a brilliant, insightful, and incredibly factual account of exactly what Europe lost by participating in the Holocaust, and how they're still paying the price. Because its so phenomenally good, I'm quoting it all here:

I was walking along Raval (Barcelona) when all of a sudden I understood that Europe died with Auschwitz.

We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20 million Muslims!

We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create.

We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the chosen people of God.

Because it is the people who gave to humanity the symbolic figures who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud...) and who is the origin of progress and wellbeing.

We must admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders and giving in under the pretext of tolerance to the values of a fallacious cultural relativism, opened it's doors to 20 million Muslims, often illiterates and fanatics that we could meet, at best, in places such as Raval, the poorest of the nations and of the ghettos, and who are preparing the worst, such as the 9/11 and the Madrid bombing and who are lodged in apartment blocs provided by the social welfare.

We also have exchanged culture with fanaticism, the capacity to create with the will to destroy, the wisdom with the superstition.

We have exchanged the transcendental instinct of the Jews, who even under the worst possible conditions have always looked for a better peaceful world, for the suicide bomber. We have exchanged the pride of life for the fanatic obsession of death. Our death and that of ourchildren.

What a grave mistake that we made!!!

So, my question now is: What are you going to do about it?

One of the comments on Israpundit read something to the effect of "I hope America doesn't fall the way of Europe." I wonder how many natural (and unnatural) disasters need to come our way before America, as a nation, repents for trying to re-draw Israel's borders, for supporting the murders of Jews in their own country and around the world. We aren't going to get away scot-free.

Meanwhile, the Bush-bashers are busy mocking FEMA; the Bush-fans are busy mocking the Bush haters; the average Americans are busy spending money and time trying to help rebuild the ghetto; the ghetto is busy sitting on its behind, waiting for its crack money to come in the mail; the academics are calling for a socialist regime to be established; the government is spending more money it doesn't have to do exactly that; the State Department is telling the Palestinians that they really sorta, oughta, maybe like, stop hating Jews so much, at least on Tuesdays between 12 and 2 p.m.-- if that's okay with them; Israel is busy trying to put together the pieces and get ready for the imminent war with the Arabs; the bloggers are blogging; the media is raging; the weathermen are predicting; everyone is sitting and waiting and doing nothing, absolutely nothing, to solve the problem, when really, all they have to do is pray.

Where are our Elijahs now?

22 September 2005

his own people are turning against him...

Robert Novak's Townhall.com op/ed Bashing Bush in Aspen sheds some light on the grief W's getting from the "right" (how right-wing they really are, who knows). Excerpt:

"For two full days, George W. Bush was bashed. He was taken to task on his handling of stem cell research, population control, the Iraq war and, especially, Hurricane Katrina. The critics were no left-wing bloggers. They were rich, mainly Republican and presumably Bush voters in the last two presidential elections.

The Bush-bashing occurred last weekend at the annual Aspen conference sponsored by the New York investment firm Forstmann Little & Co.


It would be a shame if Rove returned to Washington without informing George W. Bush how erstwhile friends have turned against him."

What happens when you turn against Israel? Everyone turns against you.

Sing it with me now: Lov-ely Rita, Hur-ri-cane.... Lov-ely Rita, Hur-ri-cane...

Let the Irony Continue

Ann Coulter expresses the true hardcore conservative's disappointment in W's latest Presidential decisions in her weekly column.

No, she didn't mention the disaster of Disengagement, but she is nevertheless on the mark in regards to everything else.

In the #1 Irony of the Week category, President Bush addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition yesterday:

"Iraq is the central battlefront in the war on terror. It's not the only place we're fighting the terrorists, but it's the central front right now. You see, the terrorists want to turn that country into what Afghanistan was. Imagine a place like Iraq, where they've got safe haven to plot and train. That's what they want. That's why they're pouring in there. That's why they're going into the country. That's why they're trying to create instability. ...[The American people] care, deeply. And they know that. And they're trying to get us out of there, is what they're trying to do, for a strategic objective.


The United States of America is firmly committed to defending the security and the well-being of our ally, Israel. (Applause.) And we'll work with our friends in the region and throughout the world to achieve the peace that all want. My hope is that someday there will be two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace. (Applause.) "

Of course, his remarks also included extensive commentary on Katrina clean up and a warning to all those in the path of Rita to get out of the way.

I love being a Jew.

20 September 2005

Excerpts from the Underworld

From Musharraf Talks to Jewish Leaders:

"Musharraf’s historic address in New York began with bread being broken and prayers from the Qur’an recited before the Jewish audience."

Are they like those prayers Muslims recite atop muezzens five times a day that call for the death of all Israel? There's a brucha to remember.

“I am convinced that peace in Palestine that does justice to both the Israelis and the Palestinians will bring to a close the sad chapter in the history of the Middle East (and) will revive the historical ties between Islam and Judaism.”

Death by dhimmitude. L-rd knows I wanna revive that history.

According to David Twersky, director of the AJC Council for World
Jewry, "American Jews are hungry for acceptance and normalcy in their
relationship with Muslims and Arabs..."

Actually, this American Jew is quite full at the moment. Chinese food does it for me.

"Both countries are said to have held two years of secret talks, which
culminated in a meeting of their two foreign ministers in Turkey, two weeks

Weren't the Oslo years preceeded by "secret talks"?

"Musharraf said he wants this relationship with “the most distinguished and influential community in America, which is the flip side of the anti-Semitic
canard of an evil conspiracy by Jewish organizations that controls Bush, or
whatever, to the detriment of Muslims,” said Twersky."

Yeah, nice try at covering that one up, Twerpsky. The only time the American public didn't flip at the term "distinguished influence" was when it was used to describe Jackie Kennedy's redo of the White House.

To top it all off, Nihad Awad, executive director to the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) had this concluding remark:

"I agree with Musharraf that Muslims don’t have anything against Jews per say, but does have issues with the state of Israel.”

A rough translation from the Arabic: "Jews are great when they're in ghettos, clearly marked out for immediate destruction. But when they've got a whole land mass the size of south Jersey to live on, freely, with the rights to govern themselves in a democratic fashion, establish a major military presence, and develop international trade relationships, hell! What do you want from us, anyway? If you prick us, do we not bleed? Wait, who said that?"

I can't wait until the IDF blows Iran's nuclear reactor sky high.

Now They're Finally Getting It

A year ago, fed up with academia, I decided to sequester myself and get immersed in American political history and its relationship to Israel and the Jewish people. After reading about 25 books in three months, I sat down and wrote out what came to around 60 pages detailing the history behind the problems we are encountering today. Because I hold the belief that whatever is going on in the physical world is a result of a spiritual struggle, I sought to make connections between these physical issues and spiritual precincts. What it all boiled down to was this: you're either Jewish, or your not. I'm not talking of the many minyan-approved litmus tests for proving Jewish heritage. I'm talking simple, straightforward allegiance to an ideology that informs your political, social, and moral beliefs; one by which you operate on a daily basis. A year later, I find that I am not totally alone in my thinking.

From Israpundit: The idea of equality originates in the Torah. Conclusion reads:

"...the idea of equality represents an original Jewish contribution to world culture, fully or even partially, and that the militant Islamic assault against the West, America, and Israel are one and the same, the facts begin to make sense."

You're either Jewish, or you're not. And if you're not with us, you're against us.

It really is that simple.

Yet Another Reason Why I Hate the State Dept. & More!

Found originally posted on IsraPundit, first written about in the Jerusalem Post, State Department Officially Adopts Arab Perspective as Policy:

"...An Arabist by training, he knows none of the major politicians on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and has never been assigned to the issue, even in Washington."

The story pointed out that the new ambassador's 'roots in the Arab world are so deep that his beloved greyhound is named Kisa for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country of his first posting in the Arab world.'"

And why does Jones think he was sent there? "Maybe they wanted someone who could provide the Arab perspective, too."

Well, isn't that wonderful.

The article ends with, "An avid puzzle fan, he told the Post, 'I like to see how fast I can solve things.'"

Watch out. Arab point of view? Solve things quick? My only question is, how did he get out of Ben Gurion Airport with that suicide belt attached to his waist?

As Israpundit points out, "Is the Arab perspective now the official policy of the United States? And if not, why is the new US ambassador to Israel implying that it is? "

In "Jews Who Hate Being Jews" News, check out The Sulzberger Indifference Template at Mediacrity. Right on the money, the author outlines the systematic anti-Zionist theme that has run through The New York Times since the Sulzbergers took on the media empire. So, why are some Jews in the Diaspora so anti-Israel to the point that mentioning the Holocaust while it was happening was not a priority? Please don't tell me that what I just asked was rhetorical.

American Jews: Beware

Caleb Corbin's excellent op/ed on Arutz 7 titled US Anti-Semitism: Could the Unthinkable Occur? should set alarm bells off in Jewish minds across America. Along with pointing out the three greatest threats to American Jews: Militant Islam, increasing illegal immigrant Hispanic population, a good percentage of which is culturally anti-Semitic, and a spike in the growth of anti-Semitic "white pride" and neo-Nazi movements, Corbin sheds light on the greatest trend in anti-Semitic thinking in the U.S.:

"Many Americans are also buying the Islamic/anti-Semitic subterfuge that Islamic terror attacks against America are the result of America's support of Israel. By extension, the Jews are responsible for Islamic terror attacks against the US. Remove the Jews, the logic goes, and remove the cause of Islamic terrorism."

Two hours after those jets smacked into the Twin Towers, I told my friends that somehow, someway, Jews would be blamed for it all. Israel would once again be scapegoated.

Of course, no one listened.

Corbin's chilling and much needed conclusion:

"As 9/11 shows, even the mainstream American media is not immune from singling out Jews in the immediate aftermath of a major terrorist event. The trends in America are disturbing. History has an irritating way of repeating itself. America has been an anomaly, but anomalies are just that: temporary, isolated events, which eventually conform to pattern.

The question remains: Will America forever defy the historical pattern?

Don't bet on it."

My grandfather remembers hearing a German Rabbi speak at Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia around 1933-1934. The Rabbi, who fled the recently elected Nazi regime in Germany, warned the auditorium full of students that they had no idea how horrible the conditions were in Germany, and that the world itself had no clue what it was in for in the coming years.

We can't close our eyes and our ears, let alone our minds or hearts, to what is in the wind. Whether we like it or not, it is 1933 all over again, and this time there is no America to turn to for protection. The only safe haven we have is Israel; our only Messiah, Yeshua. But because our leaders have given away our land for cheap, only our G-d can protect us now. Is it prophetic, or just pathetic (or probably both) that we have to drag ourselves down to nothing before we turn to HaShem? It is only He, in His mercy, that will re-establish the land He has given us and rid it of those who wish to kill us. The one question remains: where are our Joshuas now?

19 September 2005

Today's Wrapup

The Belmont Club has published a fantastic commentary on the recent 'net release Pallywood, "...a short video that focuses on footage of Palestinians besieging an Israeli checkpoint that is used in 60 Minutes. Landes uses the outtakes and a frame by frame analysis to show, convincingly in my view, that much of it was entirely faked." Belmont's official stance: "...the point is that nothing on packaged television can be inherently trusted, and Pallywood demonstrates that." Thank you, G-d, somebody gets it.

Diane West's column on Townhall.com, What have we paid for with Palestinian handouts? is a "well its about time!!" piece that concludes: "It could be, however, that with the rise of Condoleezza Rice, the current Bush administration now reflects the re-ascendance of the old Bush-Baker-Scowcroft school of foreign policy Arabism." Lovely. Well, at least one conservative is commenting on the greatest foreign policy debacle of W's time in office.

The minute I start considering going back to school for my PhD, I read something like this on Little Green Footballs, and I am so glad the man is not on my back any more. The one benefit of the work world is that you aren't paying out the bum to be completely dependent on a group of abject retards just to get a shoddy piece of paper in the mail saying what you already knew: you're more qualified than they are.

Over at Solomonia, we learn that British Muslims don't like Holocaust Memorial Day because, "In the words of one committee member, 'The very name Holocaust Memorial Day sounds too exclusive to many young Muslims. It sends out the wrong signals: that the lives of one people are to be remembered more than others.'" Will the PC police at last stand up and recognize the founders of their feast? Nah. But they will invite British Muslims to join in on group hug day. (Warning: No Jews Allowed. They don't want to seem inclusionary.)

In an attempt to insert some fun into the blog (since most of the news I discuss is utterly depressing and extremely frustrating) I give to those of you driven to howl at the moon: the drink recipe of the day, gratis Webtender!

The Sabra
3/4 oz Absolut Mandrin
3/4 oz Godiva liqueur
Mixing instructions:
Chill together in the shaker and strain into a shot glass.

Creator/contributor's comments:
I named this shooter "Sabra" after the Israeli chocolate and orange flavored liqueur Sabra.

Note: Nine out of ten Rebbes agree, if you do double shots on Shabbos, its a double mitzvot.

16 September 2005

Hello, Anyone Out There?

I spent at least two hours today looking for any Messianic blogs online.

Hello?? *knock knock* Hello, anyone out there? *knock knock* Shalom?? Anyone??

Good Shabbos, y'all.
(And remember, there's no rolling on Shabbos.)

15 September 2005

The Conspiracy Continues

1. Pump up American patriotism.
2. Accuse Republican Jews of spying for Israel.
3. Assasinate Arafat to get the ball rolling on the Road Map.
4. Place the most influential Jewish PAC in D.C. under investigation.
5. Get the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. to say that the Road Map isn't about the Palestinians, it's about Israel/U.S. relations.
6. Execute the evacuation of Gaza. Punctuate the atrocity with remarks about how the Israelis will "have to do more" and that this is only the beginning.
7. Hand down an indictment against those Republican Jews who are "spying on the United States for Israel."
8. Watch as all those American patriots turn their backs on Israel.

From The American Free Press: "As for the Bush administration and the neo-cons within it who have argued that Israel is America’s best ally, the grand jury indictments tell a different story."

Yes. And the Free Masons are in on it too-- in fact, they're bringing the cake to the victory party. On behalf of the Jews of the world, mwha ha ha ha. Pardon me whilst I rub my hands together fiendishly.

Now, let's set the record straight:

Libs hate Jews. Why wouldn't they? They're socialists. Everything in them, every political belief they espouse, is in direct contradiction to everything Jews believe. I feel absolutely no need to expound on that. Should you care to argue, try reading a biography of Karl Marx that includes some of his early works and personal writings, and then try and prove me wrong.

Conservatives.. well, quite frankly, I think Jews are a little too... Jewish for conservatives lately. Conservatives like to think of G-d in a very ecumenical sense, if they have to make Him public at all. Besides, having a Jew in the room means you have to give consideration to Israel nowadays, and no gentile American has learned how to deal with that black sheep. The libs are busy calling Zionists "colonial imperialists" while the Conservatives are busy trying to decide if anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are the same thing. In any case, having gained so much ground in the 2004 elections, conservatives don't feel like having the contemporary Jewish question nagging at them while they're in their stride.

Christians, well, most Jews would probably say that most Christians have never liked the Jews, at least not since those Romans stole their religion out from under their feet. After all, there was that whole Crusades thing, followed by that whole Inquisition thing, followed by those Pogroms, peppered through with quite a few expulsions from various countries, mostly all by Church dictum, and, well, you'd have to be a moron not to get the picture. But, hey, this is the 20th century, right? The Christian Church (this includes Catholics and Protestants) isn't quite as powerful now as it was in the middle ages; they can't exactly go around evicting Jews from the nations of the world. Instead, they're using their limited resources to try and evict the nation of Israel from the globe! Mainline churches, including the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Church of England denominations, have all either agreed to, or are considering divesting from Israel. Apparently, instead of killing them with kindness the Church has now decided to kill their so-called enemies with kapitalism. To top it all off, the new Pope is an ex-Nazi youth; 'nuff said.

Now, to be fair, there are evangelical Christians out there who support Israel. To a degree. One Tennessee preacher was quite vocal in protesting the disengagement plan. Other evangelicals were quoted in newspapers, citing hurricane Katrina as a direct result of U.S. support for disengagement (a position with which I completely agree). Some online Jewish forums even scoffed at the idea that more evangelicals in America protested the disengagement than did Jews. So, there are some Christians out there who like Jews... to a degree.

George W. Bush was one of them. He was pro-Israel the whole nine yards in his first term. Well, except for proposing that whole Road Map to Peace which was quickly swept under the rug until after he won re-election and garnered the greatest percentage of the American Jewish vote in 20th century Republican campaign history. Oh, but he has a lot of neocons on his staff! And a lot of them are Jews!!

American Jews, that is. Of course, two entries ago I expounded on this topic with great fervor. Therefore, I will restrict my comments here to the bare minimum, my point being this: even Jews can be too Jewish for Jews! The concept that Jews are out there, trying to spy on America and take over the world, is so beyond ludicrous when one considers the fact that Jews have spent nearly the entirety of their existence as a people trying to get out of being Jewish!

Think about it. Being Jewish means having responsibilities like keeping Torah, humbling yourself and worshipping HaShem, being a light unto the nations, and making a way for the Messiah. It's not exactly a nine to fiver from which you can quickly retreat to the bar. If you do your job right, you get unbearable flack. People spread rumors that you drink the blood of babies and are busy trying to "ethnically cleanse" your neighbors as part of your fiendish plan to take over the world. Others view you with continual suspicion that often leads to hate crimes, if not mass execution. Ignorant myths that forced 50 generations of your ancestors into the ghetto still plague your every day life in some form or fashion.

Now, if you do your job poorly, you still get crap. Say you're the most secular, non-affiliated, atheistic Jew there could be. The only way you identify with being Jewish is by reading an occasional copy of "Heeb" magazine while wearing your "Shalom Motherfucker" t-shirt. Chances are more than not that you're still plagued with paranoia. You're part of the Holocaust generation; the kids who were raised secular and identify with their Jewish roots often solely through understanding that goys hated Jews so much that they killed six million of them less than 100 years ago. You're left with the stigma of death, the weight of perpetual fear on your shoulders. Conciously or subconciously, being Jewish is equated with being hated. Anything you can do to avoid being Jewish, you'll do. But the guilt nags at you. That guilt that comes from ignoring your inheritance. So you embrace your Judakitsch by throwing on that funny t-shirt and reading that goyish magazine, figuring the more gentile you look, the better. Screw ancestral, Biblical responsibilities; that stuff's ancient history, anyway.

Yeah, and "there's no way the land of Israel can go back to its Biblical borders" too. Phh. Yes, world, you definitely need to fear the Republican Jews of AIPAC and their cohorts in the Bush administration. I mean, they're so obviously part of the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, that they're in favor of giving away Jewish land to people who want to kill them! Now that's what I call gaining global territory.

From Cool Conservative to Flaming Lib!

That's it... if the Road Map didn't convince you, now you've got to admit, George W. Bush has become a flaming liberal.

Bush Takes Milder Tone on Terrorism 23:26 Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765

(IsraelNN.com) President George W. Bush told the United Nations on Wednesday that world leaders must change conditions which he said cause people to turn to terrorism and that war by itself will not defeat terrorism. "There can be no safety in looking away or seeking the quiet life by ignoring the hardship and oppression of others," Bush said.

His speech was milder than his previous calls for a world-wide war against terrorism. "We know that this war will not be won by force of arms alone," the president said.

Ignoring "hardship and oppression" of others? Isn't this the classic liberal defense line for EVERYTHING? Blacks suffered "hardship and oppression" let's slam whitey with affirmative action; women suffered "hardship and oppression" let's smash the patriarchy and put more middle aged men on the unemployment line; children suffer "hardship and oppression" let's liberate them from their parents; Africans, Indians, and other native peoples suffered "hardship and oppression" let's rewrite history to make George Washington a European imperialist. Wait, wait, here's my favorite: Palestinians are suffering "hardship and oppression" under the colonialist rule of the Zionists- let's redraw Israel's borders until she's off the map completely!

Pathetic. Truly, utterly pathetic. And damned dangerous, not only for George W., but for the entirety of America. Don't think G-d's going to stop at Katrina; Torah says and history shows that you can't abandon Israel and get away with it. G-d, have mercy on your faithful.

14 September 2005

American Jewry: Serving Two Masters

"Conservatism is not an ideology, but stands against ideologies... The conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: Human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent." - Russell Kirk

Main Entry: ide·ol·o·gy :
1: visionary theorizing
2 a : a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture
b : a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture
c : the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program

How can Conservatism, defined as a belief in the permanence of an objective moral order and a constant human nature, not be considered an ideology, as defined in Webster's Dictionary? Granted, these assertions don't necessarily constitute a sociopolitical program in the strictest of terms; they can, however, act as the foundation for such a program. Even so, conservatism can be considered a manner of groupthink that contains a vision theorizing how the world operates, thereby making it an ideology.

This definition of conservatism, quoted in a recent book review on TownHall.com, highlights one of my growing concerns regarding the Conservative movement in America, post-2004 Election. The vocabulary of this definition leads the reader to believe conservatism to be some sort of faith, risen above the earthly "ideologies" of politics and political movements. When any political idea becomes a concept someone "believes" or puts faith in, that political idea transcends the threshold of governance and enters the world of the divine, a place where no political ideology belongs.

So, what does this mean for the Jews of America who identify with the Conservative movement(s)? It brings us back to the eternal wrestling match of the diaspora: Soul v. World, or rather Ruach v. Olam Hazeh. How do we, Israel, negotiate between our faith in G-d and our actions and interactions in this world? When a political ideology becomes a religious belief, where and how do we draw the line?

Diaspora Israel, from its nascence, has trod from one extreme to the other in the "drawing the line" spectrum. Extremely right-wing Orthodox Jews embraced the legalism of the Torah to such an extent that some sects completely cut themselves off from gentile society, while extremely left-wing, often atheistic Jews have become both followers and leaders of radical political ideologies in the gentile world, thereby cutting themselves off from the House of Israel. The most obvious example of this can be found in the convention of the Socialist movement by Jewish-born Karl Marx. Rebuking his Jewish inheritance, Marx sought human answers to human questions, developing what would be the most pagan-oriented political movement in world history.*

The most diverse shades of grey in the assimilatory spectrum can be found among the history of American Jews, who range from the socially conscious Roosevelt Democrats who often proved to be the most assimilated of the bunch, to the more modern-day Jewpublicans, who tend to identify with both Conservative and Orthodox Judaism. While these groups are far from protesting along Wall Street or davening in the closet, they nevertheless exemplify the same traits inherent in Israel's Diaspora mindset, traits defined by the very meaning of our name as a people: Israel, or, "struggles with G-d."

Truthfully, we are no different in the Diaspora than our ancestors were when they lived in the land 3,000 years ago. Today we seek to fit into the gentile mold around us. We claim earthly leaders, we disregard Torah, we justify pagan behaviors, and we turn our back on G-d to worship idols. Of course, our contemporary actions don't have quite the same Biblical ring to them. Voting for a President doesn't sound unBiblical, and, of course, it is not. After all, HaShem set up a system of leaders for the nation of Israel, and declared that it was He who put leaders on their thrones. However, granting an elected official powers that superceed the authority of G-d contradicts scripture completely, proving that when the Israelites begged for a King "because other nations had kings" HaShem was right to roll His eyes in frustration.

George W. Bush garnered a sizeable, unprecedented percentage (somewhere between 35 and 40%) of the Jewish vote in the last election, despite having proposed the then-tabled "Road Map to Peace" a plan that required the redrawing of Israel's borders. When the Road Map was taken off the table and put into action shortly into Bush's second term, the same Jewish organizations that wholeheartedly supported Bush's reelection campaign either remained silent, or came out in support of redrawing the borders of Israel, and evicting Jews from their homes. Why?

The July 4th edition (oddly enough) of the New Yorker magazine included an article titled "Real Insiders: A Pro-Israel Lobby and an FBI Sting" by Jeffrey Goldberg. Discussing the background behind the "AIPAC Scandal" that broke shortly before the 2004 Presidential elections (how someone can be accused of "spying" for an ally- arguably the greatest ally- of the United States by the United States I'll never know... sorry, Mr. Pollard) Goldberg ends his rather potent, thought-provoking piece with: The theme of this year’s AIPAC conference was “Israel, an American Value,” and, for the first time, “Hatikvah,” the Israeli national anthem, was not sung. The only anthem heard was “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Reading that reminded me of a Passover Seder I attended at a Reform household in Texas. The family had drafted their own Haggadah for the occassion. The trimmed-down version included some special features not found in the original, such as a series of rather kitschy, goyisch Pesach jokes, the type which neither Moshe, Elijah, nor HaShem would find humorous. Oh, and extra glasses of wine for everyone. The real kick of the evening was to be found on the last page of the telling-- as we "children" raised our glasses to toast L'Shanah ha'b'a b'Yerushalayim, Next Year in Jerusalem, the adults cut us off. "Why should we toast to Israel? Why do we want to go there? America is our home, and we are grateful for this! We love America! Come on, everyone- let's sing G-d Bless America!" And they did. And our jaws dropped.

I call it the Louie B. Mayer syndrome. Found commonly among American Jews between the ages of 40 and 70, this common, infectious disease can be transmitted generationally, educationally, and habitually. Symptoms include: overzealous American patriotism, an almost complete lack of identification with the Jewish religion, a desire to avoid all aspects of the Jewish culture not considered Judakitsch (pop culture approved), and a complete lack of emotion regarding or involvement with the State of Israel.

According to one writer at Arutz 7, "AIPAC unabashedly promoted [this year's] conference as being 'to support the disengagement.'" AIPAC, the organization bullied by the FBI, whose members have been accused of "spying" for America's greatest ally, was publicly turning its back on Israel at one of the most crucial junctures in her modern history. Why? To draw attention away from the scandalous spying accusations? To buddy-up to the re-elected administration in hopes of cutting a deal? To make politicians-- left and right-- happy?

AIPAC was not alone. Charles Krauthammer, one of the most infamous conservative commentators used his nation-wide platform as a syndicated op/ed writer to support the Disengagement as Israelis were being ripped from their homes in the name of "peace".

Type the word "disengagement" into the Weekly Standard search engine and you get one article where the issue is headlined. Dated June 16, 2005, and titled "Disengagement" the author ends his analysis with, "...the consequences of the pullout not happening (for any reason) would be dire and wholly unpredictable--almost as unpredictable as what Israeli politics and society will look like in September, after disengagement; if it happens." This from the publication founded by two American Jewish neoconservatives, John Podhoretz and Bill Kristol (the latter remains an editor). A minyan of Rebbes couldn't have come up with a better, more publishable non-opinion.

Ben Shapiro, new to the fame of the conservative scene and nominated by Ann Coulter to sit on the Supreme Court, said absolutely nothing about the matter. He did, however, feel free to identify with Orthodox Judaism within the promotional literature for his new book. Wait a minute. Isn't George W. Bush losing support from the American Orthodox community over the Disengagement issue?

The old joke goes, get ten Jews in a room and you'll automatically have 12 opinions. However, when it comes to Jewpublicans in the spotlight commenting on the Disengagement, you get three slightly varied shades of grey: a. pro, b. maybe, c. the kind of silence that speaks volumes, or d. all of the above.

Louie B. thought America was his savior. Judging by their actions, you'd think today's conservative American Jews have put all their faith in Republican Party politics; if there are any doubting Thomases among them, they aren't vocalising their skepticism.

The climax of the Hollywood moguls' (for it was held by more than Louie B.) faith in America was delivered by the President's messenger shortly before World War II. The message, delivered by Roosevelt friend and former U.S. ambassador Joseph Kennedy, went something like this: "Stop villifying Nazis in your movies, because if you don't, and we get involved in the war in Europe, Americans are going to blame it all on you Jews."

The denouma, however, would prove much more potent. The anti-communist witch hunts of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee, that commenced before the war with the sole purpose of dethroning the Jews of Hollywood but were put on hold after Pearl Harbor, resumed after the establishment of modern Israel in 1947. Unrelated to McCarthy's investigations, HUAC (a Senate committee established and populated by virulent anti-Semites) targeted the same Hollywood Jews who had helped America win the war. This time, there was no stopping HUAC: the golden days of Hollywood were over. The Jewish studio chiefs were eventually forced out of the businesses they had built from nothing; the industry started on the downhill slope, never to reach the same pinnacle of success again.

So, what of today's conservative Jews? Will they suffer the same fate? Are they already? The Charles Krauthammers, Bill Kristols, and Ben Shapiros would probably counter the above-stated example with the argument that HUAC occurred under the democrat administrations of Roosevelt and Truman, in a desperate attempt to believe that their faith in Republicanism will save them. However, the principle remains: American Jews put their faith in a government that not only stabbed them in the back, but twisted the knife, and by all appearances, they're doing it all over again.

To any logical thinker the analogy is clear: the AIPAC investigation was the stab, the Road Map the twist. Where do American Jews draw the line between faith in government and faith in G-d? In Louie B.'s era, the stake was business. Today, the stakes are infinitely higher. American Jews are now being forced to choose their master: the United States government, or the G-d of Israel. The choice cannily insinuates a self-imposed eviction. Only, this time, the territory in question is made up of our souls.

"A life is either all spiritual or not spiritual at all. No man can serve two masters. Your life is shaped by the end you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire."

*See "Marx and Satan" by Richard Wurmbrandt, as well as the biography of Karl Marx in Paul Johnson's "Intellectuals".

12 September 2005

Disengagement Ends

Israel is out of the Gaza Strip. See related stories filed under "Synagogue Burnings by Arabs" and "Drive the Jews Into the Sea".

In an interesting note, right after the Fox News chick covered the Gaza story (sans synagogue burnings) she reported that Hurricane Ophelia is off the east coast, and those forecasters just don't know what that storm's going to do. See related stories under "Begging for Mercy" and "Get On Your Knees Now".

06 September 2005

George W. Bush: The Liberals' New god

Apparently, libs have found a new deity to hate: George W. Bush. After all, it would take the powers of the supernatural to wreak such natural havoc upon a major city, wouldn't it? Think about it. All of these complaints about George W. Bush "not responding fast enough" or "not doing enough in advance" to prevent and/or respond to hurricane Katrina are moanings that do nothing less than deify the man they claim to hate.

Meanwhile, all of these government officials and public figures, with their millions of dollars and mighty fame, could actually focus on the real cause of the problem: our nation turning its back on Israel. But they won't, simply because they hate the Jews anyway (even if some of them won't admit it) and don't really give a crap if we force Israel to give land with costal access to terrorists who want to kill them (and us). After all, this is the party of John Kerry, whose campaign platform included the concept of arming and training an official Palestinian military force using U.S. money, weapons, and soldiers. Besides their Israel-hatred, they are a party that operates on the basis of chaos anyway. So, hell, why not revert to their most chaotic tactic, blaming George W. Bush for everything, in an already chaotic situation? That's all in a day's work for libs.

Sad, silly nation. Get a clue and beg G-d for forgiveness and mercy. Arm Israel and help her to take back the land you forced her to give away. Stand up for Israel and against the rest of the world that hates her. Do this, and G-d in His infinite mercy will save you.

Keep deifying George W., and you don't stand a chance.