31 October 2005

Silly Americans

Iran’s terrorist President Ahmadinejad declares jihad against Israel:

“It should be realized that President Ahmadinejad’s threats -- and his subsequent failure to retract them -- themselves constitute acts of war. The Israelis, at the least, are in a moral and legal position to act in self-defence; and all decent men and women are under a moral obligation to support them.”

The author's argument is that Iran poses a nuclear threat to Israel and Europe, but also to the Americas, given the types of weapons they possess, and the channels through which they can transport them throughout the entire middle east. This is true. However, one huge, gaping point continues to be ignored by all political and military analyists-- the Arab relationship with communist rebels in South America. Couldn't they easily launch a nuclear weapon from, say, Cuba or Venezuela?

Then again, in the end it really is all up to G-d almighty:

"Iran is a danger to itself, and the countries in the Gulf region . Witness those Chernobyl era Russian nuclear reactors for its bomb making programs. One of them in Bam is located on an active fault line in the "ring of fire "earthquake zone. If an earthquake of say 7+ on the logarithmic Richter scale hit Bam with a close by epicenter and caused destruction of the containment chamber, the radiation cloud emitted from the wrecked facility would, according to experts, result in the deaths of tens of thousands downwind in the oil producing Gulf region."

One Step Closer

In the never ending battle over what "Jewish" really means, Yossi Beilin offers yet a new argument as to how Jewish identity should be determined:

"Just like we declared Reform conversions completed abroad acceptable in Israel, even though the Orthodox will never recognize them, so, to, we must decide to accept patrilineal descent, without regard for Jewish law."

The real kicker is that patrilineal descent IS Jewish Law. There's a reason we call HaShem "the G-d of Avraham, Yitzach, and Yakkov" in the Amidah. Up until the Diaspora, during which Jewish communities in Eastern Europe especially were pillaged and their women raped, Jewish lineage was traced through the father's line. Only after so many Jewesses were raped by goyim and gave birth to bastard children did the Rabbis change the law to state that Jewishness was passed through the mother's side.

Recognizing Jewishness through the patriarchy is another step closer to our identity as the Chosen People, and another step further away from the bastardized Jewishness of the Diaspora.

27 October 2005

Do you feel the POWAH?

Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination.

Behold the power of the blogosphere. Free press is not dead.

26 October 2005

and it was supposed to be the season of a cease fire....

Iran hosts 'The World without Zionism' Jerusalem Post:

"Iran's hard-line president called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and said a new wave of Palestinian attacks will destroy the Jewish state, state-run media reported Wednesday."

Officials: Jihad in Syria ordered strikes Ynet News:

"Rockets fired at southern Israeli community in recent days ordered by Islamic Jihad headquarters in Damascus; Israel relayed warning message to Syria prior to attacks. Qassam fire continues Tuesday night."

All that, plus 5 dead and 30 injured in today's suicide attack.


My theory regarding the growing anti-Semitism known as the "Fear the NeoCon Cabal Movement" isn't just a blogger's musing anymore-- How to build a conspiracy Evan Goldstein, JPost:

"For those who don't know (where have you been?), the contemporary use of "neoconservative" is analogous to a sophisticated-sounding epithet for all that ails the world."


"For instance, consider a recent review essay in the respected on-line magazine Salon that buzzes with conspiratorial implication. The author, Gary Kamiya, takes the recent publication of George Packer's book The Assassins' Gate as an opportunity to repeatedly ascribe to Packer an Israel-centric interpretation of the war in Iraq. (Packer was quick to point out the fallacy of these charges). In Kamiya's account, two factors drove America to invade Iraq: "Paul Wolfowitz's desire to atone for America's failure to topple Saddam at the end of the first Gulf War, and the neocons' obsession with defending Israel." (Kudos to Kamiya for employing the more colloquially sinister "neocon.")"

24 October 2005

Humility at Last?

FAHGET ABOUT IT posted at Israpundit, from article on DEBKAfile:

"Outside, when they both faced reporters, President Bush took advantage of a question put by a Palestinian correspondent to drive home his new message. Asked if a Palestinian state would come about during his term as president, he replied: My purpose is to lay the foundations for a state. Whether it comes about or not is not my problem; is up to the Palestinians.

Clearly the US president has taken several steps back from his first concept of Palestinian statehood as a top American policy goal. He is leaving it to the Palestinians to make the running. For the first time, they have been put clearly and firmly on notice that as long as they harbor terrorists, they can forget about attaining their own state. "

Has our mighty leader been humbled? Israel should still be wary-- our trust needs to be in HaShem alone, always.

20 October 2005

Red Scare

Allan H. Ryskind's superlative review of George Clooney's weak-kneed propaganda piece in this week's Human Events is tre brill. Titled George Clooney's Clueless Movie it is a scathing account of the inaccurateness and incompleteness of Clooney's swan song.

Silly, silly liberals. Joe McCarthy, I drink to you!

19 October 2005

Continuing with the Syrious Line of Conversation

Egypt Seeking to Mediate Between USA & Syria

(IsraelNN.com) Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit released statements that Cairo is seeking to mediate between Damascus and Washington, in hopes of minimizing American sanctions and pressure against Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad.

Aboul Gheit stated Egypt will continue efforts to arbitrate between Syria and America in an effort to prevent a further severing of relations.


Question: Will Condi & Hosni's first child be named Katrina, Rita, or Wilma?

18 October 2005

You Don't Get Any More Jewish Than This

US Air Force soldier killed in Iraq had Jewish father

"Elizabeth knew that by fighting in Iraq, she was in effect protecting Israel. She was very proud of that."

17 October 2005


Oddly enough, the 100th post falls on a fairly busy day in the real world... so we have to keep this short.

First off, re: Bush's "Staged" Interview with the Troops, go to the source, namely one of the soldier's personal blogs, for the real details: http://278medic.blogspot.com/


Last night, the History Channel ran Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence, a fascinating documentary that explores exactly how much the Allies knew about Auschwitz and what they could've done to stop the mass murder of approximately 1.25 million people, 1 million of them Jews.

Of course, it is no secret that the American government knew all about concentration camps as early as the mid to late 1930s. Hell, if they could be referenced in American movies before the war even started, you know the government was fully informed about the Nazi's final solution. The historians interviewed justified the lack of Allied intervention by saying that no one could fathom that such assembly-line mass murder could be committed. Yet, they had hard facts and figures taken from both code intercepts and escapee accounts. So, fathom or not, they knew what was going on, and chose to do nothing. Why? Because the Allies didn't get into the war to save the Jews. They got into the war to stop Hitler from taking military control of the globe. Saving the Jews had nothing to do with motivating the war effort, unless, of course, you were a Jew fighting in the Allied army who knew what was going on in Europe.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, today's allied military forces are approaching the War in Iraq, as well as the greater War on Terror (or whatever we're calling it these days) as a simple military battle. The philosophy that separated "Germans" from "Nazis" during World War II is now separating "Islam" from "Islamofacists" today. The same minds that "couldn't fathom" gas chambers in the 40s now can't fathom suicide bombers and beheadings. The same minds that couldn't recognize (or refused to acknowledge) the spiritual battle then are doing the same now. It amazes me to think that the question "Why was Hitler so determined to kill the Jews?" never made it into mainstream consciousness. Today, Holocaust history is so awash in political correctness that the average student thinks that Hitler was out to kill homosexuals or gypsies just as much as he was out to kill Jews. Tell me: did Hitler ever make "educational films" about the "evils" of homosexuals? Gypsies? Where's the Nazi propaganda piece comparing Soviets to rats living in sewers? An elementary analysis of Nazi media shows quite clearly that Hitler's war was about exterminating the world Jewish population. If the world can't comprehend that, how can they even begin to hope to comprehend the fact that the current world-wide Islamic jihad is focused on eliminating Israel (the land and the people) from the planet?


To add to the ongoing commentary on the events in Syria, Arutz 7 reports that America Continues Pressure Towards Sanctions Against Syria. Gee, will Condi be taking Hosni or the King to this year's Election Day bash?

Quoted from Democracy Will Not End the Insurgency [Israpundit]:

"That Islamic agenda is not going to die with the birth of Democracy in Iraq. It goes even further then Bush says. Radical Islam wants to also take over Europe and to liberate the Islamic Republics of the Russian Federation and eventually install Sharia in America. To defeat this agenda will require the steadfast determination of not only the US but also the EU, Russia and India. This conflict could last for 100 years."

How much sooner could it end if Israel would rise up and refuse to be bound by world opinion? How much sooner could it end if the United States would stop pressuring Israel to concede to terrorism and instead support Israel in her fight against Islam? How much sooner could it end if the people in charge stop playing politics and start fighting for the truth?


In honor of the festival of Sukkot, Chag Sameach & Moadim L'Simcha!

14 October 2005

Shavua-ly Roundup

Over on Little Green Footballs, the myth of prepping soldiers for Bush has been uproariously debunked:

"But the only advice that the official was shown as giving was a suggestion to one solider to “take a little breath” before speaking to the president so he would actually be speaking to him. It was also stated that some of the soldiers practiced their comments so as to appear as articulate as possible. But there was no indication, or even allegation, that the soldiers were coached as to the substance of their comments or in any way instructed what to say. (Video available: Real Media or Windows Media Player)"

This type of prepping is standard practice for television directors. Just because something is impromptu and live doesn't mean it has to be absolute crap. In fact, by rehearsing their questions and comments, the soldiers not only illustrated the respect they have for the President, they also illustrated that live television doesn't have to be populated by jackasses making off-the-wall, impromptu comments like "George Bush hates black people."

The rest of the article, quoted from News Busters, was the icing on the cake:

"Today’s timing couldn’t have been worse. A preceding segment focused on the incessant rains and ensuing flooding in the northeast. For days now, beautiful, blonde - and one senses highly ambitious - young reporter Michelle Kosinski has been on the scene for Today in New Jersey, working the story. In an apparent effort to draw attention to herself, in yesterday’s segment she turned up in hip waders, standing thigh-deep in the flood waters.

Taking her act one step further, this morning she appeared on a suburban street . . . paddling a canoe. There was one small problem. Just as the segment came on the air, two men waded in front of Kosinki . . . and the water barely covered their shoe tops! That’s right, Kosinski’s canoe was in no more than four to six inches of water!"

Now that's the difference between live television and Reality programming. Where's Dan Rather when you need him?


Also via News Busters, we learn that George Clooney's new movie that praises the legacy of Edward R. Murrow was made purely as a result of Ann Coulter's monumental book Treason. Ann, if you're out there reading this, I'll have the Free Masons send a cake to your victory party!

You know, I used to have the ambition of writing a book that would someday be made into a movie. Now, I just want to write a book that will piss someone off so much that they throw money into a lavishly produced independent film the majority of America will never even talk about, let alone pay to see.

The Jewish Press is reporting that, according to Newsweek, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice nixed the idea of a U.S. military attack on Syria earlier this month. Now, first off, this report is based on "off the record" remarks and it is printed in Newsweek; those two factors make me hesitant to believe the accuracy of the piece. However, the State Department (which should be renamed something to the effect of "Government-Funded Marxist Politboro") is notoriously pro-Arab, so it wouldn't surprise me if Condi put the nix on any military attack. If she's anything like her predecessor Colin Powell, she'll want to make at least three hardcore appoinment announcements ("Gee, Syria, is ten on Tuesday good for you? If so, we'll be invading then") before we do anything beyond "sanctions" against the tyrannical Assad regime.

The Jewish Press does make an interesting point:

"Any U.S. attack on Syria would have serious repercussions for Israel. Syria is widely believed to have stored large quantities of chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. Some security analysts suggest that Iraq may have transferred weapons of mass destruction to Syria before the U.S.-led invasion of that country in 2003.

Some military analysts believe that Syria would choose to retaliate against Israel in the event of a U.S. attack, an action that likely would embroil the Middle East in a major Arab-Israeli war. Aside from attacking Israel directly, Syria could signal its proxies in Lebanon, particularly Hizbullah, to reignite the border with Israel.

Hizbullah reportedly has in its possession thousands of surface to surface missiles that could destroy targets as far south as Haifa."

These facts force me to ask some key questions:

When will the West realize that the entire battle in the Middle East is and always has been all about Israel's right to exist? Furthermore, when will the West realize that Israel's right to exist is tangential to the right of every citizen in every free and democratic society to exist? Therefore, when will the West realize that until they treat Israel as a real and true ally, they are ultimately contributing to their own defeat?

As previously discussed the popular option the United States is considering when it comes to sanctioning Syria involves Israel's eventual self-imposed eviction from the Golan. So, the U.S. now has it in mind that, either way, Israel must give up her land. It can either be bloody, as would be the probable result of a U.S. attack on Syria, or it can be psychologically traumatizing AND bloody, as would be the probable result of a withdrawal from the Golan. However, the first option, military attack, would give Israel justification in retaliation. The latter would give Israel no political room for military action. The sick and twisted psychology of "sanctions" combined with the above observations leads me to believe that Newsweek's off the record sources were absolutely correct in their statements, mainly because I'd never put it past the State Department to employ the psychology of the ghetto.

Thank you, Madame Secretary, for digging America's grave a little deeper.


***Note the addition of multiple links to the F.Y.I. section in the sidebar. Huzzah for Pajamas Media and the blogosphere.

Shabbat Shalom!

12 October 2005

G'mar Chatima Tova

Two days ago, my mother and I went shopping to celebrate the fact that I had a day off of work. A very personable young girl was ringing us up at the register. Next to her stood an older woman, probably in her mid-60s, who was unpacking some new stock. She was quiet; the few words she did speak were spoken in either a German or a Russian accent. Personable enough, she silently packed our hats for us. However, I noticed that as she packed mine, her eyes drifted from my face to my necklace- a Magen David- to the counter. At that moment, my mother happened to compliment her on her necklace; I chimed in. (It was a nice necklace.) She barely said a word.

The young sales associate kept chattering to us, and after eyeing up our bags, said to us "Oh, I'll get you a shopping bag!" When she reached down to get it, the older woman slapped her hands away and grunted at her not to give us a bag. "What are you doing?" the girl asked, taken aback. The woman turned her back to us, cornering the girl and telling her "Don't shout at me!"

Sensing this was an odd situation, I told my mother we ought to move on, and we left. As we were walking away, I filled her in. "She wouldn't let us have a bag. She was yelling at the girl not to give us a bag."

"Why?" my mother asked.

"I don't know, but I swear, after she saw my star, she changed."

"You know, she had a German accent."

"Mmhm. German or Russian. Same thing, though."

"What is this?"

"She wouldn't give us a shopping bag because we're Jews. That's what it is."

"This is nuts. I'm going back there."


So my mother went. The older woman was gone, but the young girl was still there, this time talking to a different sales associate. "I'm so glad you came back," the girl said. "I don't know what happened-- I went to give you a shopping bag, and she wouldn't let me!"

"What?" The other associate asked. "You deserve a shopping bag!"

The next day, my mother returned to the store, and informed the manager of the department of the situation. "This is ridiculous," my mother said to me later. "The way this world is, with all the crap we have to take from Muslims, I'm not dealing with anything from any Nazi."

As we reflect upon our actions of this past year let us, the people of Israel, atone for the sins we have committed, not the sins of the world for which we are unjustly blamed. Above all things let us atone for allowing ourselves to feel too guilty for too long for no reason at all.

May Yeshua haMaschiach who has forgiven all our sins and has, through His own sacrifice, written our names in the Book of Life for eternity, have mercy on Israel and act quickly on our behalf. May we, as the people of Israel, have the trust, strength, and courage, to be a light unto the nations once more, that we may lead the way in praying Baruch Haba b'Shem Adonai.

The Man Behind the Myth

Read All About the Syrian Interior Minister's "suicide" at the Jawa Report:

Okay... let's review the facts:

The U.N. Report on the Assassination of Hariri is due out October 25th. According to Israpundit, the report will lead to the "indict[ment of] two of Assad’s close kinsmen, his brother Maher, head of the presidential guard brigade, and brother-in-law, Assef Shawqat, who is married to his sister Bushra, for involvement in the assassination plot against the Lebanese leader."

Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President, and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, commiserated on how they could best help their Syrian buddy Assad get out of this Lebanese assassination mess. The plan, in short, is to get Syria to "stop funding and politically supporting" (in air quotes) alQaeda and the Baathists. Then, Assad would "shut down the command centers, offices and the training facilities serving Palestinian terror groups in Syria." Syria would also provide America with the military intelligence to disband the Lebanese terror group Hizbollah. Of course, Assad would be "eased slowly" into these agreements by the Saudi King.

The Israpundit report also notes that:

"The quid pro quo proposed by Riyadh and Cairo is a halt on US and international pressure on the Syrian regime to mend its ways, the suspension foAmerican economic sanctions and the resumption of economic assistance in the framework of a generous US-Saudi aid package to build a modern economy. Washington would have to lean hard on Ariel Sharon, or whoever succeeds him as Israeli prime minister, for peace talks culminating in the withdrawal from the Golan - on the same lines as the pull-back from Gaza and prospective evacuations of the West Bank."

So, for all of this plan-making, what is going on in Syria? What evidence do we have to show us what Assad is really thinking? Well:

The Syrian Interior Minister "committed suicide" (whatever that equates to in the Muslim world) today; suspicions run high as to whether or not he was evading a Baathist show trial, or just murdered outright by his own government, scapegoat style.

Syria is pumping armed Palestinian refugees (some 1,500 men) from camps in Damascus into Lebanon. According to the DEBKA report, "They have also taken charge of combat units in the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut, Burj al Berajneh, Sabra and Shatila, and placed them on the ready to repulse a possible Lebanese army offensive."

Syria has recently inked a contract with Russia that guarantees the speedy delivery of "The Stone," a missile so powerful that nothing in the U.S. or NATO arsenals can beat it. The missile is to arrive early in the first quarter of 2006. (Also gratis DEBKA)

Negotiations are ridiculous, compromise, unimaginable. Why not let Israel bomb Syria while they're at it with Iran?

11 October 2005

Excellent Reading of the Day

The Stuff You Should be Reading:

7 Danger Signs of Militant Islam @ Jihad Watch: http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/008497.php

New blog of the day: Israel Perspectives @ http://israelperspectives.blogspot.com

New 9/11 Conspiracy Theories film profiled in the JPost: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1128864029617&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

Miers Remorse: Conservatives are Right to be Skeptical @ Opinion Journal: http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/?id=110007384

Muslim Training Camps in America: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2005/10/jamaat-ul-fuqra-in-virginia-part-1.html (Gratis Belmont Club)

A Concise Catalog of the Peace Actions of the Religion of Peace Since 9/11:
http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/default.htm (Gratis Kommentariat)

The Stuff You Should be Watching:

Dick Morris on Fox & Friends encouraging people to start "Condi Clubs" all over the nation, so "the people" can bestow the Presidency upon her. Guess Mr. Morris isn't very familiar with the whole John Doe Club fiasco.

The Office is on NBC tonight, 9:30 EST. Your other choices consist of Geena Davis doing her best Hillary Rodham Clinton imitation (ANN COULTER IN '08!), Major League Baseball, reality TV, or cable reruns. Right: Steve Carell it is.

08 October 2005

For the Fiftieth Bloody Time, This is NOT a War for Oil

The War in Iraq is not a war for oil. It is a crisis that is a part of the larger war between the two forces that are vying for control of the world-- Islam and Marxism.

You want a war for oil? Try the Yom Kippur War in 1973. THAT was a freaking war for oil, numbskulls.

From Wikipedia:

"The 1973 oil crisis began in earnest on October 17, 1973, when Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), during the Yom Kippur War, announced that they would no longer ship petroleum to nations that had supported Israel in its conflict with Egypt—that is, to the United States and its allies in Western Europe."

For those of you who've never heard of the Yom Kippur War, let alone Yom Kippur, also from Wikipedia:

"The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War or October War...also known as the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, was fought from October 6 (the day of Yom Kippur) to October 24, 1973, between Israel and a coalition of Egypt and Syria. The War began when Egypt and Syria launched a surprise joint attack (though recent evidence suggests that some key figures in Israel were aware of it ahead of time) in the Sinai and Golan Heights, respectively, both of which had been captured by Israel during the Six-Day War six years earlier."

Oil-producing Arab nations started a war with Israel, then used that war as an excuse to embargo oil exports to the United States and Europe. That is the definition of a WAR FOR OIL.

Morons. Sit down, shut up, and LEARN.

Virtual Gulag

The Kommentariat puts it best when it comes to what's at stake in the bureaubattle over who controls the Internet, but Instapundit's reader Julian Morrison gives the lowdown that will make your hair stand on end:

"It's like I posted to Slashdot: why would the EU and the UN want to grab control, when that control right now is only being used for laissez faire? Because they want to /stop/ the laissez faire!

China wants to take down Tibetan and Falun Gong sites. Germany wants to ban neonazis from the internet. The arab nations would want to kick off Israel until it "fulfils its international obligations". Etc etc. This is nothing less than an attempt to stuff the information genie back into its bottle."

FYI to the Blogosphere: We're enemies of the State. And you know what happens to enemies of the State.

The World of Dhimmitude--Surprise, Gentiles-- YOU'RE JEWS TOO!

From Little Green Footballs:

A municipally employed teacher in Kristiansand has been prevented from wearing a Star of David around his neck. Kristiansand Adult Education Center, where the man works, ruled that the Jewish symbol could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports.

Teacher Inge Telhaug said he feels this is a violation of his freedom of speech. “I can’t accept this. It is a small star, 16 millimeters (0.6 inches) that I have around my neck, usually under a T-shirt. I see it as my right to wear it,” Telhaug told NRK.

Telhaug teaches immigrants Norwegian language and culture at the education center. Telhaug is not Jewish. “I see it as the oldest religious symbol we have in our culture, because without Judaism there would be no Christianity,” [said] Telhaug.

The principal of the school, Kjell Gislefoss, feels that the Star of David can also be interpreted as a political symbol for the state of Israel, and is afraid the star can provoke and offend students, for example immigrants from the Palestinian territories.

“The Star of David would be a symbol for one side in what is perhaps the world’s most inflamed conflict at the moment. Many have a traumatic past that they have escaped and then we feel that if they are going to learn Norwegian then they can’t sit an at the same time be reminded of the things they have traveled from,” Gislefoss said.
It's 1934, you fools. What are you going to do about it?

07 October 2005

The News You Missed

Once again, the blogosphere does what your average international newsagent cannot: tell you what's really going on in the world. So, in the interest of "paying it forward" I bring you links to the world outside your door that lingers right at your fingertips. Click!

OU Suicide (Bombings): http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/124635.php Apparently this was a little more than a cry for help from a stringy white male with low self-esteem. Bomb squads and Justice Department-sealed search warrants later, it has been gathered that the student who blew himself up outside the OU football stadium last weekend was planning a suicide bombing attack that has proved to be part of a larger Islamic terror scheme.

Yesterday, the media was informed that, according to a new BBC documentary, George W. Bush told Abu Mazen that it was G-d who told him to invade Iraq and make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The BBC's sources for this notworthy story? Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and former foreign minister Nabil Shaath. I hesitated commenting on this story yesterday after reading the initial press release via Drudge, but now I feel the need to draw attention to the huge white elephant in the middle of the story. THE BBC'S ONLY SOURCES ON THIS STORY ARE PALESTINIANS, AND IT IS CONSIDERED CREDIBLE?!?!?!?! Hm. Using quotes from untrustworthy murderers and thieves in an advertising ploy to hype a documentary focusing on the most pressing issue on the world stage. That's professional journalism.

In more fascinating news that you're not reading, this article telling Democrats to stop being so damned liberal appeared in today's Washington Post. Two Clinton democrats released a study on voting demographics yesterday that included a staunch warning to the party of the people: "In one of their more potentially controversial findings, the authors argue that the rising numbers and influence of well-educated, socially liberal voters in the Democratic Party are pulling the party further from most Americans." I guess that whole "Invade the Disillusioned Upper Classmen" strategy of the 1930s is backfiring. If only Whittaker Chambers were here today. You have to wonder, though, would Alger Hiss be considered a threat to today's Democrats?

Israpundit is loaded with links to and commentary on brilliant articles:
Syria is Coming to a Boil
The Sickening Irony of "The War on Terror"
The excellent Caroline Glick's latest Op/Ed Anti-Zionist Show Trials
The "Contiguous Palestinian State" Myth
Bush wants total victory over terror - but not when they're "Palestinian" from which I quote: "However, the Bush Administration fails to adhere to its firm position on the dangers of and solution to Islamic terror when the perpetrators are Palestinian Arabs and the victims Israeli Jews."

Michael Totten has more on the upcoming war between Lebanon and Syria in his latest blog entry.

Note: Updated my link list on the sidebar.

06 October 2005

ANN IN '08!


"First, Bush has no right to say "Trust me." He was elected to represent the American people, not to be dictator for eight years. Among the coalitions that elected Bush are people who have been laboring in the trenches for a quarter-century to change the legal order in America. While Bush was still boozing it up in the early '80s, Ed Meese, Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork and all the founders of the Federalist Society began creating a farm team of massive legal talent on the right.


However nice, helpful, prompt and tidy she is, Harriet Miers isn't qualified to play a Supreme Court justice on "The West Wing," let alone to be a real one. Both Republicans and Democrats should be alarmed that Bush seems to believe his power to appoint judges is absolute. This is what "advice and consent" means."

Reason #864,982 why I love Ann Coulter: She's not afraid to call George W. Bush onto the carpet when he's wrong.


05 October 2005

High Holidays and Holy Hell

In honour of the muslim holiday of Ramalamadingdong, President George W. Bush has nominated the "Arnold Schwarzenegger is more conservative than me" Harriet Miers to the Peanut Gallery- er- Supreme Court. What CNN didn't show you: After the nomination was announced, Bush and Miers did the hand-jive to celebrate.

Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes has proclaimed George W. Bush to be the messiah of the muslims, declaring that Palestinian Statehood was all his idea. Bush's off-the-record comment: "Wow, Jesus is gonna totally kick my ass if you keep sayin' that, Karen! Hush up!" What Fox News didn't show you: Karen Hughes promulgating the gossip while trying on holiday burqas at J.C. Pally's in downtown Gaza City.

Washing your hands will take on a whole new meaning once Pay By Touch is implemented in retail stores nation wide. What Drudge didn't tell you: The dark lord and master satan will be buying new white Nikes for the event, and promises to bring plenty of Kool Aid to the after party, which will be held at Stalin's House, 666 Ninth Ring, Hell. Feel free to call for directions.

According to Israpundit, Iran has "warned" Israel against taking out their nuclear facilities like they did in 1981, saying that if Israel were to take such a measure, Iran would "teach her a lesson she will never forget." What YNetNews didn't tell you: Further comments by Iranian officials included "Like, I swear!", "So's your mom!", and "Let's make like a martyr and split!" Ed. Note: In the name of all Jews everywhere, BOOGEDY BOOGEDY!!!!

04 October 2005

L'Shana Tova!

In the Spirit of the New Year, I give you my list of the top ten reasons I love being Jewish:

1o. We completely piss people off, just by being who we're meant to be. Ha ha, Mahmoud Abbas-- kiss my kosher tuchus!
9. Any nation we live in freely, we bless. It's a gift that keeps on giving.
8. We don't have to be like everyone else.
7. The Israeli Army is the best in the world (and every single male soldier is gorgeous).
6. Ours is the first faith to require academic discipline and intellectual rigor. The attainment of wisdom is such a high priority that, along with being a central theme throughout, an entire book is devoted to it in the Tanak.
5. We are the chosen people, given the duty to be a light unto the nations. What an awesome job description.
4. The concept of freedom derives from our Torah that our G-d gave to us. Were it not for the Torah, the United States would not exist.
3. The Land of Israel is ours, all ours.
2. Ours is the only faith that allows us to have a personal relationship with G-d. We're talking one-on-one kibbitzing here with the Most High G-d not only being completely permissible, but encouraged by upper management!
1. We have a Messiah, and our faith in Him not only guarantees everlasting life, but victory in every situation. "If you fear Me and My armies, then you need fear nothing."

Happy 5766!

I Love Ann Coulter

"Because of these tours, Reagan knew — as he calmly told fretful advisers after the Grenada invasion — "You can always trust Americans." The G.E. tours completely immunized Reagan from the counsel of people like Karl Rove, who think the average American is a big-business man who just wants his taxes cut and doesn't care about honor, country, marriage or the unborn."


Why do I love Ann Coulter? Because she's the only conservative columnist who hasn't sold out to party line.

ANN IN '08!