22 November 2005

Lebanese Freedom and Heavenly Dror

DEBKAfile Reports Nasrallah’s Kidnap Plan Boomerangs:

"This was the first time the Hizballah had sent a specially-trained motorbike commando unit into action. Its mission was to kidnap Israeli soldiers and bring them to Beirut for a macabre display in Lebanon’s Independence Day ceremonies Tuesday, Nov. 22. This was to be an act of defiance against Israel and more particularly the anti-Syrian government. DEBKAfile’s sources do not confirm it was instigated by Damascus and Tehran, as Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz claimed. Nasrallah may have informed both governments, but his essential motive was to grind his own axe in Lebanon."

This is what I meant when I said that American conservatives and right-wingers romanticize the idea of international democracy. These people don't want freedom-- they want to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

This battle isn't about politics, or the military, or international relations, or different cultures, or oil-- THIS BATTLE IS ABOUT HASHEM. We must not only realize that this fight is as every fight always has been, to quote Whittaker Chambers, "a symptom of the crisis," but acknowledge it if we are to survive and claim victory: "The Crisis" is nothing more than hasatan's attempt to take over the world.

It sounds fantastic to our "reasoned and realistic" minds that have been trained to reject anything that we can't see, feel, touch, or taste as false, as a lie. But it is the truth. It always has been the truth. Doesn't this explain why we have been taught to respect truth as nothing more than subjective, to view the world around us and the people in it with complete distrust, to believe that we are rendered powerless by a G-d who hates us, a government who steals from us, and an intelligensia that rapes our minds? Why have we been poisoned by these fears? Because they weaken us, they destroy us, and they encourage us to destroy others.

Consequently we (the United States and Israel) are currently fighting a war of political appeasement, because these fears have hounded us into a corner. Our faith has been turned into a religion governed by men who demand our allegiance and claim themselves divine despite their human fallabilities. Instead of trusting in HaShem, we trust in men and women in power suits, thinking that through them we will find the salvation we seek. We are fools. We are cowards. Our minds cleave to the musings of our enemies! Why should we adhere to the thought patterns and the brainwashing of those who want our lives-- our souls? Have we no courage? Have we no faith? Have we not the brain power, the simple logic, to see the truth for what it is; or have we been rendered powerless in this regard as well? Why, why are we cowering in a corner, frought with indecision, when this battle could so easily be won if we just took that one simple step in prayer and declaration, not only claiming but proclaiming our salvation in HaShem? Are we that lost, that foolhardy, that prideful, that we are willing not only to walk ourselves to the Guillotine, but to release the blade upon our own necks?

Surely it will be so, and our situation will not change until we cry out to our Adonai to save us. For in Him lies our dror-- our freedom from these chains of slavery that bind our very souls and condemn our bodies, and those of our kin, to nothing less than death.

Rely on the Source

Yeah, they're really seizing on their shot at democracy.

Multi-Pronged Hizbullah Attack on Northern Israel [Israel National News]

"In a massive offensive, Hizbullah terrorists fired Katyusha rockets and mortar shells at Israeli targets and infiltrated an IDF position in the Har Dov region Monday, wounding eleven, two seriously."

Gee, which politician should we write to in order to condemn that act of terror?

Hopefully the restrained Israeli response, said to be taken so as to not increase a certain mullah's political power, will be backed by faith like King David's once was:

"May the LORD judge between you and me. And may the LORD avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you." - I Samuel 24:12

Baruch HaShem-- have mercy on us, oh Adonai, and avenge us today!

21 November 2005

Only HaShem will Save us

I really wonder why they bother.

Instead of petitioning our government, we should be petitioning HaShem. As King David once said, it is better to fall into the hands of HaShem than the hands of our enemies, because HaShem's mercy is great. When will Israel realize that our only salvation is through Adonai, the only judge who has ever shown mercy towards us, the only visionary who has ever devised "plans for us, of good and not of evil, to give us a future and a hope."

18 November 2005

"Scary" Christians, Part Deux

From Israpundit: Gary Bauer: Rice "Brokers" Bad Deal

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brokered a shameful deal this week, between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, that is virtually guaranteed to result in more dead Israelis."

Yeah, this guy is totally succeeding in Christianizing our government.

"...Judea and Samaria, referred to in the media as "the West Bank,"..."

Totally playing party line here, making complete use of the Condictionary.

"The incessant pressure on Israel to make more concessions to the Palestinians is putting our most reliable ally in the Middle East in jeopardy."

That's giving your allies in the White House an encouraging pat on the back.

I think his line about Hillary having a more pro-Israel record by '08 than any Republican candidate really proves Foxman's point that these crazy Evangelicals are taking over our government.

16 November 2005

The Horror of it all [Israpundit/DEBKAfile]:

"All of Israel’s security branches sent strong written protests to Sharon against the new Gaza crossings deal as exposing Israel to grave terrorist peril.

...The protests came from the top levels of Israel’s armed forces, the Shin Beit and all other intelligence services and the police. Rarely before have so many expressions of alarm been rushed to the head of government by all of top security agencies.

...DEBKAfile’s security sources report gloomy forecasts from all the leading officials responsible for Israeli national security and the war on terror. The accord signed Tuesday caught them in the middle of constructing a new security system designed to safeguard the country after Israeli troops were pulled out of the Gaza Strip. The new accord threatens to push this system aside. Israel is divested of the means of keeping terrorists from making free use of the crossings which reopen Nov. 25 and the Palestinian convoys driving from Gaza to the West Bank and back from Dec. 15.

There is no longer any barrier to Palestinian terrorists bringing shoulder-launched anti-air missiles any time to the point from which they can turn Israel’s international airport into a disaster zone and paralyze international air traffic to and from the country.

...Our sources reveal that the prime minister’s office made sure the six-page accord left by Rice was not translated into Hebrew. Israeli television and radio audiences were therefore not exposed to its contents."

Read the report in its entirety. Read and understand that the nation of Israel is surrounded on all sides by those who want nothing less than her total annihilation, nothing less than the total annihilation of every Jew and every Jewish supporter on this planet.

Psalm 2

Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against the LORD and against his Anointed One. "Let us break their chains," they say, "and throw off their fetters."

The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.
Then he rebukes them in his anger and terrifies them in his wrath, saying, "I have installed my King on Zion, my holy hill."

I will proclaim the decree of the LORD: He said to me, "You are my Son; today I have become your Father. Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron scepter; you will dash them to pieces like pottery."

Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.
Serve the LORD with fearand rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, for his wrath can flare up in a moment.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

Line of Faith

ADL Breaks With Pack On Church-State:

"Warning that the Evangelical right has made alarming gains in social and political influence..."

Oh yes, Pat Robertson is guaranteed to win the White House in '08-- no-- this year. They're holding early elections because Jerry Falwell told them to.

"...a leading Jewish church-state watchdog..."

As far as I knew, the ADL was supposed to be monitoring anti-Semitism. While I won't deny that organizations like the PCUSA exist, I certainly wouldn't start screaming "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition" just yet. Besides, I think the whole "church-state" phraseology is so 90s. In honor of the 21st century, shouldn't we be focusing on mosque-state relations?

"...is calling for a tougher and more unified Jewish response."

Good luck. "Nine out of ten Rebbes approve!"

"Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, speaking to the group’s national leadership here last week, signaled a sharp shift in ADL policy by directly attacking several prominent religious right groups and challenging their motives, which he said include nothing less than 'Christianizing America.'"

Define, please, "Religious Right" and explain how these unnamed groups are trying to "Christianiz[e] America". Then, for bonus points, show me evidence that any sort of moral shift towards Christianity is actually happening in America.

"Among the groups he cited were the powerful Focus on the Family ministry and the Family Research Council."

If Focus on the Family constitutes a serious threat to the liberty of America, then I suppose the ADL better add Chabad to their list of ministries that pose a threat. P.S. Abe: Didn't the 2000 election teach you anything about the vast power of Gary Bauer and the Family Research Council?

"Foxman said as these groups seek to use the government to further their missionizing goal, Democrats and Republicans alike are “pandering” to the religious conservatives."

You mean, Ted Kennedy actually joined AA? Or is he just giving up his morning Scotch? Wait, wait, lemme guess-- part of McCain's complaints about torture at Guantanamo involve the U.S. not providing Bibles and crucifixes to inmates.

"The ADL leader also called for a national Jewish summit to respond to the growing challenge."

Nine out of ten rebbes agree. Will there be a buffet?

Note: The only time you will read the words "confrontational", "American Jews", and "Israel" all in one sentence, they will inevitably hinge on the word "mistake." For example:

"Foxman may face stiff resistance, however, from colleagues in other organizations who believe a more confrontational strategy would be a big mistake for American Jews and for Israel."

"In an interview this week, Foxman said the shift in ADL’s approach on the Evangelicals was necessitated by their growing political and social clout."

If they have so much clout, why can't they get "Christy" back on the air?

"...At the same time, Foxman said, Evangelicals are becoming much more adept at 'using elements of the government to achieve their goals.'"

Yes, the Evangelical outcry against the Disengagement from Gaza, resulting in Condoleezza Rice's demand that Israel make even more concessions, is evidence of the fact that evangelical Christians are succeeding in pushing their agenda in Washington.

"But even more threatening, Foxman said, is how the views of many of the most strident Evangelical leaders have started to pervade American society, which he said will be revealed in a forthcoming ADL poll."

Believing that we have no right to murder unborn babies, we ought to hold fast to our nation's history, we should honor the G-d who has blessed us, and the entirety of Israel belongs to the Jews-- those values are totally governing the way America presents itself to the world today.

"According to the survey, 70 percent of weekly churchgoers and 76 percent of self-described Evangelicals agreed that “Christianity is under attack” in this country — a conclusion that is hard to square with their growing influence in Congress, the White House and the courts, he said."

Does the survey provide any solid, factual evidence that Christianity has a growing influence in Congress, the White House, and the courts? Because this article sure doesn't.

"Sixty-nine percent of Evangelicals and 60 percent of weekly churchgoers said there should be “organized” prayer in public schools, according to the survey, and 89 percent of Evangelicals agreed that religious symbols “like the Ten Commandments” should be displayed in public buildings."

NO! Not those tablets containing the laws of HaShem that were given to the Jews! No, Abe Foxman, revolt on behalf of the Diaspora! Revolt against this desire to display symbols of Jewish heritage!

"...Foxman is calling for a Jewish summit to re-evaluate strategies."

The Holiday Inn in Boca, maybe? I hear the shrimp is to die for. Maybe we can hold a Mah-Jongg Tournament for the women?

“We should put together the community relations and religious organizations, and see where we agree and what we can do about it,” he said. “We have to develop a clearer strategy of what we can live with and what we can’t.”

Are 'hip' Jews helping Judaism?

"...But Foxman’s get-tough approach could be a hard sell to Jewish leaders who may not share his sense of impending emergency and who may have other reasons for not wanting to escalate confrontations with the Evangelicals."

Possibly due to the fact that American Evangelicals were more supportive of the Gush Katif residents and more vocal against Disengagement than American Jews were?

“I’m wondering if this is a wise choice by ADL,” said Steven Windmueller, a former Jewish community relations professional who now directs the HUC-JIR/Los Angeles School of Jewish Communal Service. “It suggests they know the motives and the intent of some of these groups. Historically we have shied away from demonizing and labeling. It could put us in a place where we as a community don’t want to be.”

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

“'There are many, many on the Christian right who are very reasonable, very rational, and who have nuanced positions regarding Jews and Israel,' Rabbi Korn said."

"Nuanced" in the Jewish dictionary means "wow, they like us, they really, really like us! What the hell?"

"'Instead of raising the level of confrontation, he said, 'we should be thinking about how to develop a nuanced relationship with the religious right. We should be giving them support and praise for the wonderful things they are doing for Israel, and still manage to be strong where we disagree with them on our domestic agenda.'"

Nuanced also means "Thank you for your support. Now shut up about your Jewish Messiah, already!"

"Wittmann also disputed the level of threat posed by the religious right. 'They’ve had control of Congress for 10 years, but they’ve never managed to pass a school prayer amendment. A decade ago, that was item one on their agenda,' he said. 'Outside of limits on partial-birth abortion, they have achieved very little.' John Green, a political scientist at the University of Akron who studies the role of the religious right in politics, agreed."

Thank you. Abe Foxman, any remarks?

"[Kean University political scientist Gilbert] Kahn warned that Jewish groups have been “seduced” by the Evangelicals’ support for Israel, even as these groups pursue the “Christianization” of the nation through their political activities."

Gilbert Kahn must be the tenth rebbe. Maybe he needs a Tagamet.

Yet another ridiculous move by the left to destroy the relationship between Jews and Christians (you know, those people who believe in a Jewish G-d, a Jewish Messiah, a Jewish Spirit, and who read a Jewish Bible, but insist on sticking pine trees in their living rooms for the entire month of December) and divide the Zionist community with lies. It only serves to take our eyes off of our real enemies: Islam and the Left.

14 November 2005

Hey Honey, what's for dinner tonight? How about some Blame the Jews?

Worrying signs from Amman Most Arabs say Israelis carried out last week's terror attack [YNet News]:

"The claim that it is impossible for Muslims to carry out such a loathsome act, and therefore the culprits cannot possibly be Muslim, is simply understood by many Jordanians: If the attack wasn't carried out by Muslims, then it must have been carried out by someone else.
And if it was carried out by someone else, it must have been someone or group trying to weaken the Arabs – in other words, the Jews."

Excellent analysis, with an excellent, quotable axiom: "Denial is the heritage of the masses and the heritage of the intellectuals."

Well, Duh.

Ever since I began vocalizing my political opinions, I have said that America's greatest ally is Israel. Meanwhile, the newsmedia and the majority of Republicans continue to insist that Britain is our greatest ally, while liberals continue to insist that we white imperialists have no allies, oh, and that the Jews stink. Well, turns out that I'm right again, Baruch haShem:

"...the salvation of U.S. President George W. Bush is in large measure dependent on the military intelligence of Israel.." [Israpundit]

If you really want to know what's going on in the world, watch Israel. Why? Because this battle is, has always been, and will always be about G-d. "'The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the LORD and against his anointed one. 'Let us break their chains,' they cry, 'and free ourselves from this slavery.'" Psalm 2:2-3. Therefore, the best way to gauge where we are at in the battle is to watch what is going on with Israel and in Israel:

Islamic Radicals Plan World Revolution from Temple Mount [Israel National News] "Islamic radicals have been using the Temple Mount as a focal point for planning and preaching the establishment of a world Islamic state with Jerusalem as its capital." Surprised that the riots haven't quelled in Europe? " ...The party has targeted Europe, specifically Denmark, for spreading its ideology, and providing a springboard for renewing Islamic conquests in Europe."
If the article sounds a bit too unrealistic, check out the Nov. 12th edition of the LA Times, specifically Jeffrey Fleishman's article A Mutual Suspicion Grows in Denmark which cites the same terror group, Hizab Altahrir, as being a rising threat in Europe; the report notes that the group has already been banned in Sweeden and Germany, and is now going underground in Britain, pending banishment. Apparently, Denmark isn't alone.

10 November 2005

Would you like some Schwarma with your French Fries?

So far, the best commentary on the Jordanian hotel bombings has come from Israeli expert on Muslim terror, Juval Aviv. Interviewed last night on Fox News's "The Big Story with John Gibson," Aviv spoke eloquently and confidently about what the terror attacks in France and Jordan, and possible attacks in Australia really mean. He and a group of terror analyists have been studying Islamic terror for years, and have drawn correlations between the latest rounds of muslim violence in Europe, Australia, and Jordan, which lead them to believe that a terror attack in the U.S. is imminent. According to Aviv, these terror attacks and attempted terror attacks were done as "test scenarios" to be used by the terrorists to see what they could and could not get away with in the United States. Aviv and his associates believe, based on their analysis, that one, if not several, terror attacks will be attempted and/or committed in the United States in time to conicide with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Speaking from a spiritual perspective

08 November 2005

Am Yisrael Chai!

The Real IDF: A photo essay by IDF Dave, a reservist in the Israeli Defense Forces or ZAHAL.

Every time I see real photos of Israel (not the crap you get off of AP of crying terrorists looting bombed out cars) I can't help but feel some sense of shalom about it all. When I visited Israel exactly 7 years ago, I remember the day our tour guide announced that the U.S. Embassy had issued a warning, urging American tourists to leave the area. They issued the warning after Clinton decided to bomb Iraq, which was, I believe, a tactic to get media attention away from the perjury scandal. Our guide asked us if anyone wanted to leave and we all thought it was a ridiculous question, because we knew there was nowhere safer to be than Israel. (This after we'd just visited an army outpost in the Golan.)

Despite the terror threats and attacks, Israel truly is a safe and happy place to be. In a recent survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel, and posted a couple days ago on Israpundit, "82 percent of adult Israelis claimed to be 'very satisfied' with life in Israel. Of those surveyed, 52% believed that their lives would improve over the next few years. Among Israelis aged 20-24, an overwhelming 89% responded that they were satisfied with their lives."

There's an eternal hope about Israel and about being a Jew. Last week I found myself dug deeply into a mental ditch of despair and frustration over the world situation and the absolute lunacy of it all. So, I decided to throw myself into my work of unpacking a bunch of boxes I hadn't seen since college. In the middle of everything I found a photo I had long forgotten about-- a picture of Jerusalem with a dark rain cloud hanging overhead, however the rainbow that stretched across the skyline indicated that the threat of the storm had passed.

Originally, I'm sure, my parents bought the photograph for exactly that-- the rainbow. Upon further examination, however, I found it odd that a photograph of Jerusalem really had nothing of Jerusalem in it at all. Instead of a shot of the Kotel, or a street in the Old City, the photograph was that of a housing development on a plateau, overlooking what appeared to be the edge of a city. The houses built row by row all had orange roofs; it was a settlement, possibly even Ma'aleh Adumim.

The photograph had to have been taken nearly 10 years ago, before the "Road Map" even existed, before the security wall was even considered seriously. That photograph was taken because a rainbow had passed over the city, a symbol of G-d's promise to never again destroy the earth by flood. The residents in those houses were face to face with HaShem's promise at that very moment; therein lies the eternal hope that comes with being a Jew, with claiming a stake in Israel. Being on the front lines of the battle doesn't mean looking your enemy in the face; it means seeing eye to eye with G-d.

07 November 2005

Vichy, Deep Fried

Unless you get your news from the blogosphere or Fox News, you wouldn't know that those rioters destroying France are Muslims. They aren't poor, oppressed, unemployed minorities seeking acceptance and equal rights, they're the children of Arab immigrants who didn't bother to learn French or integrate into French culture whatsoever. They aren't rioting because they're discriminated against; they're rioting because they follow a religious mindset bent on creating chaos and disorder.

P.S.: Monseiur Chirac-- Philippe Petain was more patriotic than you.

BTW-- Again, if you don't read the blogosphere or get your news from Israel National News, you wouldn't know that Muslim riots are continuing in Denmark and are starting to spring up in Germany.

When I asked my 88 year old grandfather what he thought of the riots this weekend, he said this: "Hah. We saved France a few times now. This time, they can straighten themselves out. They ought to get their army in there and stop it." Yay, gramps. See ya, Eurabia!

04 November 2005

This is a Test of the Emergency Blogger System

**This is just a test**

Every day I am reminded of the fact that what I say can, in some realms and worlds that used to be considered far, far away, but are indeed creeping closer and closer by the second, get me arrested, jailed, and murdered. To this I say GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.

May HaShem have mercy on these people, wherever they are:

Egyptian blogger detained for anti-Islamic posts

China Reportedly Shuts Down Blog

Really makes those of us in freedom-loving nations rethink the EU's demand that the UN administer the Internet, don't ya think?

01 November 2005

One man's freedom fighter...

...is another man's get out of jail free card.

At Gates of Vienna, they're drooling over Rick Moran's commentary on the U.N.'s Hariri Assasination report, specifically this quote:

"The assassination of Rafiq Hariri was a Syrian blunder of monumental proportions. It has isolated Syria from most of the international community. It has placed Syria in a much weaker military position in the Middle East. And it has placed the rule of Bashar Assad himself in danger. On top of all that, the act of assassinating Hariri failed to achieve the desired result, and indeed had the opposite effect: it united the Lebanese opposition who, with the courage of and determination of the Lebanese people, kicked the Syrians out of Lebanon for good."

Now, why I disagree with this assumption, line by line:

"It has isolated Syria from most of the international community."

Is that because the U.N. sent an investigator, or because the U.N. is now demanding that Syria set up an investigation into the matter, based on the conclusions of the U.N.'s investigation? Which brings me to the rhetorical question of the day: If a muslim nation shouts "guilty" in a Lebanese forest, but only Palestinian militants bussed in from Damascus are there to hear it, does the confession count? Oooh, the U.N. is getting on Syria's case-- does that mean Iran's reconsidering bringing the schwarma to Kofi's birthday party this year?

"It has placed Syria in a much weaker military position in the Middle East."

By "weaker" you mean Syria's sitting on the sidelines while Egypt and Saudi Arabia go to bat for their best friend? If anything, the assasination of Hariri proved valuable in three ways. One, Syria eliminated a long time enemy. Two, they gave the Arabian alliance the bargaining chip they needed to get out of those sticky "sanction" threats the U.S. had been getting louder and louder about. Thirdly, and most importantly to them, the Arabs get to stick it to Israel once again. Seems like Syria's "loss" is the Arab world's gain, huh?

"And it has placed the rule of Bashar Assad himself in danger."

You're never safe when you're allied with the caliphate. That fact aside, Assad will probably, eventually get deposed. Don't worry, though, it isn't as if he hasn't already made plans:

"Assad has developed more than one lifeline. In addition to the Saudi-Egyptian rescue plan, he is cozying up to Moscow and to Tehran for an escape or counter-gambit against the US-French drive to bring him down and the UN investigator’s findings."

As long as Assad plays along, he'll make out just fine.

"On top of all that, the act of assassinating Hariri failed to achieve the desired result, and indeed had the opposite effect: it united the Lebanese opposition who, with the courage of and determination of the Lebanese people, kicked the Syrians out of Lebanon for good."

Yes, the next day the Syrians were forced to dismantle their official outposts and offices in Lebanon. But are they really gone? According to Michael Totten, "The Arabic-language media is reporting daily on the smuggling of Palestinian guerillas and heavy artillery across the Syrian border into Lebanon."

Also, let's not paint the picture of the miraculous Lebanese, campaigning tooth and nail for freedom here. This isn't 1776, and I have yet to see any Mahmoud Washingtons or Abu Henrys appear from the cedar forests. Right wing patriotism is a wonderful thing, as long as it maintains a healthy pragmatic perspective. Just because we believe in values like freedom and democracy doesn't mean that every other nation seeking to be liberated believes wholeheartedly in having a president instead of a caliph. Remember, no matter what, these people hate Jews, hate Israel, hate the United States, and hate the West just as much as their Syrian brothers. Don't think for a minute that if they were actually allowed to fight independently, they wouldn't immediately join the Jihad.

The Mind's Eye

This is what happens when 8-year olds steal bread in Iran. (Todah: LGF, Bareknuckle Politics)

The comments following this absolutely horrifying pictorial of a young boy getting his arm run over by a car while an adult holds him down and spectators look on, careless, serve to prove an often overlooked or ignored point: the western world cannot possibly comprehend Islam.

Poster T-Man comments:

"I really really can not stand middle eastern cultures. If we are going to be in the Middle East then maybe we should have another Crusade. What is also disturbing about those pictures are the people standing around just watching... they are doing nothing to help.. Then again... maybe we would be better off just pulling out and leaving them alone. What a messed up culture!"

Three points:

1. The same ignorance that fueled the crusades now fuels the muslim world that considers actions like this "just punishments." A crusade is not the answer, mainly because the Crusaders killed thousands of Jews along with muslims, and considering the fact that Israel is our greatest ally, crusading sounds like a pretty bad idea, don't you think?

2. The people "standing around" and "doing nothing to help" would never even think of "helping" because to them, that little boy doesn't need any help. To them, the little boy is getting what he deserves, and they most likely get some type of queer, twisted joy out of watching it-- or at least they're told that's what they ought to be feeling, along with a healthy dose of fear, of course.

3. "Pulling out and leaving them alone" not only gives justification to such gross brutal acts, it paves the way for them to do the same to us one day. If you're still in the "its over there, not over here" camp, time for a reality check-- large-scale, if not liberal, London newspapers are promoting dhimmitude and terrorist training camps are plowing fertile ground here in America. Oceans don't matter, hon. At least now we're making an attempt, if not half-hearted (Patton would be FUMING if he was in Iraq right now-- FUMING, I tell you) to show and tell these insane monsters that they're wrong, and we aren't going to stand for it.


Turns out that the whole thing was some sort of street stunt according to LGF. The translation they provide is extremely poor, but the consensus is that the guy holding the kid down is apparently some sort of David Copperfield wannabe who likes to use little kids in his act. In light of this truth, my point remains: these people are absolute queer barbarians who take joy out of watching brutal acts performed on children. Bizarre creeps; let's nuke 'em.

Paris Burning

The fifth straight day of Muslim riots in Paris suburbs, in picture form (todah: Little Green Footballs):

Puts a whole new spin on the term "Flambé"
French Fried

Reminds me a whole lot of Sebastian Villar Rodriguez's phenomenal poem Europe Died in Auschwitz.

Given the classic British loathing of all things French, is this why Prince Chucky is over here, pleading the "merits of Islam" to President Bush? Makes me wonder if the Jewish Museum of London in Camdentown still bolts their doors during visiting hours.