28 November 2004

Weekly Wrap-Up

http://www.moveamericaforward.org/?Page=Petition Move America Forward, yet another one of the Conservative 527s we love, is sponsoring an online petition that demands U.N. offices, which have been used to support terror (read: Oil for Food) be moved overseas where this blogger thinks they belong. Click on the link to learn more and sign the petition that will be delivered to the President and appropriate government officials.

As introduced in Arutz Sheva, http://www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=72614, a former IDF spokesman has launched http://www.weaponsurvey.com to publicize "photographs as well as a variety of detailed information on the production and smuggling of weapons by local Arabs, ranging from landmines to missiles and rockets to chemical and biological agents."

Jewish Kids in Europe are fighting anti-Semitism, as detailed in this article http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull%26cid=1101547176289 from the Jerusalem Post. These kids can't even wear their kipot on the street for fear of attack. Hm, kinda makes one understand why young French Jews are making aliyah in higher numbers than ever before. Meanwhile, the same street thugs who attack the European Jews are also burning effigees of Bush whilst comparing him to HITLER. Riiight.

Nothing beats a column by George Will: http://www.townhall.com/columnists/georgewill/gw20041128.shtml. Here he discusses the last stronghold of liberal America: the Ivory Tower. Best quote:

But George Lakoff, a linguistics professor at Berkeley, denies that academic
institutions are biased against conservatives. The disparity in hiring, he
explains, occurs because conservatives are not as interested as liberals in
academic careers. Why does he think liberals are like that? "Unlike
conservatives, they believe in working for the public good and social justice.''
That clears that up.
Yes, that's right. I gave up my desire to be a college professor because I despise people and want them all to rot. Ironically, the truth is that I lost my desire to become a college professor when I realized that the totally false and polarized reality of the "smelly little orthodoxy" of the Academy was driving me to the edge of going postal. So, like many other words spouted from the mouths of academia, the exact opposite is true: if you want to do something for the public good, stay far, far away from academia. In fact, rail against its ideology and methodology with passion.

In a related note: I've been reading Ayn Rand's For the New Intellectual and while I can't say that I totally agree with her beliefs regarding faith and religion, I do believe she has a very clear and valid point regarding the failure of the intellectuals to properly fulfill their duties in society. She holds a very clear mirror up to the troglodytes of the academic world who manipulate their power to reasonably interpret events for the attentive public into a tool for political gain. You could say that Marx would be very pleased with the Ivory Tower dwellers-- of course, the irony would be totally lost upon these modern-day Revolutionary lapdogs. Fascinating and worthy read... I look forward to finishing it.

Book of the week: Intellectuals by Paul Johnson. A series of fascinating, concise case studies on some of the world's most influential minds, from Karl Marx to Noam Chomsky. Truly a book that proves that all that glitters is not gold. I just finished the chapter on Karl Marx in which Johnson invalidates Marx's theories line-by-line and gives an honest biographical sketch of the madman.

CD of the Week: Classical compilations, focusing on the Baroque Composers. Vivaldi, Bach, Canon and their counterparts provide excellent music by which to read.

Movie of the Week: Meet John Doe, in honor of President Bush's call for volunteerism during the holiday season.

19 November 2004


I just read a horrifying article summarized on the RJC News page, which explicitly details the latest U.N. Conference Against Israel & the Jews. (Officially it had another title, something about learning about racism and hatred of ethnic groups, but it really all boiled down to how the Jews are at fault for anti-Semitism, oh, and for everyone else's low self-esteem, too.)

In my thesis, this little ditty on the history of the Jew in American sitcom television that turned out to be a historical analysis of the Jewish image in 20th century American popular culture, I write that the majority of American Jews are at an identity crossroads now. Having effectively removed the majority of the elements of Jewish religion out of their lives, what do the American Jews have left to identify themselves with? Is there really a specifically Jewish-American culture? I don't believe so; unless you think my gentile neighbors are the only ones who say "schmooze" and people in Texas have never heard of a bagel, you realize that what came from Europe between 1880 and 1920 has either become assimilated into the American fold over this 100 year period, or its disappeared completely. So what can the majority of American Jews, secularized and assimilated, use as the foundation for their cultural identity? There is only one answer, and it is obvious: Israel.

Isn't it disgustingly clear, then, that when the U.N. holds summits where intellectuals declare that Zionism is the modern-day equivalent of Nazism, they are performing a gross action of anti-Semitism meant to destroy the spirit of the Jewish people? They can argue that anti-Zionism isn't anti-Semitism, that anti-Semitism is an individual act against one individual Jew purely for the fact that they are a Jew, but this argumentation supports Hitler's death camps under their anti-Zionist stance!

The Jewish American population must realize that Israel isn't simply an ancestral homeland, or a sister country half-way across the world. WE are Israel. Jacob, the last of the three patriarchs, wasn't just given the land-- he was given the name. He and his descendants, we by right, are marked with the name "Israel." With all of their academic elocution, the U.N. isn't just condemning a strip of land in the Middle East penninsula, the U.N. is tearing at our very identity as Jews. We must understand that Israel the land=Israel the people, and we must understand this, our true identity, if we are to survive.

16 November 2004

The New Cynicism

The 60s Libs believe that their best weapon is to cast a cynical eye on our established truths. In public secret (the kind whispered about as fact among lemmings) they believe their hatred will be their saving grace. Their fatal mistake is that they confuse cynicism to be the cognitive expression of hatred; it is, in reality, the cognitive expression of truth frustrated beyond belief. The Mo Dowdfuls of the world believe a sub-locution titled “The World Sucks” (and possessing what many believe to be a French-sounding accent) is enough to convince society they are in the right, but it is the Ann Coulters of society, with the eloquence of irony, that make truth undeniable to a world gone mad.

As the newest generation of Conservatives, we are far from the alligator-patched Young Republicans of recent history. In fact, we are the New Cynics, converts to a philosophy that has spared us from MTV-Gen-Y defeat. We are those who have been trained to view the world with a suspicious eye and give it a good tongue-lashing on more than one public occasion. We have been taught to break stereotypes, so our blazers are a bit tighter, our ties a bit funkier, and while our jaws have been hinged in the proper direction, our tongues still lash out from time to time; these qualities, especially the last in the bunch, are far from horrible things! We can be more than pessimistic, apathetic, foul-mouthed fire-breathers who are contented to be steadily angry and unfulfilled; the modern-day conspiracy theorists who are waiting in the wings to fill the therapy chairs before they get cold from the last generation’s clientele. Our sarcastic wit and cynicism can save others and us from the crisis of liberal defeatism!

We can, and I believe that we must apply our cynicism combined with our intellect to further the cause of Conservatism if it is to flourish into this up-and-coming generation of young political minds; our own history proves this to be truth. When Patrick Henry spoke to the Virginia Revolutionary Committee in the midst of growing discontent in 1775, he compared the existing form of government—a monarchy gone mad—to slavery; you don’t get any more cynical than that! His speech, which has now been titled “The War Inevitable”, roused the Statesmen around him to approve the arming of the militia. Among those legislators was a young Thomas Jefferson, who would pen the greatest document in our country’s history by the time he was 33 years old.

This is a battle of ideologies, where the double-entendre will act as the two-edged sword of truth that whisks away our enemy but spares our right wing its cunning. We are the ones who must carry our triumphant past into the future, and one of our greatest weapons that will help us forge the way is our cynical wit. Our wit is not a hindrance; in fact, we must keep our wit about us not only to survive, but also to flourish!

Tea Parties, Rednecks & Moody Blues

May I take this moment to express my joy at the prospect of Condoleezza Rice becoming our next Secretary of State? She's right in-line with the Bush mantra: intelligent, sophisticated, honest, and in possession of what most ladies in the public eye seem to lack nowadays-- integrity. Ms. Rice has my respect, along with an invite to my ultimate political tea party.

I would like to propose a new homeland security measure: allotting 50 million in the budget to buy one-way plane tickets for every die-hard moody blue. France is already preparing housing for them along the Rue de Arafat, so in the interest of repairing international relations, let's give Jacques a permanent audience with the Americans he loves the best-- the expatriated ones.

My friend Jamie, of 1971 Films (see link in sidebar) sent me a link to Charles Krauthammer's excellent piece, "The Myth of the Christian Redneck". Having just read the article (great minds think alike) I responded to my fellow Yankee-turned-Redneck, expressing my seething frustration regarding the stereotypical complaints of the moody blues (no offense to Aunt Fritzi) by penning the following:

VH1's Best Week EVER said that the South was having the best week ever and proceeded to depict these same stereotypes... as a northeasterner who's lived in the south, I am especially irked by the ignorance of it all.

Granted, while Texas wasn't always my cup of tea, it wasn't because a bunch of
two-toothed hicks were running around, marrying their sisters and drinking
whiskey in-between revival sermons. (For people who don't like history, libs
sure do like to revive the cultural notions of the past.) I actually couldn't
take Texas because people were too nice, too honest, and lived by a set of cultural standards that were totally alien to me most of the time. Not that it was always a bad thing. For example: as a young woman, if I said 'f**k' in public, I'd run the risk of being scowled at and given a bar of soap for my mouth, because in Texas, it's not respectable to communicate solely in four-letter words. What's wrong with that? Nothing; it's NORMAL.

But according to the Freudian-obsessed, self-absorbed, apathetic, pessimistic
northeasterners, demonstrating self-respect and respect for others is borderline
psychotic. Therefore, the south is full of red-necked hicks. Fools. As far as
I'm concerned, I'd rather be a redneck than one of the moody blues any day.
I offer a toast to all of us blue-staters with red necks-- may we infuse that level of honesty and morality into our own "occupied" territory. L'Chaim!

13 November 2004

Weekly Commentary and Thoughts from the Vault

Official Election Results from Yahoo News released today (which include overseas and military ballots just counted, I assume) show President George W. Bush getting 60,367,111 popular votes and 286 electoral votes. Excellent.

May I just state for the record that I continue to not care about the Scott Peterson trial? Now, if he were to maybe, juggle chimpanzees while riding on a unicycle, then, maybe, but you call an endless trial punctuated by an audio-only verdict "Hollywood"? Puh-lease.

So Yasir Arafat died yesterday in the comforts of a warm, clean hospital bed paid for with the millions of humanitarian aid dollars from the U.S. and the rest of the world. The only satisfaction I have in all this is that he is residing in a very cozy spot in the 9th circle of Hell right now, somewhere down the block from Hitler and right next door to the Ayatollah.

As for the future of the Palestinian people... I'm waiting for the newly re-titled Arafat Martyrs to side with Abu Mazen and HAMAS to side with Abu Alla so they can all blow each other up. It'll be interesting to see what side Syria takes in the matter... will they support one faction over the other? Will another Arab country then support the opposing faction, causing an all-out Arab civil war in the region, with Israel right in the middle?

If anything, this is the time for Israel to walk into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and reclaim the land. But they won't. You know, having to care about U.S. opinion, which means having to care about world opinion, being politically correct, doing it the UN-way and whatnot.

Will the Palestinians choose Democracy? The sad thing is, they don't even know that they have the option. Meanwhile, libs in America are arguing on their oppressed behalves, saying that some people just like living in the confines of 7th century Arabian law and culture. Where are the Alien and Sedition Acts when you need them?

And as for Former CIA Agent Michael Scheuer's statement, "I think our leaders over the last decade have done the American people a disservice...continuing to characterize Osama bin Laden as a thug, as a gangster... Until we respect him, sir, we are going to die in numbers that are probably unnecessary, yes. He's a very, very talented man and a very worthy opponent." I'd have to disagree. Bin Laden may have tactical knowledge, but ultimately, the man has chosen to die for a worthless and pointless venture. That is the definition of "idiocy," not "intelligence." Then again, what kind of mentality can one expect from the author of Imperial Humbug.

Well, time to peek into the archive. Every once in a while, I like to post a past opinion essay that has yet to see the light of day... this week's edition is a review of a review (originally printed in the LA Times this past summer) by that most Nitty of Nitwits, Richard Cohen. Like his fellow liberals, Richard manages to massacre world events both past and present, with that corteous lack of historical knowledge that we've all grown to know and hate. What's shocking is that for all their bowing down to the Ivory Tower of Babble, Richard feels that his total lack of a film degree grants him the right to write a film review.

But, that's okay. I feel that my total lack of a liberal ideology has granted me the right to write reviews on Liberals, so we're even.

History in 57 Varieties

Like the liberal philosophy he tries so hard to defend, Richard Cohen’s op/ed on the remake of The Manchurian Candidate is as convoluted as the new film itself.

The first clue to the conspiracy in this piece becomes apparent via Cohen’s vague attempt to mask his fervent faith in the promises of the liberals’ dead messiah, Karl Marx. This is so carefully done through his strategic positioning of the word “something.” “Those 22 men [US Army defectors to Korea] proved something,” Cohen writes. Later he comments that the new film’s bad guy is “big business, or something.” Carefully disguised as a null in a mind-numbing syntax, context clues prove otherwise. Phrases including “awfully rich and awfully evil” combined with a statement from the film’s director Jonathan Demme paralleling big profit with big death (one can only assume he had a sneak peek into the U.N.’s Oil for Food file) act as recognition phrases to the decoder. “Aha!” the liberal says, “we are into something after all!”

Fearful of being too obvious, Cohen quickly discounts Demme as one of the faithful for his services to The Man in charge of Hollywood, that Dream Factory out west who produces “acceptably preposterous” films. It is as if the writer is asking his audience, “how could we take something, anything they say seriously?”

Yet Cohen obviously does, because from here on out, the insinuations go from paranoid accusations to a listing of proven lies straight from the liberal conspiracy theory grab bag and far more dream-like than anything Hollywood could ever deign “acceptably preposterous”. Funnier, too, if they weren’t grounded so pathetically in proven lies.

After taking a moment to jump on the Bush-Bashing Bandwagon, Cohen returns to his film critique with what those in the scriptwriting business so aptly title a “plot device.” “It is a film about ‘them’ about ‘city hall’ (you can’t fight it),” he comments shrewdly. (I can hear the code breaker spewing out Ralphie Parkerisms now: “A crummy commercial? Sonofabitch!”) From here on out, Cohen’s commentary is nothing more than a prosaic version of The Communist Manifesto for Dummies. Big business, bad. Democracy, bad. Gulags, good. (Of course, he skipped over that part, in keeping with the liberal trend of “bobble-head now, truth be damned.”)
To grab the reader’s attention, Cohen then delves into an area scarier than Big Brother himself. The enemy, he points out, are depicted via a “deracinated type of anti-Semitism in which the mysterious evil ones are not Jews anymore and not really Gentiles, either, but merely the veiled powerful who control so much.” Mixing the idea of religion with that of race? Insinuating that a religious identity that is not quite Jewish, but more Jewish than not, has something to do with being all-powerful? Never has a description sounded so obscurely Hitleresque. I bet Dicky-boy and even Jonny would get a pat on the head and a lolly from Uncle Joe for that one.

“Halliburton instead of the Commies? Sure, why not?” The sad thing is, that isn’t a rhetorical question. The brilliant thing is, it is one of the “complex questions” with the “simple answer” Cohen is looking for: Liberty versus slavery, that is why not. Then again, maybe the answer he seeks was best worded by a Soviet friend-of-a-friend, who cried when she first entered an American supermarket. “Our government lied to us. They said your workers were impoverished, your leaders kept you oppressed.” Free market ideology lifted Uncle Joe’s veil from her eyes. Rhetorically asking, need I say more?

Cohen ends his article by remarking that the film “…is not as half as interesting as the audience that accepts its premise.” Apparently, Frank Sinatra believed the same of the audience who viewed his version of the film in 1962, although I don’t think “interesting” would have had the same denotation in his ol’ blue eyes. After the first Kennedy assassination, Sinatra pulled the original Manchurian Candidate from circulation for fear that it had influenced and would influence more executive assassinations. For all of Cohen’s downplaying of Hollywood’s narrative power, his conclusion agrees with Sinatra’s train of thought. Ideology is dangerous when it sows seeds in brainwashed minds. Just ask Raymond Shaw, or his present-day counterpart, columnist Richard Cohen.

11 November 2004

Thank you

Thank you to all the veterans, all the soldiers, sailors, marines, fliers, coastguards, national guards, reserves, and their families who have humbled themselves and volunteered to sacrifice for our safety, security, peace and prosperity. YOU ALL KICK ASS! Literally AND figuratively.

From Get Ready for more Moore:

"And as for those who claim that Hollywood was an albatross on the Democrats' neck, [Michael] Moore says, "America loves Hollywood. When given a chance to vote for someone from Hollywood, they jump in." He cited the history of successful Republican actor-politicians from George Murphy to Ronnie Reagan to Arnold."

Yes. It was because they were from Hollywood. It didn't have anything to do with that whole Republican-affiliation thing. Nah. That whole Reagan Revolution thing was really all about getting more Terminator movies made.


According to Michael Moore, "Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them. They weren't told the truth."

So, in other words, you're saying that your "best-selling documentary of all time" didn't matter, then? That no matter how many DVDs you pawned off to everyone with a free hand to pick it up ...your thoughts still don't count?

Maybe that's why he's so fat. He needs something to give him an esteem-hug since the majority of Americans won't go near him.


As you can tell, I've done a little work on the graphics today... don't forget to scroll to the bottom for my favorite piece of election art. Please, feel free to grab an image-- just follow the rules of good karma and use it to link up to this site. Thanks!

10 November 2004

Deep Thoughts of the Day

New website I recently found, and can't believe I didn't find sooner: www.rjchq.org a.k.a. the homepage of the Republican Jewish Coalition. While JTA statistics cite 25% of the Jewish vote nation-wide going for Bush (the largest % of Jewish vote for a Republican EVER) RJC insiders quote up to 35% of the Jewish vote going to Bush in key Florida and Ohio districts. In other words, the Jewish vote contributed to putting Bush over the top in key battleground states. Could we say, then, that Bush is the Chosen President?

I think the best analysis on the issue comes from the Jerusalem Post (article link: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid=1099973628243) in an article titled "The Jewish Vote Ain't What it Used to Be". Some quotes:

According to Democrat strategist Steve Rabinowitz:

"The Jews are not a big constituency, they always basically vote
Democratic and they always vote."

Rabinowitz says the Bush campaign probably never expected to win large number
of Jewish voters in Florida. Rather, by campaigning in synagogues and Jewish
community centers, they forced Democrats to shore up their traditional
Democratic base.

"I've always believed they never sought Jewish votes for Jewish votes' sake,
that their Israel rhetoric was aimed at Christian conservatives and throwing the
Democrats off base, and forcing the Democrats to concentrate on a core
constituency that really wasn't at risk," he said.

According to Washington Compost columnist Richard Cohen:
"It is paradoxical that the Democratic Party, which is so beholden to Jews for
energy, funds and ideas, has not looked into a mirror and noticed something
odd. No matter how rich the Jewish community got, no matter how powerful,
too, it continued to vote overwhelmingly Democratic. In other words, it voted
against its economic self-interest, which would be lower taxes or, in the
fantasies of Republicans, almost no taxes at all. This is the power of

In a separate Times analysis on the future of the US-Israel alliance, Richard Cohen referred to Bush's political landscape, "complete with Israel-loving Christians and Jews who voted for him in Florida," suggesting that these groups would limit the president's ability to push for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians.
Okay. There's the opinions of two Jewish Americans regarding the character makeup of American Jews at large. According to Rabinowitz and Cohen, Jewish Americans:

  • Are a small minority who make political decisions based on tradition, not education.
  • Don't care about Israel.
  • Are rich and powerful, but selfless nonetheless.
  • Function as a group based on cultural traditions.
  • Hate Israel, or at the very least, don't really care about it at all and just want the whole bloody conflict with the Palestinians to be overwith, even if it means Oslo-esque "Peace" Accords.

Okay. As an American Jew, I feel the need to point something out for those of you who may not feel very comfortable with stating the obvious. Why, all of a sudden, are WE THE ONES SPOUTING ANTI-SEMITIC RHETORIC ABOUT OURSELVES?! We're POWERFUL and RICH LEMMINGS? We don't care about our FELLOW JEWS? WE DON'T CARE ABOUT ISRAEL?! What the hell kind of traditions do we operate on if they involve NOT CARING ABOUT ISRAEL?!

And since when are Evangelical Christians the only ones who are allowed to be Zionists? These Libs can moan all they want about Jewish persecution and Never Forgetting the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Pogroms, or the Holocaust, and justify portraying themselves as HATERS OF ISRAEL?! You know, the country without which the Jewish people worldwide would have no power base or source of protection whatsoever?!

This is unfathomable. I ended my graduate thesis by stating that if the American Jews did not recognize and incorporate Israel into their culture, they would have nothing left to stand on except their assimilated, almost non-Jewish, American identity. In effect, they would be living the life of their ancestors who fled from persecution at the turn of the century, only to hide every Jewish aspect in order to feel loved and wanted. These modern-day anti-Semitic Jews like Richard Cohen and Steve Rabinowitz are denying the existence of Jewish identity and culture. I wonder what century they think they're living in ...certainly NOT mine.

09 November 2004

We'll Keep on Winning...

Yes, I know... haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been busy trying to get through to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Office by dialing 202.224.3344 and emailing bill_frist@frist.senate.gov to tell him to block Arlen Specter from the Senate Judiciary Committee! We've made our voices heard in this election; now it's up to us to see that Congress follows through on the President's "Mandate from the People."

In the meantime, I've also drafted a new banner, which you can see in the sidebar. Eventually I'll have enough graphics for a site. In the meantime, feel free to take and use on your own site... in fact, use it to link up to this blog!

More later... right now I've got to resume looking for employment.

Commentary forthcoming!

05 November 2004

Yellow-Toothed Pansies from Across the Pond

I'm sure everyone's heard the news from across the pond-- it has just been reported by the Investigative Bureau of BBC News that, "several London papers that printed insulting headlines questioning the mental clarity of Americans who voted in the recent election, actually ressurected old broadsides for the event. It turns out that the front pages of the Daily Mirror and the Guardian were actually copies of propaganda leaflets and posters printed in London in 1776. Apparently, the leaflets and broadsides were pilfered from the Victoria and Albert Museum some time early last evening. While there is no clear identification of the theif, eye witnesses who were in the area gave descriptions of a rather large man with scruffy-looking hair who wore a baseball cap and kept yelling at a rather non-descript accomplice carrying a Digital Video Camera to 'get a good, clear shot and stop pointing the camera at my ass!' The editors of both papers have declined to comment at this time."

03 November 2004

W is for WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess what, libs? George W. Bush has beat out your god, Clinton's popular rating. He's even surpassed the mighty Reagan with OVER 50% OF THE POPULAR VOTE making George W. Bush the recipient of the most votes ever received in a Presidential election.

Aw, you don't get to whine about the evils of the Electoral College versus the Popular Vote this year. Poor kids. HA!

And W's not just for WIN in the White House(W is for White House, btw)....

Congress has a Republican Majority yet again!

House: 212 Republicans v. 193 Democrats (all 435 seats were up for grabs)

Senate: 53 Republicans v. 44 Democrats (34 seats were up for grabs)

And that's right, Tom Daschle, Minority Leader, YOU AIN'T LEADIN' NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here's a special message for the MTV Coalition of the Coerced and Bribed:

Fewer than one in ten voters were 18-24, which is about the same proportion as 2000. So, Puffy and the rest of your elitist ilk, your slogan really reads: Shut up or die... in the ratings anyway.


Well, today I'm going to rejoice in the Victory of Four More Years. Tomorrow I'll get back onto my soapbox and decry the horrifying fact that waaayyy too many people in this country were willing to put a Communist Agent and Traitor into the White House.

02 November 2004

Six More Reasons Why I Lurve Ann Coulter Pre-Election SPECIAL!

From Ann Coulter's Weekly Editorial:

"In the midst of this rash of violence by white liberals, this week Al Gore admonished a group of blacks not to engage in violence over the election. ...The Kerry campaign is hemorrhaging black voters like teenaged girls fleeing an R. Kelly house party. None of the Democrats' top black leaders – Jesse, Al, Bill Clinton – has been able to stem the tide."

"Bill Clinton had to interrupt an important sponge bath with someone named "Bunny" to come to Kerry's rescue in Philadelphia. (Possible slogan: "Kerry – The Same as Clinton, Without the Burning Sensation.")"

"Kerry's got more gay marriage positions than the Kama-sutra, including the "yawning dog," the "courtesan's dilemma" and the "flip-flopping weasel." "

My Most Favourite: "Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was quite explicit about using abortion as a tool to reduce the minority population. She said the goal of Planned Parenthood was to "give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization." Even today, talk to any white liberal about abortion and within 60 seconds he will raise the black "overpopulation" problem.

We hear a lot about the 2 million people in America's jails and how many of them are black, but we rarely talk about the 35 to 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade and how many of those babies were black. When your position on black abortion is identical to the Klan's, maybe it's time to reconsider."

"Among the jobs that are currently not available to Americans are these being performed in China under a free-trade bill voted for by John Kerry. (New campaign slogan: "John Kerry: Betraying America Since 1971.")"

"Kerry claims Republicans disenfranchised 1 million black voters in Florida in 2000, but neglects to mention that after extensive and expensive hearings, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission failed to name a single one of them. Can you name just one out of that "million," Sen. Kerry? We've found more WMDs in Iraq than we've found disenfranchised blacks in Florida."


And don't turn on the evening news before you vote and get fooled like the Floridians did. "Three separate studies have confirmed the blinding obvious fact that by calling Florida for Gore beginning at 7:49 pm EST, the networks suppressed thousands of votes in the heavily Republican Florida Panhandle (which runs on Central time) and cost Bush votes." --Slander

And, speaking of Osama being a Kerry mouthpiece...maybe it's the other way around. Consider these facts:

In Dr. Yossef Bodansky’s book The High Cost of Peace, he cites that the Communist Vietnamese sat down with the Palestinians to “…help them develop a program that would appear flexible and moderate, especially in dealing with the United States…” so that they could achieve their goal of Palestinian statehood without being viewed as “terrorists” but rather by being “lauded and supported” by the West, like the Vietnamese. This plan focused on key issues including gaining the support of the U.S. media, as well as liberal political circles and institutions. The resulting “Phase Plan”, which would later manifest itself during the Clinton years as the Oslo “Land for Peace” Accords, was adopted as the resolution of the 12th Palestinian National Council in Cairo on June 19, 1974.

Okay... so this plan is created by the Vietnamese Communists and given to the Islamic terrorists. Both groups use the strategy to ingratiate themselves with liberal American society. So, here's my theory: The Kerry campaign, Michael Moore, and all the other libs/socialists out there are using language they've been brainwashed with by the Communists/Islamofacists, Bin Laden among them. Bin Laden, being one of the perpetrators of the brainwashing, most likely would not want to associate himself with the same language in order to avoid revealing the fact that the Communists/Islamofacists basically control the American Left. So, his use of those same talking points illustrates one of two things: he thinks Americans have been brainwashed, for the most part, and therefore rendered too stupid to notice, or he's faltering and can no longer stand on his own without the support of the American Left.

Now, the first hypothesis is possible, especially given his sources used to receive information on America, namely the mainstream media. If you're going to sample American news networks (broadcast and cable), American newspapers, and other American media (Hollywood films, for example), you're going to come away thinking that we're a country of brain-dead morons who believe terrorists are really "freedom fighters" and that George W. Bush is the antichrist. However, the majority of America is exactly the opposite of the Liberal majority in the media, so Bin Laden's assumption is false.

The second hypothesis is probable, given the fact that if Bin Laden or Al Qaeda wanted to perform a terrorist attack, they would do so. Also, in the tape he offers to bargain with Americans-- "if your state votes for George W. Bush, I won't blow you up. We'll talk." Terrorists don't bargain unless they think they have a chance to fool their enemies (in this case, us "infidels") or if they know they're going to lose. Does Bin Laden fall in line with Liberal thinking, that we're a "divided America" that would willingly go state-by-state into a Confederacy of Islam? If so, he must be watching too much CNN. The more probable answer is that he does realize he is on the losing side of the battle-- and he's ready to bargain his way out on his terms which, of course, we know is a joke.

Man, it's going to feel great to vote George W. Bush tomorrow.