31 January 2006

And Atlas said, "Carry your own damned world"

In the "Stop this world, I want to get off" section of today's rants, I give you:

President Bush is a BIG FAT LIAR via MarkBlum.com, cross-posted at Israpundit:

"The United States is urging Arab states to continue funding a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, even though Washington is threatening to cut its own aid. Western diplomats said on Monday that President George Bush's administration has already contacted Arab governments that give the Palestinian Authority support and requested them to continue their funding.

The US position behind the scenes contrasts with its public stance, in which Bush has said he will cut aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas renounces violence and stops demanding the destruction of Israel.

(Click 'Read More' for link and full story: Full Story)

Combine that with Israpundit's link to The New Republic article that notes:

The operative result of the Hamas victory, then, is that Tehran has just moved several thousand kilometers closer to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In fact, Israel is now surrounded by Iranian proxies--Hezbollah to the north and Hamas to the south and east.

This is why we never bombed Iran. This is why we never went after Saddam's WMDs we KNEW were in Syria. This is why we cowtow with sanctions instead of attack with weapons. You fools. You bloody, insane fools sitting in our government, using the power the people have given you to destroy Israel, this nation, and the world. America will be punished for this, there is no doubt in my mind. You don't curse Israel unless you have a death wish- Genesis 12:3.

Where are America's righteous gentiles? Hopefully on their knees begging for mercy with the rest of us handful of lonely souls who still have the ability to tell right from wrong and identify political gameplaying when we see it.

HaShem have mercy on the soul of America. HaShem, have mercy on Your people and save Israel from her enemies so that we may have a home to flee to when our gentile neighbors turn against us yet again. HaShem, have mercy and guide us to our real allies and our real friends, whether they are Jewish or gentile, so when no land is safe, we will at least be able to take refuge in each other.

HaShem, grant us the wisdom to work while it is yet light; for the night is fast approaching.

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30 January 2006

This is Why I Love Being American


Los Angeles's top talkradio station is under fire from a Muslim group because of comments made earlier this month by morning man Bill Handel. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has demanded an apology from Handel for making fun of a stampede that killed hundreds of Muslims during an annual pilgrimage.

But Handel is set to fire back, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Check out Handel's list of demands. I don't know who this guy is, but I hope I can get his broadcast online, because he rocks. The radio station's disclaimer is the best:

KFI-AM does not condone making light of the deaths of people engaged in religious observances.

Heh, yeah, you don't. But Americans in general do. Heh heh heh, dumbasses. I wonder if the trampled get re-gifted virgins from allah-- I mean, they didn't volunteer to die, but their deaths certainly represent all that Islam has to offer the world.

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It Takes Music to Dance

The next entry in the Liberal Lunacy Dance Contest comes from Conservative blogger Mediacrity (via Israpundit) oddly enough:

More on the Hamas Defeat

A segment I just saw on CNN Live Sunday bears out what I've been saying -- the Hamas election victory is one heck of a PR disaster for the Pals! Since this war is waged in the airwaves as much as anywhere, that is a major blow to these cretins.

...Guys, I'll leave the geopolitical discussions to my elders and betters. But from a strictly propaganda, PR perspective they are really down their in the dirt. Grind 'em down, guys.

Mediacrity's problem is that he gives an objective description of CNN's coverage: Hamas's leader "looks like a certifiable nut" (yeah, to anyone with a brain, but as we all know- that means like, five of us in the entire world) listing a series of demands, versus Israeli acting PM Ehud Olmert, who looks "dignified" calling on all governments to fight terrorism.

Big whoopdy-frickin' deal. That isn't "grinding" anyone down. Mediacrity's opinions are coming from a mind bathed in the language of media studies. Moreover, they're coming from a conservative, pro-Israel perspective. How many people who watch CNN actually have the brainpower to distinguish between an Islamic nutcase and a democratic Israeli? Let's see: NONE. So I wouldn't bother getting too excited over anything coming out of CNN. That's as ridiculous as the argument coming from the conservative camp that "Hamas' election was a GOOD thing because now the world can really see what these guys are like." Get a clue. There's nothing, nothing, nothing good about Hamas being elected. NOTHING. Here's what the election of Hamas does prove:

American politicians are idiots.

European politicians are idiots.

Everyone involved in the "Middle East Peace Process" is an idiot.

The "Road Map [to Auschwitz]" is a force being used for Israel's destruction.

Palestinians are bloodthirsty, vicious animals and murders who want to drive Israel into the sea, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

We should've bombed Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia in the days after Saddam's fall.

Israel should've wiped out the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip the day after the "Disengagement."

America should be giving Israel everything she needs in the way of equipment, weapons, ammunition, and etc. to bomb the crap out of Iran and eliminate the Palestinian threat for good.

I dislike the fact that so many conservatives out there are trying to find some positive side to this entire disaster. Don't get excited because CNN actually showed both sides of the story for a change-- that's what they're supposed to do! And definitely don't get excited when a Hamas leader appears in a guerilla-like setting looking like a derranged lunatic-- THEY'VE ALWAYS APPEARED THAT WAY! It's not like they've suddenly incorporated "casual Fridays" into their lifestyle. Get a grip! These people are nuts, they always have been nuts, they always will be nuts, and the mainstream media will ALWAYS be on their side! Stop making the obvious into big, exciting, hopeful news! Stop cowtowing with your own spin and start telling it like it is before we're all blown to bits!

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It Takes Two to Tango

And today's Fickle Finger of Fate's Dancing Parter is:

Rice Admits U.S. Underestimated Hamas Strength[Israpundit]

Sunday that the United States had failed to understand the depth of hostility among Palestinians toward their longtime leaders. The hostility led to an election victory by the militant group Hamas that has reduced to tatters crucial assumptions underlying American policies and hopes in the Middle East.

"I've asked why nobody saw it coming," Ms. Rice said, speaking of her own staff. "It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse."

Okay, that goes on the level with Bill Clinton's comment, "I may not have been the best president, but I sure had the most fun." If Dick Morris is still campaigning for Condi for President, he'd better make sure she doesn't wear any blue dresses in the near future.

Augh. Never has more inept lunacy been given so much power. The France of Louis the XVI made more sense than the America, and the world of today.

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Lunatic of the Day Award

And today's Fickle Finger of Fate goes to:

Ami Ayalon: Hevron’s Jews Will Serve in the Palestinian Army [Israel National News]

Ami Ayalon, former head of the Shin Bet (Israel’s domestic intelligence agency) and former commander of the Israel Air Force, told army radio that in the future, he expects the Jews of Hevron to be citizens of a Palestinian state and serve in its armed forces.

Yeah, they'd play the role of Operation Human Shield. That's showing some brotherly love for your fellow Jews.

Ayalon is a leading figure in the Labor party and is hoping to be elected to the Knesset on the Labor list.

That explains it all, perfectly.

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I have nothing left to give, except to say

This world is bloody nuts. BLOODY. NUTS.

Mashal[Cheif Hamas Leader] is one of Israel's most wanted terrorists.

Hamas Demands Israel Change its Flag, Concede Islamic Ownership of the Land

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Israeli cabinet on Sunday that since the election Hamas was acting responsibly. Shortly afterwards, a senior Hamas official called on Israel to change its flag.

While U.S. President George Bush says the U.S. won't provide funding for a Hamas-led PA, Ehud Olmert's government is apparently planning to forward tax monies to the PA this week.

The Hamas terrorist group, days after winning a landslide victory in the PA elections, is calling for the creation of an army even larger than the current 60,000-man force.

The number one priority on Hamas’ domestic agenda is imposing shari’a law. (Hat tip: Benchmark.)

When a society of terrorist animals are given the chance to vote for their fellow Jew-murderers, what do you expect?

All I can say is that when HaShem blows all of you sky high, I hope I have a front row seat, you scum-sucking anti-Semitic, terror-loving, negotiators, sanction-signers, politico bastards.

Thanks, Hat-Tips, kudos, et. al. go to Rob at Kommentariat for saying it like it is:

"The Roadmap to Peace was nothing more than The Roadmap to Auschwitz. The past is repeating itself. Iran is warming up its ovens as you read this."

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28 January 2006

Ann Coulter Rules.

Naw, this isn't a biased article at ALL.

Good. I'm glad there's at least one conservative out there who isn't afraid to make people angry. The only sad thing is, people are spending more time getting angry at Ann instead of getting angry at themselves for falling for liberal lies. It's always easier to let someone else take the blame, isn't it, you pathetic nincompoops?

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27 January 2006


If General Patton were in charge of this war, the entire Middle East, with the exception of Israel, would be a glass factory by now.

Only now are some MSM news agencies, like Fox, even talking about the fact that Iraq HAD WMDs and shipped them over the border to Syria in the months before we attacked. We knew this months ago you tools of socialist propaganda!

Do you realize that if we were actually allowed to fight a war instead of sit in a circle for group therapy and hugs we'd be busy rebuilding the entire Middle East by now? Israel would be secure, because the palestinians would have submitted on pain of death. The nutcase Islamics with a need to blow themselves up would've died and gone to hell without their virgins, because we would've beat them to it and blown their brains out before they could even reach their triggers. We wouldn't be worried about troop reduction or stop-gap Army recruiting, because there would be more recruits than ever going into the Armed Forces, excited at the opportunity to participate in the rebuilding of an entire subsection of the WORLD.

Instead, we're stuck with politicians wearing helmets to match their power suits, meeting behind the closed doors of posh hotels and resorts, attending thousand-dollar lunches and million-dollar conferences and playing around with our soldiers and ourselves as if we were nothing more than chess pieces on the gameboard of life.

They are letting our enemies win.

Would General Patton have booked a date for attack with Iraq? Would he have barrel-assed into Israeli politics and demanded a democratic vote take place in territories occupied solely by terrorists, territories that can't even be called a legitimate State? Would General Patton, upon hearing that the party he wanted to be in office didn't get elected because the non-nation's electorate consists of a bunch of murderous animals, throw a hissy fit and decide to just not recognize that government in the name of democracy?

No. No. And ...no. General Patton would've blown the crap out of the palestinians and insisted on being the first to congratulate Israel on her new, post-war land gains.

You're all fools. Bloody, insane FOOLS. That's right, I'm talking to you-- you politicians, you Republicans, you Democrats, you liberals, you conservatives, you right-wingers, you left-wingers, you alternative media mavens-- all of you jerks who are stupid enough to tote party line, or dare to claim your independence, only to keep your mouth shut in the end when it really matters. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who haven't gone so far, only to smack into a wall and fail, compromise, give-in to what's popular from one school of thought or another. This world is dying, and all of you ignorant, selfish, scared little bastards are digging the hole deeper every day.

I'm sick of words. I want action. I want bombs over Iran. I want explosions to rock palestinian territories. I want Americans who claim to be conservative, who claim to be so disgruntled with our government, who claim to have an audience, a following, some level of power in public life, to ACT on all of their high-faluting notions for once! What good are words on paper if they aren't acted upon in real life?! I'll tell you how good they are-- they're as good as the paper they're printed on, so congratulations for getting your two cents in print, because that's all your ideas are worth. Pathetic, sad people. Thanks for telling us to write to Congress. I'm sure that aide is real glad you don't need to alphabetize when you throw things in the round file.

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26 January 2006

Screw You, Joel Stein

This statue currently stands outside the Iraqi palace, now home to the 4th Infantry Division. It will eventually be shipped home and put in the memorial museum in Fort Hood, TX.

The statue was created by an Iraqi artist named Kalat, who for years was forced by Saddam Hussein to make the many hundreds of bronze busts of Saddam that dotted Baghdad. Kalat was so grateful for the American's liberation of his country; he melted 3 busts of the fallen Saddam and made this sculpture as a memorial to the American soldiers and their fallen warriors.

Kalat worked on this memorial night and day for several months. To the left of the kneeling soldier is a small Iraqi girl giving the soldier comfort as he mourns the loss of his comrade in arms.

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Idiot of the Day Award

The President of the Council on Foreign Relations on Good Morning America, commenting on Hamas's victory in the palestinian elections:

"You have to remember that [the Palestinians] weren't voting down Israel, they were voting down corruption..."

Thank you, Mr. Richard Haass, for giving creedence to all those conspiracy theorists bent on the idea that the CFN is just another elitist organization bent on world domination that uses terror groups world-wide to popularize and enforce its socialistic agenda.

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25 January 2006

Bad Ratings

No ‘Brokeback Mountain’ for overseas troops [Stars & Stripes]

“Brokeback Mountain,” the movie about a gay cowboy love affair that recently won four Golden Globe awards and is expected to be in the Oscar hunt, will not play in any U.S. military theaters in Europe.

And not because it’s a gay cowboy love story.

Yes it is. It's okay-- we can admit it. That's exactly why it isn't being shown to the American military, because it's a film about two gay cowboys. And here are the three reasons why the American military would not want to bother spending what little free time they have watching a movie whose parody titles include "Rump Rangers" and "Bareback Mountain":

1. Straight guys don't like to watch gay guys get it on. They just don't. Why would they? The whole idea behind being straight is that you don't have any interest whatsoever in seeing people of the same sex naked, let alone doing it. Since the majority of the American military consists of straight men, why would the military bother paying to ship over a film they'd be showing to an empty theater?

2. Women don't like to watch gay sex. At least not me, and not the women I know. There's a theory that straight guys like to watch lesbian sex, however, the reverse does not apply. No straight woman I know gets anything, anything, out of watching two guys get it on. In fact, some women get rather depressed and/or disheartened when confronted with gay men. Why? Because it reminds them that it's that much harder to find a good, reliable straight guy to date, let alone settle down with. We're also sensitive about our appearances and attractiveness to begin with; layer on top of that the concept that a really great, hot guy would rather look at/sleep with a man instead of you, and you're just asking for a mental breakdown. Therefore, I severely doubt the women in our Armed Forces would really care about watching two gay cowboys.

3. Despite the rantings and fantasies of homosexual advocacy groups, there really aren't that many gays in the military. Think about it: the Gay Mafia claims that 10% of America is homosexual, when, in fact, only 1-3% of the population of the entire country are gay. The theory of "anything warm in a foxhole" is just that-- a theory, based on an unfulfilled homosexual fantasy. I'm sure there are some gays in the military, but I doubt there are any grand numbers, at least not enough to fill a military theater on a Friday night.

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Quiz Time!

Check out the SlantRight Political Quiz and see where you fall in the spectrum. It has its flaws-- I would prefer a more concrete definition of "religion" for one-- but it's pretty accurate. I agree with my score, anyway:

Your score is 92.5 - This means that you are a far right conservative.
A 0 indicates liberal beliefs and a 100 indicates conservative beliefs. 50 would clearly be moderate.


Blogging from the Free World

Over here, the MSM thinks it is appropriate to wake us up with, "President Bush is calling 'domestic spying' 'terror surveillance'!!!!!" Yeah, how gauche. Didn't we get over this like, two months ago? Hey-- whatever happened to that Alito guy?

For the biggest angering news story of the day, check out Drudge.

Google says offers self-censored Chinese service [Reuters]

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Web search leader Google Inc. said on Tuesday that it was introducing a new service for China that seeks to avoid a confrontation with the government by restricting access to services to which users contribute such as e-mail, chat rooms and blogs.

The new Chinese service at http://www.google.cn will offer a self-censored version of Google's popular search system that restricts access to thousands of terms and Web sites.

First, Windows, now, Google. The same Internet search engine that refused to allow the Bush Administration access to its search records in the name of hunting down terrorists.

This is pathetic.

I'm all about restricting government access without a warrant. I don't believe it is efficient, let alone in the best interests of the American public, to give the government free access to web search records via a search engine. To me, that's the equivalent of looking for a needle in the haystack. I do not, however, have any problem with the government getting a warrant to search a private person's, corporation's, or religious group's computer software or hardware because they are suspect. So, initially, I agreed with Google.

Now I think they're as nutty as everyone else in the MSM. "We won't let the American government squash our users' liberties in America, but we'll help the Chinese government goose-step all over their own people!" Disgusting. You're an American company-- why do you feel the need to cater to the wishes of a foreign government, especially when they have NO jurisdiction over the Internet!!! Wait a sec-- did Kofi Annan just take over the reigns at Google, or what? Algore? Is it Algore's fault? He invented the Internet, didn't he?

This makes me sick. If we let them go after the Chinese, they'll be after us next. You'd better start exchanging phone numbers and snail mail addresses with all your 'net buddies, free world, and invest in carrier pigeons. This world is nuts, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better any time soon.

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24 January 2006

Today's Military Moment

Drudge linked up to an LA Times op/ed by a guy named Joel Stein who apparently doesn't support our troops. I usually don't like to give these queers (and I mean that in the proper sense of the term) any more press than they've already sold their souls for, but sometimes you just have to shout back at the lunacy-- especially when you can have such fun doing it.

This op/ed was written by a man whose head has obviously been spun around a few too many times in that toilet of postmodern patheticism known as intellectual pop culture. The entire tone of his argument within the first paragraph reeks of the cologne worn by psychotherapists that rubs off as a result of too many group hugs. Look, hon, saying you "like" everyone and "have no problem" with anyone doesn't make you any nicer. It does, however, make you as wishy-washy as your reasoning behind your argument. If I were a cruder character, I'd tell you what my grandfather is saying right now: Grow some balls.

After setting himself up to be the biggest pansy since Tiny Tim, the author goes on to point his finger at the REAL wusses: the pacifists who say they support the troops, even though they disagree with the war. Pacifists, he says, are "wussy by definition" but the idea of them supporting the troops gives "soft acquiescence [triple word score] to the hawks" of war. Excuse me, but that's Eagles, sir, thank you very much. Wearing yellow ribbons, the author argues, is the pacifist's way of dealing with "the guilt" of "sending recruits to do our dirty work."

But, wait, the pacifists aren't the only ones at fault. Another paragraph down, we learn that, actually, it isn't really their fault at all. After he's barrelled two-thirds into this latest form of journalistic pork, the author decides that the troops are the guilty ones. "The truth is that people who pull triggers are ultimately responsible, whether they're following orders or not. An army of people making individual moral choices may be inefficient, but an army of people ignoring their morality is horrifying." Oddly enough, the majority of Americans take a similar view when reading The New York Times or watching the Communist News Network. As far as "morals" go, well, let's just say I love it when people who belong to the ilk that defends the right of a man to stone a woman to death in public feel the need to grandstand about "morals." Don't even get me started on a socialist defending the concept of "individual choices."

If the liberal claptrap hasn't becoming dizzying enough, just wait until the next paragraph where the author filibusters his way into employing one of the greatest socialist catchphrases of our time; that's right, "American imperialism." Seriously, have we beaten you pathetic morons to such a pulp that you can't even mask your communist lingo anymore? Quick, someone, go pull Bill Clinton out of whatever whore house he's in-- I'll pay for the V.D. vaccinations-- just get him out of there and back into public life so the libs have at least one spokesperson to rely on for handy doublespeak in a pinch. Really, I don't mind playing the game, but could you at least give me a whit of a challenge?

The military isn't all bad, though, according to the author. "Sometimes you get lucky and get to fight ethnic genocide in Kosovo..." he writes. Gee, and sometimes you get lucky enough to be sent to bomb an aspirin factory because your Commander in Chief can't keep his fly zipped in the Oval Office. It doesn't matter that that same President also had a problem keeping his lips zipped when it came to giving nuclear secrets to our enemies, right? Tell me-- do they make condoms for nukes nowadays?

Of course, displaying that lack of historical knowledge that has become a trademark among the Gen-X liberal community, the author compares Iraq to Vietnam no less than 864 times, and punctuates his comments on military service with, "And sometimes, for reasons I don't understand, you get to just hang out in Germany." Hey, Mister, remember that little thing called World War II? Or that other thing called the Cold War? Oh, that's right, to liberals, yesterday's enemy is today's golfing partner. Actually, according to most liberals, guys like Hitler and Stalin were just misunderstood, closeted homosexuals with abandonment issues. It's all in that new movie, Brokeback Pakt. It's true; I swear. Movies never lie.

Displaying that narcissism prevalent among writers who have been taught by academia to put themselves into their stories, the author concludes with, "I know this is all easy to say for a guy who grew up with money, did well in school and hasn't so much as served on jury duty for his country. But it's really not that easy to say because anyone remotely affiliated with the military could easily beat me up, and I'm listed in the phone book."

Ahh, that's it. He's afraid of a pistol-whipping from those "tools" of "American imperialism." If only. (Really, I'd pay to watch it.) You see, American soldiers would never do such a thing, because honestly, they could care less. They know all about those dingbat dissidents out there who claim to be American, yet do everything they can to tear at the moral and ideological fabric of our society until it is threadbare. American soldiers are what preppy, hedonistic, morally bankrupt, egomaniacal intellectuals like this guy aren't: They are good. They are honorable. They put their country, and the lives of their fellow citizens before themselves. They're brave, strong, tough. They don't find emotional depth in French cinema, or get a manicure every two weeks at the day spa, or spend nights snorting cocaine off of the backs of 14-karat gold toilets in downtown Manhattan. They're decent, normal, average human beings who have managed to do the extraordinary despite the fact that some voices-- too many, in my opinion-- expound all their energy screaming defeatism into their ears. No American soldier would ever attack you, Sir, although they'd have every right to. They'd never attack you because they're too good, because they're better than you'll ever be.

He concludes with, "All I'm asking is that we give our returning soldiers what they need: hospitals, pensions, mental health and a safe, immediate return. But, please, no parades. Seriously, the traffic is insufferable." That's right, because it's all about you and your fancy convertible and getting to Paris Hilton's latest fashion show on time, isn't it? Watch for an Angry Jewish Woman behind the wheel of the next Humvee you encounter, Sir, because it may just be your lucky day.

After reading the article, I looked at the writer's name again and thought, hm, I think I've heard of this guy. It turns out I have. Click on his biography link and you'll find a list of accomplishments that qualify him to comment on absolutely nothing related to the military, politics, government, or war. The only conflict he should be commenting on is the battle between Paris Hilton and Nikki Richie over whose name is listed first in the credits of the new season of The Simple Life. Two out of the three paragraphs in his bio begin by stating that he is "desperate for attention." Tsk tsk, sounds like someone needs to take a few more writing courses. I wonder, does the L.A. Times do direct deposit, or do they just mail his paycheck straight to his therapist, made payable to CASH?

Get a mirror, Mr. Author, if that's what you need to make you happy. Give yourself all the attention you crave. Stop bothering the American public with your nonsensical bloviation. Instead, save it for those coffee houses, dinner parties, and dance clubs where your little "I Hate America" groups hold their daily therapy sessions. I'm glad you don't like the military, because I do, and I certainly would not ever want to be on your side. Spare me your pathetic waste of words-- you are an insult to good writers everywhere. Moreover, your abuse of the freedom you claim in ignorance is an insult to those military men and women who are out there defending your ability to put pen to paper without remorse.

Don't think your self-effacing humor is going to redeem you, either. My advice: Buy a one-way ticket and get on the next flight to France.

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Big Teacher is Watching You

Iris Scanning For New Jersey Grade School [Yahoo News]

When a parent arrives to pick up their child at one of three grade schools in the Freehold Borough School District, they'll need to look into a camera that will take a digital image of their iris. That photo will establish positive identification to gain entrance into the school.

Funding for the project, more than $369,000, was made possibly by a school safety grant through the National Institute of Justice, a research branch of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Great. So now our tax dollars for justice are being spent on education as well. Tell me, how much is the Department of Education going to pay to teach public school children how to properly pronounce "biometric"?

This doesn't smack of fascism at all. I mean, Hitler only used punchcards from IBM to keep the ghettos in order. I'm sorry, what ever happened to this little thing called responsibility?

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The President's View of Terror

Over at Israpundit there's an intriguing post regarding how President Bush views our enemies in the War on Terror. The author writes:

I think the President fully understands jihad and the Islamosupremacy program even if political discretion prevents him from using the specific words that correspond to the particular phenomena of that program.

I have to disagree with this on two points. Firstly, correct terminology is imperative. Speaking boldly is essential but can be rendered useless if the appropriate terms are not applied properly. It's all well and good to say that these people are evil, but who are "these people"? As long as we cannot clearly define our enemies, we're still stuck fighting ideas instead of the purveyors of them. In the Revolutionary War, we fought England, not "monarchy" nor "tyranny." In contrast, today, we fight "terror" not Islam, nor muslims, nor Iran. It is all well and good to go to war for ideological purposes, as this is what motivates all wars, but unless we can identify the physical people, nations, and religions that embody what we are fighting against, how can we expect to identify our enemies on the battlefield?

Secondly, I cannot believe the President understands the full nature of this battle, simply because, if he did, our government would not be so quick to turn their back on Israel and view Hamas and Fatah in a favorable light. How can anyone think President Bush has a clear vision of who our enemies are when the government he leads is busy giving political and financial support to organizations bent on the destruction of Israel and America, organizations that are funded by the same terror groups we're trying so hard to eradicate in Iraq?

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Out of the Archives

Going through your archives can be an esteem-building experience. Back in my undergrad days, I took a "Sociology of the Holocaust" course that offered a lot of information channelled through a fairly uninformed professor. We were required to keep weekly journals which she would read, critique, and give back to us with notes. How anyone feels justified in judging your personal opinions, I do not know, but somehow blathering on about what we thought for a couple of pages was justified as "homework."

Apparently, Christian anti-Semitism was the topic of one of my journal entries. (That having been one of the root causes of anti-Semitism among the German population.) My sarcasm went unappreciated by the professor (surprise, surprise-- I assume she was hoping we'd all discover our inner-J.D. Salinger through the exercise) who claimed that I had "hatred to work through" after reading my piece. I wonder if she said the same thing after reading Eli Wiesel.

I would like to take this moment to clarify that I do not hate Christians. I have no problem with anyone's religion, as long as it doesn't make a dhimmi or a target out of me. I do, however, have a great, big, huge problem with hypocrisy; that is the true subject of my critique, as the brilliant readers of this blog will no doubt fully comprehend.

I don't publish this response to my professor's psychoanalysis of my character here in order to inflame my Christian readers with righteous indignation. Rather, I publish it because HaShem has given me the keen gift of finding humor in the darkest of miseries. In these days, when Christians and Jewish people are becoming one unified body in so many respects, being able to laugh at our past differences can only aide us as we grow together.

That, and I'm Jewish, so I'd like to think there's a little George Burns in me, too. Or at least a drop of Lenny Bruce.


In my February 12th journal entry I was accused of having hatred to work through. I decided to make this concept the focus of my rewrite, since it is such a serious claim upon my personage. I have never considered myself a person who harbored such passionate feelings of a negative nature towards Christians. However, having re-read my statements and the comments, I felt the need to put myself under analysis.

I began this process by questioning my closest friends regarding these claims. Two of them, devout Christians of a Baptist nature, replied by saying that just because I was a Christ-killer didn’t mean I wasn’t fun to hang out with on a Saturday night. My Presbyterian friend, a fellow Film major, said that I sure made good films despite the fact that I’m going to burn in eternal hellfire. Two of my three Catholic friends said that the Holy Father might let me into heaven if I traveled to Vatican City and kissed the ring on the third finger of his left-hand. While I’ll admit that when my third Catholic friend queried, “if you’re so Jewish, where’s your horns,” I replied by saying “they only come out when I’m south of the Mason-Dixon line,” I only meant it in jest.

After receiving confirmation that I was a nice little earthly demon from my Christian friends, I proceeded to question the people who know me the best- my parents. After showing my father the journal entry and corresponding comments, he replied with, “ask your mother,” and proceeded to finish reading his copy of Destroying Goys for Dummies. When I did as my father instructed, my mother replied with, “why can’t you just be like all the other college students and write about normal things? Why do you always have to be writing about the past? That’s why we’re in America now!”

Taking my parents’ comments with a grain of kosher salt, I considered my options. Where else could I turn to confirm my friends’ good opinions? How could I prove to myself that I wasn’t a Christian-hater? First I contacted my local Rabbi, but was told that he was kvetching over the fact that he paid 39 cents more for foodstore matzah instead of getting it wholesale and therefore was not able to come to the phone. Pulling out the phonebook, I proceeded to call another area Rabbi who deemed me a mensch after I told him where the best bagels were in south Jersey and therefore concluded that anyone who said I had hatred was meshugenah.

With my friends, my parents, and finally a Rabbi telling me I was okay, I was convinced that these claims of hatred couldn’t possibly be true. How, though, could they have been made? Possibly through a misenterpretation of what I wrote. My original comments read: “...Then again, one wonders how Yeshua preached against child sacrifice when, as a Jew, He must have lived on children’s blood. And He had horns, too. Big, fat ones. Poke, poke.”

Immediately I realized the error of my ways. While I added truth to the serum of Christianity and the issue of anti-semitism, I failed to explain the method by which I was doing it. Again, I was lapsing into my roots and doing that Jewish thing- approaching an extremely painful, insulting, and misunderstood issue with an educated sense of humor. While this approach has given my people hope and encouragement over the past 5,762 years of turmoil and persecution, I had no right to rely on this method when confronting the constant suffering of my people thanks to the ignorance of the world in an academic setting.

I wish to make it known that at no time did I mean to inflict hatred upon the Christian people, or to mock their beliefs in any fashion. One of the many things I have learned in class is that if I were to take such an approach towards Christians, I would be no better than them.

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23 January 2006

Iran: Schools of Thought

Iran Threatens Full Uranium Enrichment [Breit Bart]

Iran will immediately retaliate if referred to the U.N. Security Council next week by forging ahead with developing a full-scale uranium enrichment program, a senior envoy said Monday.

So, why is Iran so excited to get nukes, anyway? And what will come of it all?

According to Iran:

Iran says Palestine is center of Islam, fight against arrogance [Islamic Republic News Agency]

President Ahmadinejad said Friday Palestine is the center of the final stages of the battle between Islam and arrogance...

According to China:

Why the West will attack Iran [Asia Times]

Iran needs nuclear weapons, I believe, not to attack Israel, but to support imperial expansion by conventional military means.

...Given Israel's possession of a large arsenal of fission weapons as well as thermonuclear capability, it is extremely unlikely that Iran would attack the Jewish state unless pressed to the wall. Faced with encirclement and ruin, the Islamic Republic is fully capable of lashing out in a destructive and suicidal fashion, not only against Israel but against other antagonists.

...It is unclear how China will proceed if the rest of the international community confronts Iran; in the great scheme of things it really does not matter.

According to German (and possibly European?) thought:

Germany: Israel Must Deal Responsibly With Iranian Crisis [Israel National News]

A German Foreign Ministry spokesman stated his government is confident that Israel will act appropriately, especially regarding the possibly of engaging Iran, reiterating, “There is no reason to believe our good friend Israel will not act very responsibly in the matter.”

According to Conservative thought:

Iran Showdown [American Spectator]

...An Iranian nuclear test would leave Israel no choice but to attack with or without American permission or help, and regardless of the fact that it could not accomplish the desired result. President Bush has said, repeatedly, that we will not permit Iran to have nuclear weapons. But his position has always been calculated on the basis that there is time to prevent that occurrence peacefully. What will he do if Iran tests a nuclear weapon?

...A very large war will have begun that could again array all of Israel's neighbors (save only Iraq) against it. Israel barely survived its last major war in 1973. It may not survive this one.

...Our strategy must be implemented before Ahmadinejad can test his nukes. Whether that test can happen next month or next year is immaterial. The time for us to act is now.

According to Israel:

Israel Mulls Pre-emptive Strike Against Iran? [Israel National News]

[Defense Minister Shaul] Mofaz added that international supervision of Iran’s nuclear program, and sanctions, are the “correct policy at this time” but did not rule out the possibility of Israeli military action if necessary.

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How do you say "Kick Ass" in Hebrew?

To quote my grandfather, "If anyone can do it, it's the Jews. They proved that in the Six Day War."

Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran [AP]

"Israel will not be able to accept an Iranian nuclear capability and it must have the capability to defend itself, with all that that implies, and this we are preparing," Shaul Mofaz said.

When Israel bombs the crap out of Iran, will they even need to worry about "conceeding" to the "Palestinians" any more? I think not.

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22 January 2006

White Collar Conservative Comedy Tour

I love Ann Coulter. I can't decide if she should be a Presidential nominee, or if she should just start a Conservative Stand-Up Comedy Tour circuit. Either way, she would provide me with endless joy, because when I read her work I don't have to think of snappy one-liners, I can just quote her directly:

Madam Hillary also said the Bush administration "will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country." While Hillary is certainly qualified to comment on what the all-time worst presidential administrations were, having had firsthand experience in one of them, I think she might want to avoid the phrase "go down in history."

...Ever since Bork, Republicans have been terrified of nominating candidates with something in their background that might possibly suggest the nominee did not get down on his knees (another phrase Hillary should avoid) and thank God for Roe v. Wade every night.

...I'm fairly certain I've mentioned that before — I don't recall, Mr. Chairman — but I don't understand why everyone doesn't mention it every time Senator Drunkennedy has the audacity to talk about how "troubled" and "concerned" he is about this or that nominee. I bet Mary Jo was "troubled" and "concerned" about the senator leaving her in trapped in a car under water while he went back to the hotel to create an alibi.

Do yourself a favor: Read it all. And often.

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21 January 2006

Saturday Morning Television

I have a theory about mainstream media news coverage on weekends: It doesn't exist. This is for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

Most people are off for the weekend, so they're either out of the house and away from their televisions, or they're watching television for entertainment, not information. Who wants to be bugged with the problems of the world on their day off?

Saturday is an off-day for the world's three biggest religions. Most Christian countries include it in their "weekend," it's Shabbos for the Jewish world, and it's the muslim holy day.

The usual weekday newscasters are off. Most viewers begin to associate with a particular way their news is delivered, and just don't like to change.

Most people function in that "weekend" mindset, so they reason that if they're off, everyone else is, too.

The people who do work during the weekend are mainly in service industries that don't allow for a lot of free time in front of the television anyway.

Jews run the media, so if it's Shabbos for us, it's Shabbos for television news.

That was me being sarcastic.

Us small-time bloggers (and quite a few of the bigger ones) are still reliant on the mainstream media for a lot of our commentary, which is unfortunate, especially on a weekend. I could write a diatribe on the whale floating up the Thames, but that would quickly turn into a series of one-liners that would inevitably anger some environmentalist and result in me getting slapped with a lawsuit for insensitivity. (That's why I prefer mocking terrorists. I'll take a nuclear fight with Bin Laden over a sissy fight with Algore any day of the week.) So, what does a blogger do when they're free on a Saturday morning?

They talk about television.

In this case, they talk about House. Ah, the witty, sarcastic repartee of House. I'd like to take this moment to declare that my love for House is, essentially, my love for Hugh Laurie. If all the other characters simultaneously imploded on screen, I would not care. (Okay, well, I like that guy who was in Swing Kids, so he can stay on.) I find the Residents' dialogue lame, their cookie-cutter personalities trite, and their presence useless. Their sole purpose in existing is to bow to House, which they do well. I don't fault the actors, really-- I fault the writers. Too few television writers know how to craft an ensemble cast of characters well. This is the fault of both the producers and those flouncy ponces who teach television writing in universities across the country. Writers are told to make one character round, fully fleshed out, and make the others as flat as mirrors, to reflect the rounded character's many dimensions. Bull. If The Office can do it, and the masterful Remember WENN can accomplish it, the writers of House can certainly round out the supporting cast. I'm not talking subplots, either-- I'm talking about making them more than filler with sexy remarks.

Image courtesy of MSNBC Media

I love you, Hugh Laurie. I've loved you since the days of BlackAdder and Jeeves & Wooster. You are a brilliant actor. If House consisted of you tap-dancing on stage for an hour, I would watch it.


My love for Hugh Laurie has taken me on a ride to the library, where I picked up a season of Jeeves & Wooster and the fourth series of BlackAdder for the watching.

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Hugh Laurie

20 January 2006

Bizarre things read while searching for employment

Sometimes searching for a job means considering relocation, which, in turn, means research. Here are a few of the fun things I've come across while researching different areas to relocate to based on jobs I'm considering applying for:

Apartment Rental Ad:

"Section 8, Bad Credit, and some criminal history may be considered. If you have had trouble renting in the past due to credit checks or criminal history, you will want to call us ASAP. We will try to work with you!"

Yeah, there's a neighborhood I want to live in.

Regarding Demographic information for a particular city:

(*Please note: Hispanics are an ethnicity and can be of any race.)

Are Hispanics the new Jews?

Best "Quote from a Public University Job Listing" of the Day:

[We] have a longstanding commitment to cultural diversity and are actively seeking to nurture and enrich our gender, cultural, racial and ethnic communities.

Are there dividing lines between the terms cultural, racial, and ethnic, or were they just doing that academic thing where 90% of what you say is synonymous B.S.?

Edumacation, Schmedumacation


Study: Most College Students Lack Skills [Breit Bart]

Nearing a diploma, most college students cannot handle many complex but common tasks, from understanding credit card offers to comparing the cost per ounce of food.

And someone got paid to do a study proving that? What did that study consist of doing, spending a day in the life of a frat boy?

...More than 50 percent of students at four-year schools and more than 75 percent at two-year colleges lacked the skills to perform complex literacy tasks.

That means they could not interpret a table about exercise and blood pressure, understand the arguments of newspaper editorials, compare credit card offers with different interest rates and annual fees or summarize results of a survey about parental involvement in school.

My father sent me to college because he believed I'd never get a good job without a degree. So much for good ol' fashioned Americanism.

...Most students at community colleges and four-year schools showed intermediate skills, meaning they could perform moderately challenging tasks. Examples include identifying a location on a map, calculating the cost of ordering office supplies or consulting a reference guide to figure out which foods contain a particular vitamin.

So, that means they can find their way to the office where they'll be required to do a lot of filing, ordering of supplies, and buying of lunches for their boss. If that doesn't smack of being "qualified for success in life," what does?

...There was brighter news.

Overall, the average literacy of college students is significantly higher than that of adults across the nation. Study leaders said that was encouraging but not surprising, given that the spectrum of adults includes those with much less education.

I'm sorry, was that a researcher's idea of a punchline, or did the reporter craft that witty bit?

Also, compared with all adults with similar levels of education, college students had superior skills in searching and using information from texts and documents.

"I don't know, but I know someone who does!" That's called Wise Guy speak. It's the educated way of saying, "I know someone who's got a cousin..." Hm. Really doesn't make you wonder why so many colleges have such aggressive anti-plagarism policies, does it?

...Almost 20 percent of students pursuing four-year degrees had only basic quantitative skills. For example, the students could not estimate if their car had enough gas to get to the service station. About 30 percent of two-year students had only basic math skills.

In some palace in the middle of a desert, that Iranian Presidential nutjob is reading this article and re-estimating the power of his threats regarding the world's oil supply. "Hmm," he's thinking, "that scientific committee had better come through with evidence denying the Holocaust pretty quick. That's our wildcard!"

...The survey showed a strong relationship between analytic coursework and literacy. Students in two-year and four-year schools scored higher when they took classes that challenged them to apply theories to practical problems or weigh competing arguments.

What the study failed to mention was the complete lack of classes requiring students to apply the theories they were learning to real life issues. That's not really the professors' fault, though. I mean, if Marx couldn't accurately apply the principles of communism to solve real problems, how can his disciples be expected to do so?

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19 January 2006

Must See Terrorism

I've figured it out. I've cracked the case. Osama Bin Laden isn't some crazy Islamic tribal warlord at all! He's an unemployed television writer out for revenge.

Bin Laden Warns of Attacks, Offers Truce [Breit Bart]

Al-Jazeera aired an audiotape purportedly from Osama bin Laden on Thursday, saying al-Qaida is making preparations for attacks in the United States but offering a truce to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

Audio tape? He's obviously recovering from his latest botox treatments and feels that the new trend in going public with your scars is just gauche. "Truce" is TV talk for "willing to negotiate residuals." "Rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan" really means "yeah, we took a ratings dive, but the season finale is really going to score big in the ratings, I swear!"

The voice on the tape said heightened security measures in the United States are not the reason there have been no attacks there since the Sept. 11, 2001, suicide hijackings.

Like every TV writer, Bin Laden knows when to incorporate the plot twist ....or could it be a careful use of the McGuffin?

Instead, the reason is "because there are operations that need preparations, and you will see them," he said.

Ooooh, mystery and suspense! A careful cover used by writers when they hit a wall in the story pitch. Nice.

"Based on what I have said, it is better not to fight the Muslims on their land," he said. "We do not mind offering you a truce that is fair and long-term. ... So we can build Iraq and Afghanistan ... there is no shame in this solution because it prevents wasting of billions of dollars ... to merchants of war."

I don't know if I agree with his technique of backing up solid financial reasoning with empty threats. He's getting a little too academic for the mainstream audience, here. After all, we can't let his program get on the air if it's only going to appeal to those Gore Vidal types. Where's the sex?

The speaker did not give conditions for a truce in the excerpts aired by the Arab broadcaster.

He's not in a place to keep 'em guessing, especially when these execs want solid numbers on the table. Nope. I think his time in the sun is over. Let's can 'em and bring back that Stephen King guy to do a few Movie of the Week episodes. Nothing beats a rabid dog in the ratings. Hey, and while we're at it, let's have that rabid dog bite some Muslim mailmen in the leg....

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18 January 2006

Protest Now!

Italy to Charge GI in Iraq Death [AP via Military.com]

ROME - Italian prosecutors investigating the killing of an Italian secret service agent at a checkpoint in Iraq plan to charge a U.S. Soldier with murder and attempted murder, Italian media reported Tuesday.

This is the part where I raise my hand and ask the question: What is the American public going to do to protest the idea of a foreign government putting one of our soldiers on trial for doing their job? Think about it, people. If we don't stand behind our military now, we may not have a military willing to protect us in the very near future-- and could you blame them?

Here's the Military.com discussion board for this topic. I don't know whether or not you have to join to voice your opinion; either way, don't let that board be your only forum. This is insanity and it must be stopped. As the first poster wrote, "We BETTER get this soldier out of this, or we will see a definite affect on the rest of our troops and their confidence in their government to protect them from any foreign government political power plays."

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Best of the Blogosphere

(aka Rainy Day post)


Best entry: 800 BC Madonna's Smearing the Pap Tour opens & closes in Gomorrah: "tired" "too old" "same old crap"

The Cool Blue Blog: Spy Suit

But what bothers me more is why it is that the ACLU was silent during the Clinton Administration when it reserved the right to spy on people within the US without any international connection whatsoever?

I think We Were Supposed To Learn This In 4th Grade over at WindsofChange.net mocks Algore via leftist blogger Atrios.

"The founders of our country faced dire threats. If they failed in their endeavors, they would have been hung as traitors."

Tell me I'm not the only one who just thought, "Excuse me, Mr. Senator/Former-Vice President, pictures are hung, people are hanged." Wait, does that make me a Grammar Fascist? I guess that puts me at the same level alongside General Cornwallis and Osama Bin Laden.

Dismissed Neo-Nazi Professor Claims Just Doing Research over at Workplace Prof Blog:

Last March, Jacques Pluss was fired from his job as an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University soon after it came to light that he was a prominent member of the National Socialist Movement of the United States. This weekend, in an online essay titled "Now It Can Be Told: Why I Pretended to Be a Neo-Nazi," Mr. Pluss purports to reveal his true intentions in joining the white supremacist group: He did it all for scholarship.

..."It slowly yet surely dawned on me," [the professor] writes, "that any attempt to understand a group, a movement, or an individual psyche, would have to include becoming, as much as an individual can, the subject under study."

So, is Geena Davis just studying to be a politician, or is Hillary Clinton just studying to be an actress? Something tells me we ought to take advantage of this opportunity to emphasize to all the liberals out there how important it is to not only support terrorism, but to ship themselves over to the dunes in Iran and become "the subject under study." I'm sensing an opportunity for a more PC-take on Operation Human Shield here, people.

Black History Teacher's Qualifications Questioned over at One Hand Clapping makes one wonder how Dr. Martin Luther King's would approach the pseudo-study of "Black History".

"When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Last, but not least, click here for the picture of the week.

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Squirrelly News of the Day

The Most Bizarre News Stories of the Past 24 Hours
(at least the ones not having to do with American Idol)

Palestinian journalists: Terror becoming illegitimate[Jerusalem Post]

Although Palestinian journalists said referring to a suicide bomber as a shahid [martyr] would continue, they told their Israeli counterparts at a joint conference that there has been a perceptible change in their coverage of attacks inside Israel that reflects a recognition of such acts as terrorism and illegitimate.

...A reporter from Hebron described how he now uses the term "explosive incident" to describe suicide bombings, which he said was a gradual but perceptible shift towards recognition of such acts as illegitimate.

...The conference concluded on a high note, with both sides saying they believed the conference would lead to more nuanced coverage of the conflict.

This world is officially insane. C'mon, everyone, chant with me now: Two legs good, four legs better! Two legs good, four legs better! Seriously. "Nuanced coverage." Nuanced? NUANCED? Here's my gradual but perceptible comment on this story: NUTS.


Over at Israpundit, an ongoing series of posts has been dedicated to communication between the folks of Israpundit and Georgetown University, regarding GU's hosting of a Palestinian Solidarity Movement conference. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Israpundit's crew for staying on top of this issue with such voracity and professionalism. I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out to the world that Israpundit should not even have to be approaching such a ridiculous issue, because the idea of any American university hosting the conference of a movement dedicated to murdering liberty in the name of allah is absolutely, friggin NUTS.


Hillary Clinton does it again.

Sen. Hillary Clinton drew criticism Tuesday for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech in which she told a mostly black audience at a Harlem church that Republican leaders have run the House "like a plantation"...

From that grand ol' resource, Wikipedia:

"The Republican Party ...was first established in 1854 by Northerners who were opposed to the spread of slavery..."

And they're still seriously considering this woman as a 2008 Presidential nominee?

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17 January 2006

Forget Films.

Film Depicting Human Side of Suicide Bombers Wins Golden Globe [Israel National News]

A movie presenting the human side of two Moslem suicide bombers with a mission to kill innocent Jews in Tel Aviv won a Golden Globe award Monday night for best foreign language film.

...Daniel Pipes, a commentator on Middle East affairs, called the movie “propagandistic,” saying it “whitewashes Palestinian suicide bombing.”

A film critic for the New York Times said the movie “risks offending viewers in the same way that humanizing Hitler does.”

...A reviewer for Frontpagemag.com said, “Israelis are depersonalized and utterly demonized. For most of the film we see Israelis only as soldiers: ominous, hard-eyed, helmeted, armed or in tanks. The film betrays no understanding that there is more than one side to this tragic story.”

Not all reviewers criticized the film’s one-sidedness. Entertainment Weekly praised the movie for “the dignity bestowed on a pair of Palestinian suicide bombers.”

Hatred of Israel is also a dominant theme in the movie. As the action progresses, one of the characters decides not to carry out the attack. The other character, however, decides he must blow up Jews. His cites the “occupation” and the need to overcome his shame for having a father who was executed by Arabs for cooperating with Israel.

Winning a Golden Globe award puts Paradise Now in an excellent position to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Film when the Academy Awards are given out this March.

I spent five years of my life earning two degrees that say to the world I'm qualified to both create and analyze television and film productions.

I should have gone to business school.

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Golden Globes

16 January 2006

Fair Warning

Iran issues stark warning on oil price

"Any possible sanctions from the west could possibly, by disturbing Iran's political and economic situation, raise oil prices beyond levels the west expects," [Iran's economy minister, Davoud Danesh-Jafari] told Iranian state radio.

...Mr Danesh-Jafari's warning added weight to veiled threats by Iran's president on Saturday. Iran had a "cheap means" of achieving its nuclear "rights", Mr Ahmadinejad said, adding: "You [the west] need us more than we need you. All of you today need the Iranian nation."

Well, Mr. Danesh-Jafari and all associates, from all of us freedom-loving, Democratic, gun-toting, Bible-believing, Jewish, Christian, pro-war, Republican, Libertarian, Conservative, blogging, talk-radio-listening, Truth-loving freedom fighters out there, consider this fair warning: you'll have no time to duck and cover, you miserable S.O.B., because us dhimmis are going to kick your pathetic, puny little ass to a kingdom come where your only reward will be 72 demons bent on making your eternity the most miserable of hells.

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12 January 2006

Dare I Call it... Orwellian?

Privacy group complains of London TV plan [via Drudge]

An east London community is going to go under Closed Circuit camera surveillance, a popular but controversial method for crime monitoring employed by law enforcement world-wide. The catch:

Residents will be able to access the CCTV through their televisions. They will be able to use it to report suspicious behavior. The 11 cameras will be rotated on a 30 second loop.

Whhhhoooooa doggies. Neighbors will be encouraged to spy on each other and tell on each other to the cops? This coming from a country that bans handguns and employs the philosophy of any other socialist state: turn your head and let the law deal with the criminals.

Whatever happened to careless talk costing lives?

Stampede at Hajj in Mecca Kills 110 [again, via Drudge]

Thousands of Muslim pilgrims rushing to complete a symbolic stoning ritual on the last day of the hajj tripped over luggage Thursday, causing a crush. Medical officials said more than 110 people were killed and some 1,000 injured.

Do these people also count as victims of the Religion of Peace? Quick-- where are all the shots of Westerners shooting guns in the air to celebrate the fact that there are at least 110 less suicide bombers on the face of the planet? Oh, that's right. Those Westerners are too busy praying for the wounded and holding contests for statues to be erected to memorialize the dead.

The biggest line of bull for the day can be found in: US Intervenes in Israeli Elections: Administration Backs Olmert [Israel National News]

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice issued a statement last night, commending Olmert on his apparent decision to permit eastern Jerusalem Arabs to participate in the PA elections later this month.

Please. Spare me, Condi. Do us all a favor and stay out of it in 2008.

The best news of the day can be found in:IAF intelligence: Iran beefing up air defenses [Jerusalem Post]

It is the Begin Doctrine which repeatedly has been invoked lately regarding Iran and Israel's response to its suspected efforts to produce nuclear weapons. The internal IAF research paper shows that the feasibility of a successful military operation need not be total in order for Israeli leaders to order such a strike. This appears to abate a recently published US army report that claims Israel has no viable military option against Iranian nukes.

Well, duh.

One war game scenario played out by the IAF was an American attack on Iranian nuclear sites. In this case, it was believed the US would give Israel a prior warning of "perhaps a day, nothing significant." "There is no way the Iranians would believe that it was the Americans and [they] will seek to retaliate against Israel," a senior officer said.

It absolutely and unequivocally needs to be Israel who attacks Iran. Every Jew on the planet should want to be at the controls when we bomb those Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic, murderous creeps.

Today, the IAF has a new generation of F-16s custom built for striking Iran.

Hahahahaha SUCKERS!

How do you say "Brilliant" in Hebrew? The validation of Jewish anti-Zionism [Jerusalem Post]

We live in complex times. Israel remains the principal anchor for Jewish identity for most Jews. If, distinct from legitimate criticism of Israel, reputable Jewish organizations are willing to tolerate debates in which the verities of the Jewish state are undermined, we are paving the way for our own moral self-defeat. Diaspora Jews will simply not survive if they lack the backbone to purge the enemy from within. As Jews, we must not become absorbed into the moral turpitude associated with post-modernism which blurs distinctions between good and evil.

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For you, Mrs. Alito

What Teddy's really thinking:
(original photos @ Drudge)

See! Now, that's nothing to cry over. Unless you happen to be a member of the taxpaying, voting public.

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11 January 2006

Brokeback Mountain (In a way, it really is about sex.)

This time, I'm not just doing it for the ratings.

There's a classic, college-esque humor in studying a mainstream Hollywood film title and thinking of ways to turn it into the name of a porn film. In the premiere episode of Family Guy, Peter brings the film "Assablanca" to a stag party. One of the greatest faux pas a guy friend of mine made in high school was asking me if I'd see "Saving Ryan's Privates" while my mom was driving us to see a movie. (Needless to say, as all good moms wouldn't, mom did not find the humor in this fellow's joke, much to his chagrin.)

Sometimes, digging for these witty parodies can be a challenge. And sometimes Hollywood hands you the humor on a silver platter. Case in point: Bareback...er, I mean Brokeback Mountain, aka "Rump Rangers". So, what do you do when your one-liner titles have already been provided by the studios? You thank G-d for the idiocy that is celebrity. Mastercard would attest to it this way:

Movie Titles: A Chuckle
Critical Acclaim: A Laugh
Celebrity Commentary on the Morality (or Lack Thereof) of their pseudo-porn: Priceless

There are some things money can't buy; for everything else, there's celebrity soundbytes.

Heath Ledger angry at ban [via Drudge]

HOT Oscar tip Heath Ledger yesterday compared US bans on his gay cowboy film to racism.

Actually, as Dwight Schrute put it in the Diversity Day episode of The Office, "lots of cultures discriminate against gay people" so, really, wouldn't it be sexism, Heath?

"I heard a while ago that West Virginia was going to ban it. But that's a state that was lynching people only 25 years ago, so that's to be expected," Ledger said.

According to A Timeline of African-American History in West Virginia published on the official website of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History:

1931. On December 10, two African Americans accused of killing two white constables were forcibly removed from the Greenbrier County jail and lynched by a mob of white men. Following several convictions for the lynching, the West Virginia Supreme Court upheld a 1921 anti-lynching law drafted by Harry J. Capehart and T. G. Nutter. Source: Posey, The Negro Citizen of West Virginia, 78-80.

Wow. Sounds to me like Heath needs a few lessons in history and math.

Mr. Ledger then goes on to call the Mormons of Utah "immature" and argues, "If two people are loving . . . I think we should be more concerned if two people express anger in love, than love."

Does anyone in the house speak Australian? Is he trying to make a statement about spousal/partner abuse, or is he trying to say he wished Ang Lee would've included a few of their bullwhipping scenes in the final cut?

"If you're thinking ahead and about people's opinions or how the film's going to be judged later it will affect the decisions you make on camera," he said earlier.

Maybe the producers of Ledger's latest release Casanova should've thought a little ahead about people's opinions regarding Ledger. If they did, they would've thought twice before opting to release a film starring Ledger as a ladies' man one month after he portrays a frustrated, closeted homosexual married to the symbol of Casanova's key demographic-- a young woman.

While filming the love story with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, Ledger was falling for on-screen wife Michelle Williams.

Sounds like an episode of Dr. Phil to me.

Thank you, Mr. Ledger, for taking it up a notch when it comes to Hollywood hilarity. The doctor will see you now.

10 January 2006

Vote for HaShem

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Bush forces Hamas down Israel’s throat in Jerusalem. Olmert government is stunned

The Bush administration took advantage of Ehud Olmert’s having been less than a week in the job of acting prime minister and treated his reluctance to undertake firm decisions - as long as prime minister Ariel Sharon’s condition was uncertain -as a leadership vacuum in Jerusalem. Without a word, administration officials marked down the goings-on around Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem and Olmert’s slowness to rise to the challenge.

This entire article demands to be read. I am on my knees for Israel, and will continue to be so until HaShem acts. Then, of course, I'll be on my knees praising G-d for His victory.

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Matisyahu and X-tian/Jewish Relations

I was scanning the nominees for the JIB Awards at JPost.com when I came upon this post at Life of Rubin. Apparently, Hasidic Reggae musician Matisyahu did a track or two with a Christian band called P.O.D. (Payable On Death) for the band's new album "Testify."

Controversy is breaking out among Matisyahu's Jewish audience (of which the majority, I would assume, are Orthodox) because of the band's Christian beliefs and the fact that the cover of the album has a cross on it. According to the official JDub Records boards, Matisyahu was in favor of the collaboration, and he and the fellows in P.O.D. got along quite well in-studio. The Christian artistry on the cover of the album can be explained thus:

But i can also tell you that label politics did come into play after the recording was finished, and we (JDub, Matis, SONY) had zero input on much after the songs were recorded. we had no idea what the cover would look like, and honestly, its the most religious (christian) cover i think they've ever had.

This is a common business practice. I doubt the boys in P.O.D. willfully intended to offend Matisyahu or his listeners. It's their album, so why shouldn't they be able to put what they want on the cover? If the situation was reversed, would P.O.D. fans be complaining that a Star of David was on the cover of a Matisyahu album that featured guest vocals by P.O.D.?

Which leads me to the larger issue in question: Is the image of the cross itself so offensive, or is it the message behind the cross that bothers the Jewish audience? I'm talking from a Jewish perspective here. Is the cross offensive to the Jewish audience because it symbolizes a religion that has spent so much time telling the world to believe in a Jewish Messiah while doing all that it can to separate itself from its Jewish roots?

If anything, the nascent reconnection between Christians and the Jewish people will eventually force both camps to confront these questions of symbolism and compromise, something I've commented on twice before. Eventually, the Christian community is going to have to come to terms with the fact that while they practice like pagans, their founders practiced as Jews. This isn't going to be easy for the Jewish community to digest, though. While I can see it increasing Christian love for Israel and all things Jewish, it also paves the way for an avenue of jealousy in the Jewish world. I think this is why so many religious Jews who claim a love for Christians feel safer around Catholics and even Evangelicals who hold on to established church practices instead of the more radical sects of Christianity that study the Jewish roots of their faith. Those pagan-turned-Christian practices (like the worship of Saints, graven images, Easter eggs, Christmas trees) help draw a heavy line in the sand between Christians who feel the need to tell the world about their Messiah, and Jewish people who want to be loved but left alone.

I wonder, if the wall of Christian Church tradition fell down, and more believers in Messiah began practicing as Jews, what would happen to Jewish-Christian relations? What would life be like if a Star of David was mounted on the wall instead of a Constantinian cross?

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Miracles of HaShem

The Visions of the Prophets Come to Life Ze'ev Orenstein [Israel National News]

Have you ever seen the Hand of G-d (figuratively speaking) manifest itself in the world?

Have you ever been privileged to witness the visions of the prophets coming to life before your very eyes?

Well, if not, then that is all about to change.

Could it be that the results of the Disengagement are this generation's Dry Bones made visible?

This article is a prophetic must-read.

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09 January 2006

Dey-O This, Senor Belafonte

We Got Mail! [Little Green Footballs]

Venezuelan readers are really getting into this year’s Fiskie poll; I’m seeing thousands of referrals from Venezuelan sites and email services, all voting for Hugo Chavez.

Read the entire post-- it includes emails from Venezuelans who understand exactly how much of an Idiotarian Hugo Chavez really is.

For all my Spanish-speaking readers, here's my message to the Venezuelan people:

Viva democracia en Venezuela!! Hablan con sus blogs y diarios las palabras de libertad!! No temen! El mundo democratico esta con ustedes en esta batalla por el libertad de Venezuela y toda la Suramerica! Veremos la muerte del terrorismo en nuestro tiempo! ¡Usted habla hacia fuera!

Viva La Reagan Revolucion!

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08 January 2006

Israeli Politics-- What Else?

Two brilliant posts were made to Israpundit today, that highlight the incredible impact Ariel Sharon's political death is making on the future of Israeli government and defense.

Whither Israel an inside view of political talk in the marketplace, provided by an Israeli who has made aliyah from America:

There is much confusion and uncertainty in Israeli politics and amongst the general public. After several years of ossified slumber, the political system suffered a series of jolts in the autumn and early winter – Amir Peretz shocked the nation by taking the leadership of Labor, then Sharon shook everything up by creating an instant party that drew leading politicians away from the Likud and Labor and grabbed a huge lead in the polls. And then the likelihood that Sharon will be leaving the political stage forever threw everything back into turmoil.

This is an incredible moment of political fluidity.

...Rockets are still being fired from Gaza to Sderot and very near Ashkelon, in Israel. Hamas is mounting a serious campaign for taking over the Palestinian Authority. Huge weapons caches are being smuggled daily along the Egyptian-Palestinian border.

The realignment of political parties and daily political dramas may soon be a luxury that cannot continue forever. Maybe Olmert will be able to hold Kadima together and continue Sharon's plans. But a lot of Israelis are likely to miss the old Ariel Sharon.

The crisis has begun Kenneth Timmerman's editorial from The Washington Times:

The massive stroke that cut down Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon late Wednesday night not only throws Israeli politics into turmoil. It marks the likely starting point of the coming nuclear showdown that will pit the Jewish state and the Free World against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

...Unilateral Israeli action, without provocation from Iran, could unleash a diplomatic, economic and military backlash such as the Jewish state had never witnessed since 1948, Mr. Sharon argued. After meeting with President Bush at his Texas ranch last April, Mr. Sharon made a strategic decision -- against the advice of his own generals and intelligence staff -- to place his bets on U.S.-backed nuclear negotiations with Iran led by the European Union.

...Iran now appears ready and willing to cross that red line. With Mr. Sharon sidelined from Israeli politics, Israeli military leaders are unlikely to bet on a prayer and a chance Iran just might be bluffing. After all, as Iran's Mr. Larijani himself said, Israel is "within our range."

Both entries confirm my feelings regarding the current state of political turmoil in Israel. While I cannot speak with authority as to what will transpire politically, I am sure that within the coming months, HaShem will act mightily on Israel's behalf and bless us with the victories His Covenant with us promises. A clear analysis of the events leading up to where we are at today proves that it will either be HaShem or death, and brings to mind D'varim (Deuteronomy) 30:19-20:

"I call on heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have presented you with life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore, choose life, so that you will live, you and your descendants, loving Adonai your G-d, paying attention to what He says and clinging to Him-- for that is the purpose of your life! On this depends the length of time you will live in the land Adonai swore He would give to your ancestors Avraham, Yitz'chak and Ya'akov."

We are equipped with all that we need to survive through our faith in HaShem. Now, we must act on our faith and pray mightily on behalf of all Israel, pleading for HaShem's mercy and quick action. For He alone is our strength and our salvation. Other countries may offer promises, negotiations, agreements, appeasements. Only our Creator and King has ever fulfilled all that He has promised to us. The weapon of life is in our hands and we have been chosen to use it wisely, that Israel and all the nations may be saved.

We must go forth in faith if the free world is to survive, and we must glorify HaShem alone for the victory we will surely obtain.