27 August 2006

The Shite: Fox News Captives Tell All

So, Steve Centanni and his cameraman have officially been diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrome. Is that a side-effect from being forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint? Once again, goyisch captives of the Islamic regime become the latest victims to the Lawrence of Arabia syndrome.

Gee, I wonder if Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev would have similar comments to make. In a related note, I'd just like to take a moment to remind the world of the last words of Daniel Pearl: "I AM A JEW."

25 August 2006

Shabbat Fun

Check out the trailer for the new release Signs of Jews coming out Rosh haShanah 2006.

A big ol' yarmulke tip to new reader Marisa for sending along the link to this article from the Jewish Daily Forward: Rabbis: Israel Too Worried Over Civilian Deaths which I plan on commenting on sometime this weekend.

Shabbat Shalom!

23 August 2006

Poking out of the Bomb Shelter

Pardon me while I dare to poke my head out of my bomb shelter for a minute to take a look around.

Ah, I see that Israel has been put in a very pretty spot. One coworker said to me yesterday, "Well, I think if Iran were to launch nuclear weapons at Israel, the United States would respond immediately," with a triumphant note of victory in his voice. "Sure," I responded, "but what does that mean for Israel?" Apparently, he hadn't thought of that. By encouraging the Israeli government to concede to the wishes of the World Body, the United States has effectively established Israel as the wall between America and Iran. According to insider sources, Rumsfeld is apparently dubbing the politico-military move, "Operation Jewman Sheild." (One wonders if he doesn't have to pay royalties to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for that little quip.)

The grand irony of the Bush Resolve continues as the Detroit Free Press reports:
A day after conceding that the war in Iraq is "straining the psyche of our country," President George W. Bush has authorized the Marine Corps to recall as many as 2,500 inactive Marine reserves at a time.

And the national heartache continues.
What national heartache? Let's dare to be pragmatic for a moment and take an honest look at the situation.

The Marines, their wives, husbands, children, and families are probably experiencing some form of heartache. At the same time, they're extremely patriotic and pro-military, therefore they believe in fighting for their country. Not understanding that they're really being moved like pawns on a global chess board by the powers that be who seek world domination, these soldiers are operating under the notion that they are fighting to defend democracy abroad in order to make it safer here at home. Poor shmucks. I say that not because I don't believe in all of their integrity and good wishes- I say it because the integrity is being wasted and the good wishes will never come to pass, and that is a damned shame. Everything they believe that they are fighting for-- freedom, democracy, human rights-- all of these are good ideals worthy of defense. The problem is, they aren't defending those ideas. These soldiers are being put on the ground in a country that openly supports terrorism, and, essentially, they are training their enemies to shoot at them and blow them up. Yeah, yeah, there are good Iraqis too. They're so good that in their first free election they put a bunch of terror-loving, Jew-hating radical muslims into parliament. Nothing says "decent human being" like the "Vote for Qaddafi" t-shirts now being hawked next to the stands selling soft porn on Baghdad Ave.

The right-wing faction in the country basically supports the war because they operate under the same notions that those in the military do. If they raise their voices about anything, they'll do it over the fact that 2,500 IRR Marines are being called up for 2 year stints because draft numbers are so low-- thanks to the anti-Americanism of the Democrats. Voila! A brilliant moral and ideological argument thrown to the wind of politics. Brilliant. Hello, election year. What was that about being heartbroken for the troops? Oh, you mean people are dying needlessly for... this terrorism thing? Well, they died for their country and therefore they will always be honored. Yeah, you think that next time you step on someone's name as you cut through your local Veteran's Memorial on the way to Sunday brunch.

The left-wing faction in the country doesn't give a rat's tuchus if soldiers are being murdered by terrorists-- don't forget, their parents were the ones who spat on soldiers coming home from Vietnam. In fact, the left wingers don't really care about anyone but themselves. Take an objective look at an anti-war rally and you will observe the most slovenly cross-section of the American populus out at play. They didn't come there to protest so much as to buy pot, get free food, and blow the stink of patchouli off of their unwashed bodies. Getting a little riled up over authoritah helps to score them their fifteen minutes of fame for the day, which is especially enjoyable since they descend from the greatest generation of navel-gazers this country has ever produced. The people who are protesting the war aren't protesting because they care about the troops and want them to come home-- they're protesting because they don't want to get their asses drafted into battle, because that will mean fleeing to Canada, and man, like, moving is really expensive. Who wants to move when they can just sit around and do nothing but slowly decompose in their own filth? These people aren't activists- they're apathists; they don't care who dies as long as they can be left alone to do whatever they want. Wouldn't Rosseau be pleased.

Heartbreak indeed. The only people whose hearts are breaking are the ones who know the difference and can see the game being played out until the very end. How pathetic to lose so many lives-- good, honest, upright lives-- in the name of greed and lust for power. These are the good people, the ones being sent off to war. When they are gone, what will be left but a group of patriotic citizens in shock and another group of navel-gazers functioning in a perma-stupor? What a wonderful way to destabilize a country and render its people nothing more than useless drones.

14 August 2006


Sign the Petition to Free Israel's Kidnapped Soldiers [thx Sabra @ Heart]

Israeli bloggers are pissed. Good. They should be. Join the party of rage.

Ceasefire Schmeasefire. Elections NOW.

13 August 2006


Since I moderate comments, it will sometimes take me a while before I get a chance to read/publish/comment. Thanks for your patience in this matter.

IsraelSupporter: Thanks for sending the prayer; I believe I've published it on here before, but I went ahead and published it in your comment-form, FYI.

Sadly enough, I really have nothing to say right now. It's all been said. Now we are at a point where we must sit back, watch, wait, and pray.

Please, continue to follow Israeli bloggers: http://english.webster.co.il


Baruch haba B'Shem Adonai.

UN, Cease Talking

AbbaGav says it perfectly:
...This conflict is not over, merely on hiatus. The soldiers are still being held, and during this interim will in all likelihood share Ron Arad's now twenty-year-old fate, being moved to Syria or Iran as more lethal missiles with enough range to threaten every home in Israel pass by headed the other direction back into Lebanon.

It's probably the easiest prediction any psychic could ever make, but this war will heat up again, and when it does it promises to be more violent and threatening to Israel's existence than anything seen so far. ...
I once heard it said by an Evangelical pastor that human beings were determined to do it their own way and not submit to the authority of G-d. I don't think that's true at all. I think human beings will do whatever is easier. Trusting in an omnipotent deity that you can't see or touch is hard; trusting in the paper documents of visible men is easy.


G-d help Israel, because she clearly cannot help herself.

12 August 2006

UN Ceasefire

What a depressing Shabbat.

Unable to tend to news yesterday due to personal reasons, I click on ynet this morning to find that Olmert has agreed to the UN Ceasefire resolution, and that Israeli troops will be withdrawn as early as 48 hours from now. Some Israeli bloggers hate this, some love it, most are confused and don't know what to think.

It's bad.

Very bad.

The enemies of Israel are gathering around her like vultures, ready to attack. Olmert's opting for a UN Resolution, realizing that if he sent troops into Lebanon and casualties soared (which was a probability) he would lose his job. What a greedy, selfish ass.

He's costing Israel her life.

Watch out, Israel-- you'd better keep your eyes to the sky, because that is where your help, your ONLY help, is going to come from. By accepting this UN Resolution, Olmert is setting our nation up for nothing short of a jihadi massacre.

On behalf of my people and my nation, I'm sorry Adonai. I'm truly, truly sorry that we are still too bull-headed to put our trust in You. Please, dear G-d, in your mercy, interviene in the life of your people for the sake of Your Good Name and reputation-- save us, oh G-d, for the sake of your Truth! Baruch haShem, with you, there is always hope.

Pray hard, Israel and lovers of Israel everywhere. PRAY HARD AND FAST, NOW, while there is still a nation and a people to pray for.

And, P.S.-- Don't think the "sudden arrest" of 21 terror suspects after "months of investigation" wasn't timed just right to coincide with the release of this ceasefire. Nothing beats taking world attention off Israel for a day or two to quell people's emotions about the war. On top of that, scare them a little bit by showing them that "terrorism" is still a "world threat"-- minds full of fear dislike the idea of fighting back. And for those who still want to fight back, show them that even one of the most socialized law enforcement agencies can still bag the bad guys-- that'll convince them that war is wrong, and fighting back against these Islamic nutbags is wrong. Wait, the UN has a ceasefire plan? Great! Let's just put an end to all the fighting now, mmmkay?

Never forget: EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

11 August 2006

Wallace & Amadinnerjacket, Sitting in a Tree...

"He says that the Holocaust didn't happen there. It happened in Germany. So move the Zionist Entity-- as he calls it-- to Germany, to Europe, set it up in America. That's what he argues."

"And you agree with that?"

"It's an opinion. I can't say whether it's right or wrong, I'm not a commentator-- that's your job."

--Mike Wallace currently being interviewed by Sean Hannity on the Sean Hannity Show.

You know, I once had a professor who met Bill Clinton. She said openly how she was not a Clinton fan, but when she met him and shook his hand, she could tell he had a "presence" and immediately found herself liking him. (I really hope she remembered to wash her hands before she ate after that.) Apparently, Clinton isn't the only one who has that effect on people. After interviewing Amadinnerjacket, Mike Wallace feels that the man is "very well versed," and has "very good reasons" behind his desire to wipe Israel off the map. Apparently, he's a "savvy" guy.

In a related story, I solved this week's game of Al-Media Without a Clue: it was Mike Wallace with a cigar in the Iranian Oval Office...

P.S. You know what kills me? Sean Hannity feeling the need to say that he has respect for Mike Wallace. That kills me. I swear, I could never be a pundit, because the minute I had to look someone like Wallace in the eye, I'd spit tacks before I ever said I had respect for that Jew-hating mamzer.

10 August 2006

Je Ne Sais QUOI?

You do realize that if any sort of cease fire is accepted by Israel at this point:

Over 100 IDF soldiers will have died in vain
Numerous Israeli civilians will have died in vain
The Northern economy would have been brought to its knees for no reason
Millions of Israelis will have been displaced for a month for no reason
Hundreds of thousands of trees in the Galilee will be burning for no reason
Millions of dollars in damage to the north will have occurred for no reason

oh, and:

Hizbollah will strike again

You do realize all of this, right?

Repeating, over and over to myself:



Because if the Israeli government agrees to rely on FRENCH troops to secure the northern border, Iran really will try to nuke us in a week or two, tops. Do our ancestors NEED to remind us of Vichy?

I swear, can't we just nuke France already? I hear the coast is nice and all, but I'm sure Haifa and Eilat can handle the tourism overflow...

Oh, that's right, I forgot. No one cares about Israel today. Heathrow almost got bombed, or some jazz. But, as the Home Secretary in the UK said, "This is not a war between civilizations or religions ...many Muslims the world over, men, women, and children, are suffering because of this."

He then excused himself from the press conference, as he had a lunch engagement to keep with Pepe le Peu.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

In honor of West Bank Mama's Brilliant anti-talking postOn Grains of Salt and Whitespace:
Just a quick post about a sensitive subject - the amount and reliability of the information you are reading on the web.

No, I am not talking about faked photographs. I am talking about the endless streams of military analysis being published in article form. I am talking about the detailed plans and timetables that the IDF talking heads are giving out.

In a word (or in this case, a phrase) take everything you read with a grain of salt. What is more important really is what they are NOT telling you - what I call the white space - between the lines. And the bottom line is that you won't know what they are not telling you until it is safe for everyone to know. And you should have patience and the maturity to wait for this information. ...
I give you my latest contribution to the war effort:

Original World War II poster here

Let us reserve our best information for conversing in *silent* prayer to HaShem.

09 August 2006

Cheer Up!

Thanks to Saus over at Hashmonean for dropping the link to this fantastic story that truly brightened my day. I don't know how I missed it!

IDF broadcasts Hizbullah's dead on al-Manar [YNet]
(VIDEO) Israeli army takes over terror group's TV station airwaves twice daily to show propaganda films presenting Nasrallah as liar, showing Hizbullah operatives fleeing from battle
They've got video clips at the site-- check it out.

And spend some time at Hashmonean-- Saus has new maps up for those of us who are geographically impaired.

Keep the Tehillim chains going!!

Bevakasha, HaShem, T’nu L’Tzahal L’Natzeach!!

Today's Phone Conversation

Me: Hey, how ya doin?

Other Person: Not great.

Me: What's wrong?

OP: Watching the news. They're sending more troops in.

Me: Yeah. I know. But it has to be done.

OP: It makes me sick, all these young people dying. I wish I could go in and take their place, so they could live their lives. It makes me sick.

Me: I know. It's the result of over a decade of bad decision-making on the part of the Israeli government as much as it is the fault of these terror groups.

OP: I wish they could just get Nasrallah and these other leaders. Maybe then it'd all be over.

Me: It's nice in theory, but it wouldn't work that way. America fought communism during the Cold War with the same mindset-- kill Russia, and the minions will perish. But it didn't work like that. America got Russia, but communism is still going strong abroad and in the U.S. It's nice to think the war would end if we killed Nasrallah, but it wouldn't.

OP: I know. I should've worded it better. It would be nice if we got Nasrallah-- it would give us the umph we need and maybe shock the terrorists enough to get us in there more smoothly.

Me: I get where you're coming from. But it probably wouldn't work like that. If Israel got Nasrallah, the government would most likely put an end to the war in order to please the world body. That would only give his followers time to regroup before they attacked us again. It isn't pleasant and I know how you feel, but we have to do it this way. We have to do a ground invasion.

OP: It doesn't make me happy. It doesn't put a band-aid on that hurt.

Me: No, it doesn't. But there's no point in getting all down about it. We have to stay strong in the promises of Adonai, in Isaiah 26:19, and trust that He's going to fight for us. And we have to pray that the leaders in the IDF are seeking Adonai Tzvaot's council on this so that we do claim victory. We have to pray that Israel remembers her history of all the battles fought and won in the Torah with little to no casualties, and that the IDF trusts in these miracles as they march into the fight. We've got to keep believing so we can keep our nation strong.

OP: Yeah.

Me: They're saying 40,000 troops are waiting to go in. They're expecting it to last 4-6 weeks.

OP: That would bring us up to Sukkot.

Miracles, HaShem-- Miracles in our midst during your Moedim, bevakasha, HaShem!

News & Links

Israel Matzav reports: Shake-up in northern command means push to Litani going ahead

The JPost headline (no link) is confirming that the Cabinet has approved the push to the Litani. Of course, because of such bad leadership in the Israeli government, the IDF is now forced into a highly expensive, highly risky operation. When the leaders fail, the community pays a price. Yet, at the same time, scripture teaches us that there is also a hefty price to be paid by the individual who commits the sin. I believe the key here is for the community to realize that wrong has been done, to draw it out into the open and confront it, and repent for obeying orders that went directly against Torah. I say call the leaders onto the carpet and let Adonai be the judge. Right now, we need to be a unified minyan. Critical analysis is healthy, but we can't let it develop into schisms between competing factions. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

The JPost reports: US official makes unexpected visit to Lebanon
Government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information, gave no details about the meeting with Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.

Welch, who was last here on Saturday, was expected to meet later in the day with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.
This, combined with the rumors flying that Bush isn't taking Olmert's phone calls, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Americans beware: Congress may be forming a pro-Israel caucus, and Jerry Falwell may be on the Jews' side, but the powers that be aren't necessarily those who respect the power of the people.

I've gotten some really nice emails of support for Israel from different bloggers and readers lately. To all of you out there tuning into this blog and paying attention to what's going on in Israel with a concerned heart, I give you my thanks and pray that you would be blessed for blessing G-d's people in accordance with the promises in His word. Remember: We're all in this together! Keep that fighting spirit going!

Some great posts can be found at Israelity. I've been entertained, intrigued, and moved by too many to link individually, so just go check out the whole blog.

The blog world reports that Arab Israelis are mad-- at Hizbollah. Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because Hizbollah has such great aim.

Sabra at Heart penned a moving piece, supporting the IDF. Read it. Live it.


08 August 2006

Support Israel

Dave at Israel at Level Ground is hooking the Jblog world up with links to Israeli charities. Do a mitzvot and support Israel at this trying time by clicking on the picture below and finding out more about the various charities supporting our people at this critical hour.

Don't forget to forward the flag to your friends.

Yarmulke tip to Dave for the graphic and the head's up.

Didn't You Read My Book?

Israel Supporter, my most passionate anonymous commenter, recently sent me a link to Anne Bayefsky's article at National Review online, Dealing with the Devil, and asked me to comment.

In breif, the article details the United Nation's overwhelming Israel hatred and questions why Secretary of State Condi Rice would choose to rely on such an anti-Israel, pro-terror institution to provide a solution to the current war between Israel and Lebanon. Bayefsky concludes that such a reliance will have deadly results:
There will be only one sure result of this move — the empowerment of terrorists whose ultimate target is the United States and all democratic values. Secretary Rice’s belief that there is a serious convergence between the United Nations agenda and American foreign-policy needs in the age of terrorism is a profound error in judgment for which democratic societies everywhere will be forced to pay a heavy price.
So, what do I think?

Dr. Eugene Narrett was on the Tovia Singer Show on Israel National Radio, not long after the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit in Gaza, if I'm not mistaken. His research into world history and American history in relation to Israel is immense and well worth studying, therefore, his concluding theories regarding current international interaction with Israel are valid and worthy of serious note. To sum up his assessment of the current world body reaction to the war, the totality of which can be read at his blog, Dr. Narrett basically concludes that the world body (the UN, the US, the EU, etc.) will [try to] use this War in Lebanon as another tool to destroy Israel in their quest to establish a one world government.

I have discussed before how these two seemingly disparate ideas are related. In essence, Israel is the physical evidence, the proof, that G-d exists. Israel's Torah is the proof-text that testifies that human beings have free will and that there is a choice to be made between following G-d and following evil. Israel's history is the proof that G-d is all-powerful over evil. Israel's prophecy is proof that G-d has a plan for the ultimate salvation of the world from this evil. Moreover, Israel's prophets give the only exact, complete description of the kind of power this evil will wield over the globe before Moshiach provides salvation. Therefore, Israel-- her land, her people, her Torah-- must be destroyed, because Israel is the living proof, the evidence that convicts the guilty of their crime. And, in case you have yet to understand, I will tell you: the guilty are those trying to take complete control and power over the world. What system of government affords control of the many to be handed over to the few? COMMUNISM, or, rather, its ninth step in the didactic form, SOCIALISM.

Why would the United States choose to support and rely on the United Nations instead of backing their purported "most beloved ally" in the Middle East, Israel? As Dr. Narrett explains quite clearly,
Thus the Anglo-American bloc destroys its best and only ally, showing that its ultimate goal is consonant with the of the Russo-Chinese bloc. The State Department’s long term softness on Communism has reflected its desire for the essence of Bolshevik tyranny: dominance of the world by a bureaucratic state that owns all resources and controls abject subjects unable or afraid to criticize.
Asking why the United States, a democratic government, would support, rely on, and take cues from such a socialist institution as the United Nations is like asking why the socialist dictatorship of North Korea is referred to as the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea. There's nothing Democratic about Kim Jong Il and, sad to say, there are certain parties in the American government that would like the same to be said for the United States.

So, what do I think of Bayefsky's conclusions? Quite frankly, I don't think they are strong enough. Too many players in the game-- key players, important players with clout in Washington and in the minds of you, the average reader, listener, viewer--still refuse to call a spade a spade at this critical juncture. Too many still follow the George W. method of proclaiming support for the War on Terror while declaring that Islam is a "religion of peace." Bayefsky's ideological conclusion-- that Rice's reliance on the United Nations will give the terrorists more power-- is true, but not concrete enough to make people realize the gravity of the situaton. What is "terror" to someone living in Kansas, or Pittsburgh, or Maine? What is "terror" but the cause for annoying bag-checks in New York subways or hold-ups in Chicago O'Hare? What is the loss of democratic freedom to a country whose most populated areas are populated with citizens who think "people don't kill people, guns kill people" and have a national identity that is based on the idea that our country was founded by "a bunch of rich, white men who didn't want to pay their taxes"?

Bayefsky would better serve her readership and America at large if she spoke in visceral terms, terms that no mainstream publication would dare employ, either for reasons of political correctness or couth. After all, who is going to believe that socialists are trying to take over the country, anyway? The conservatives? Not while President Bush, their hero is in office. The liberals? Their policy agenda proves that the establishment of a socialist state in America has been their goal for the past 50 years or more, so who are they to argue? What is the test of truth, scripture questions, and answers: The world will not believe it.

Believe it, America: your clock is ticking, and you're running out of time. There are forces in your government, people that you don't even see and have never heard of, who are calling the shots. This isn't a Hollywood movie or some conspiracy theory from Icke-- this is fact, and it is played out every day before your eyes. You see it on television, every time a reporter asks an American official what the U.N. thinks, and you read about it in articles like Bayefsky's. And you'd know about it, too, you'd know about it beginning to end and you'd know what to do about it-- if only you read The Book.

07 August 2006

Fantastic New Developments

Israel Matzav analyses: Lebanese Army Reserves called up. the hope is really that the war will end within the ten-day period. HAHAHAHAHAHA... what hope does Peretz have?

Well, 'We'll strike anywhere' pretty much covers it. Looks like Olmert agrees.

Carl in Jerusalem also notes that the media war rages on. (P.S. We're winning on this front, too.)

I was amused at CNN's new graphic that premiered last night. It's a Body Count Chart, detailing the total number of dead and wounded since fighting began on both the Lebanese and Israeli sides, as if the two were competing in some sort of World Championship sporting match. That's not in bad taste at all. While Lebanese statistics are totally inflated (for two reasons: One, they count Hizbollah fighters as "civilians" and, Two, they lie) I have to say this-- the lack of an overwhelming number of Israeli casualties, both civilian and military, is a blessing.

Now, don't get me wrong-- I don't like the idea of any Israeli (Jew or Arab) dying. But when a rocket lands on an apartment building filled with people in Israel's third largest city, and leaves only three dead and the majority of the wounded are only hospitalized for shock, that's amazing. Shock, while horrible, is something that can be healed. Being smashed to bits by a rocket isn't exactly curable. To have so many thousands of rockets fired into Israel, only to have the majority land in fields or empty areas and not take lives is nothing short of the miraculous. So far, the greatest impact the enemy has had has been a psychological one-- we can confront this and combat it as a nation. We can handle and win that fight very easily as long as the minyan sticks together.

Militarily, when thousands of troops can go into battle and only tens are reported killed in action, that is miraculous. These Hizbollah guerillas are animals, disgusting, putrid animals. When our soldiers can confront these lunatics and come out alive, it is a miracle from Adonai. I mourn the dead as much as any other Jew and can only achieve some level of comfort in trusting the promise of Isaiah 26:19. I don't want any soldier to die. But I do know that they know and understand that death is something a soldier must confront, and in my respect for them, I can not mourn the passing of such heroes; I can only rejoice that such great people lived and dared to be so willing to sacrifice their lives for the lives of others-- for that is the ultimate sign of love.

Rafi G. issues the battle cry of the week: T’nu L’Tzahal L’Natzeach/Let the IDF Win!

Hey, what's going on with Syria, btw? I mean, besides their giving rockets to Hizbollah, complaining about Sheba Farms, and lining up troops along the borders. Seriously, are Amadinnerjacket and the "slack-chinned opthamologist" dating, or what? /specious instigating

So, now that Tisha B'Av has past, we're in the Seven Weeks of consolation, to culminate in Rosh haShanah, Biblically known as Yom haZikkaron (Day of Remembrance) or Yom Teruah (Day of Sounding the Shofar). It is said that on Rosh haShanah we proclaim and reaffirm our faith in Adonai as our one true King. We also begin the period of repentance and reflection, the Ten Days of Awe, that will take us up to Yom Kippur, where HaShem will decide whether or not we are worthy to be written into the Book of Life for another year. Look for commentary tying this season together with current events as they progress-- there is no doubt we are seeing prophecy unfold before us. As Jews, we should seek to understand where we are at in time, and what our role is in these events. This will not only ensure our success on the battlefield; it will also ensure our successful completion of our role as a Light Unto the Nations.

End of Weekend Links

An Unsealed Room gives links to the Reuters Photo story and Haifa news.

Walid Shoebat's getting airtime on Fox News as I type. Good man. I encourage everyone to pray for his safety and the safety of his family, and that he would be blessed for speaking out in defense of Israel.

12 Israeli Reservists Murdered by Hizbollah rockets today. According to the Israel Matzav report, the reservists did not heed warnings to take cover before the rocket hit.

Which brings me to my greatest point of frustration as of late: moronic Jews the world over who continue to prove that we, and only we, are our own worst enemies. Today I read some new blog by female Israeli academics and media professionals, created in light of the war. This insane female decided to write a feminist rant, complaining about having to suffer all because "men have this innate need to war." What a bunch of bull. I'd like to remind all you feminist Jews out there that your glorious Gloria Steinem earned her street cred by parading around Hugh Hefner's digs in a leotard and bunny ears. (I guess that just goes to show you that it takes one to know one.) Quite frankly, any Jew who is against this war, or any IDF action taken to save Israeli lives and the life of Israel, makes me ill. Israel is in the mess we're in right now because of their moronic thinking, therefore, they should shut up before they cost any more lives.

Rafi G. at Life in Israel has a fascinating entry up detailing two stories involving Israeli troops and halacha in the battlefield. The accounts raise a lot of questions for the minyan regarding the relationship between the physical and the spiritual in war.

More commentary tomorrow as time permits....

04 August 2006

Shabbat Shalom

It has been one tumultuous week. The war is going strong and news from the front is limited due to Israel's gorgeous concept of "media blackout" as effective battle strategy. (LOVE IT.) I'm taking the victorious surprise attack in the Bekka Valley, in which all of our troops who went in, came out alive and unharmed as a sign that HaShem is, indeed, watching over us.

As to those killed in battle, I can only mourn their deaths, pray for the comfort of their families, and rest in the comfort of the promise of eternal life found in Isaiah 26:19. While our number of dead in battle remains low (Baruch haShem, may it always be so) one Israeli soldier killed in battle is too many killed in battle. But, this is the reality of war. I can only agree with General Patton who once said, "We should not mourn that these men have died; rather, we should rejoice that they lived."

Qana was proved a complete fraud perpetrated by camera-happy Hizbollah guerillas, who feel the need to parade their ugly tuchuses in front of the lens as much as possible, as if this were nothing more than some cheesy third-rate reality show. Not hot. Too bad for them; Allah's virgins don't have cable.

Olmert stuck his foot in his mouth and is now in the process of trying to wedge it back out before he loses a good percentage of the most loyal fighters in the army. No one likes to be critical of a fellow Jew during war, but Caroline Glick put it best when she said that some tough love is in order. Stand firm, Israel. Stand firm for what you know is right-- even if that means disagreeing with your leadership. But don't let those disagreements divide you or weaken your power-- just as HaShem turns curses into blessings for the sake of those who love Him, take the bad situation and turn it to good for the sake of His good name. You can do it!

For excellent insight into Hizbollah's media war, and how the international media plays right into their hands, check out Noah Pollak's piece at National Review Online. [Yarmulke tip: Dave at Israel At Level Ground]

HaShem is fighting on our behalf, and will continue to fight as long as we let Him. We've got to keep breaking down those walls of fear-- the less Israel cares what the world thinks, the more freedom she will give HaShem to get the job done. So far, we've opened the door to heaven, but it's only open halfway. We've got to get outside the box of human perspective and start thinking from G-d's perspective: He is the one who knows the enemy the best, He is the one with all the power and control, He is the one with victory in His hands. TRUST IN HASHEM, NOT IN THE WORDS OF MEN.

As Shabbat draws near in Eretz Yisrael, I pray for my people to have a peaceful day of rest in the presence of HaShem. Consider yourselves on leave for the next 24 hours, and take the time to crack open your Bibles, to pray, and to meditate on the words of Adonai. He is our strength.

Shabbat Shalom.

03 August 2006

Tisha B'Av Thoughts

This probably isn't the most kosher thing to say on Tisha B'Av, but I'm sick and tired of being mournful.

I'm tired of living with the stigma of the Holocaust. I'm tired of being forced to think through the ghetto mindset. I'm tired of living Oslo. I'm tired of being perceived as the weakling, the scapegoat, the great nothing of this world. I'm tired of it-- sick and tired-- and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Stop living out the lifestyle thrown to us by the gentiles of this world, and start living the heritage G-d has given you, Israel! Start being proud to be a Jew! Start being proud to be the light unto the nations, the chosen ones of HaShem! START BEING PROUD OF YOUR SUCCESSES AND YOUR BLESSINGS! Quit mourning for a Temple that is long gone and start planning for a Temple that will soon be rebuilt!

Isaiah 49 is one of the most powerful and timely prophecies in the Tanak. An excerpt from it reads:
"But Tziyon says, 'ADONAI has abandoned me, Adonai has forgotten me.' an a woman forget her child at the breast, not show pity on the child from her womb? Even if these were to forget, I would not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands, your walls are always before me."
On my wall hangs a print done by a Jewish artist based on the words in bold. It depicts two Orthodox men davening at the Kotel and, to me, it represents two different ideas. Firstly, that HaShem is constantly watching, standing before us and hearing our prayers. Secondly, and perhaps more poignantly, while the Kotel is the most holiest site in all of Judaism, it is still a wall-- a boundary, a border, a division-line. Our walls are before HaShem; while He is constantly seeking us, we are still resting behind walls of separation-- physical, spiritual, ideological.

I'm tired of praying to a wall. I am not a worthy creature, but I am one who is after G-d's own heart, and, therefore, refuse to build a wall, however holy it may be, between G-d and myself. I refuse to see my people settle for a wall. Aren't we supposed to emulate our righteous ones? Didn't our most righteous one, Moshe Rabbenu, see HaShem face to face? Shouldn't that, therefore, be the goal of Am Yisrael? After all, we are waiting for Moshiach, aren't we? What will we do when He reigns in Jerusalem, wall him in out of fear of unworthiness? I don't think so.

What is this fear that plagues us as a people? Is it a fear of being unworthy? Probably-- at least that's part of it. The religious fear that they are unworthy of HaShem. The secular fear that they are unworthy of the world. STOP STIGMATIZING YOURSELF, ISRAEL! We are the chosen ones of G-d! Humility is in order, but we must remember that while HaShem says, "If you fear me and my armies, you need fear nothing else," He is also the G-d who Moshe praised by singing, "In your love, you led the people you redeemed; in your strength, you guided them to your holy abode." (Exodus 15:13) He loves us! What does it matter what the rest of the world thinks when we have HaShem on our side?

Stop accepting the walls, Israel. Stop putting up boundaries between yourself and your G-d. Stop ascending to such great heights, only to resign yourselves to stopping halfway up the mountain. For once in your life, put your stiff-neckedness to good use and be proud of your relationship with your G-d! Stop being the people of mourning, and start being the nation of joy.

By David: Protect me, God, for you are my refuge. I said to ADONAI, "You are my Lord; I have nothing good outside of you." The holy people in the land are the ones who are worthy of honor; all my pleasure is in them. Those who run after another god multiply their sorrows. To such gods I will not offer drink offerings of blood or take their names on my lips. ADONAI, my assigned portion, my cup: you safeguard my share. Pleasant places were measured out for me; I am content with my heritage. I bless ADONAI, my counselor; at night my inmost being instructs me.

I always set ADONAI before me; with him at my right hand, I can never be moved; so my heart is glad, my glory rejoices, and my body too rests in safety; for you will not abandon me to Sh'ol, you will not let your faithful one see the Abyss. You make me know the path of life; in your presence is unbounded joy, in your right hand eternal delight.

Psalm 16

A co-worker just asked me: "What if Israel doesn't win?" You want to know what my answer was? BUT WE WILL.


Evidence Mounts that Kana "Massacre" Was a Fake [Israel National News] Check it out. It's a complete factual lowdown citing multiple sources in the mainstream and alternative medias. Too much to just blockquote, I'd rather you read it all.

Temple Mount Faithful Hold Cornerstone Ceremony [Israel National News] The Temple Mount Faithful wanted to lay the cornerstone of the Third Temple today, but they weren't allowed to get onto the Mount. Something about Muslim lunatics wanting to murder them in the name of Allah or something...yeah, that's it. One activist was arrested at the Kotel after he tried to prevent other Jews from getting to the wall, arguing that if we could not ascend to the Temple Mount, then we shouldn't be able to get to the wall, either. Reasoned as this argument may be, wouldn't it just have been easier to, I don't know, slay a few ticking time bombs instead? I mean, after all, the Macabees didn't exactly defer to the authority of Greece, nor did they just walk right in and take the Temple back. I'm not advocating violence or lunatic actions here, but I am saying that we're going to have to put up a fight for this thing sooner or later, and we'd best be fighting with our enemies, not each other. But, who knows? Maybe we just need a breather before we destroy the enemy completely. Speaking of which...

Iranian president: Israel's destruction solution to Mideast crisis [YNet]

"Although the main solution is for the elimination of the Zionist regime, at this stage an immediate ceasefire must be implemented," Ahmadinejad said, according to state-run television in a report posted on its Web site.
Translation of Muslim Doublespeak: Yeah, we hate the Jewz and we are going to totally wipe them out ...later. After we remove our tails from between our legs. Seriously, dude-- Jews with guns! I thought Oslo removed that threat for us!

Well? Helloooo, Israel? Are you going to turn to HaShem yet, or what? I had to find this news story out via ISRAELI sources, because my hip, trendy, sophisticated American 24-hour cable news didn't think it was worthy of any air time. When the international community doesn't come out demanding a swift and complete attack on Amadinnerjacket and his lunatic country, you know Israel stands alone. You can't just toss statements like these off with the classic PC line, "While I disagree with your beliefs and lifestyle, I respect your choice to live that way." KILL THE NUTCASE! KILL HIM BEFORE HE KILLS US! DUH!

When the JPost headlines page has all of 12 new headlines since you last looked at 11 pm the night before, you know the IDF is keeping a tight rein on reports coming out of the war zone. Good.

Tisha B'Av Victory!


From The Muqata:
Last night, IDF commandos captured 5 Hizbolla fighters from Ba'albek -- 100 kilometers away from the Israel/Lebanon border. In a daring raid, under heavy covering fire from the IAF, the commandos landed in 2 Black Hawk helicopters, and in a 4 hour covert operation, killed 11 Hizbolla terrorists and captured 5. More details as they become public...
Baruch haShem for this victory on the eve of Tisha B'Av!

Jameel sent me the link to video of the action at his blog: second video from the top.

This is what the Lord Almighty says: "The fasts of the fourth, fifth, seventh and tenth months will become joyful and glad occasions and happy festivals for Judah. Therefore love truth and peace." Zechariah 8:19

May we be the generation who not only derives strength from prophecy, but lives the fulfillment of it!

May you have an easy fast, rejoicing in the victory of promises fulfilled and blessings to come. Baruch haba B'Shem Adonai.

Jameel @ the Muqata has written a timely call to action titled, Woe Unto Israel - A Lament for Leadership. I call on all readers to act upon Jameel's call to contact Olmert's office and speak out against further concessions of Israeli land to terrorist murderers.

Further updates after a day of fasting and prayer for my people and my nation...

02 August 2006


Image via Jerusalem Post

As HaShem is fighting alongside our brave forces of the Zahal, claiming victory in the Bekaa Valley, I've got a little victory of my own for which to praise HaShem:

We've surpassed the 100 Hits a Day mark for the first time here at ConservaJew!

Baruch HaShem! May all of my readers be blessed with the shalom that comes from trusting in Adonai always, as King David did. Todah rabbah to every blog who so graciously posted a link to my site-- may you all be blessed for your hard work in promoting truth and honesty regarding Israel in the blogosphere.


Thank G-d I'm a Jew. :)

Breaking News

Fox News is reporting via Reuters that "while the Israeli Army is remaining silent" a large number of IAF planes are swarming over the Bekka Valley right now, and the latest from Israel is that this operation could "take several weeks" to complete.

The JPost confirms the Bekka Valley report, as does YNet. (YNet also published a report from Hizbollah that stated that they had gunmen in the Bekka, waiting for the IDF to land. DOUBLESPEAK TRANSLATION: They were at home doing their hair and makeup for the next AP photoshoot. One was heard to comment, "Dammit, the Jews have surprised us again!")

How delicious. I love it. The Israeli Army Media wing is freaking BRILLIANT. LOVE. IT.

Israeli bloggers are, so far, silent on the matter, most likely due to the timing.


01 August 2006

Post-Prayer Links of Interest

Treppenwitz remarks: It's Time An excellent blog post commenting on Israel's brilliant media strategy:
As I drifted off to sleep I started thinking about the fact that for most of yesterday the news had been perfectly silent about what our troops were doing up there in the north. Nearly every media outlet on the planet is up on the Lebanese border with a voracious 24 hour news cycle to feed, and... nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

No reports of what all these thousands of Israeli soldiers were doing during the lull in hostilities. No human interest pieces about the idle artillery crews and tank battalions playing football or calling home. Not one little anecdote about the soldiers... while the international spotlight shifted to Jerusalem and the pas de deux between Olmert and Rice.

Then it hit me. It's time.

I sat up in bed and practically knocked my laptop off it's stand. There was no news from the north because the military censors had placed a blackout on the area while the ground war Robert predicted got fully underway. And whether by accident or design, the choreographed meetings between Olmert and Rice in Jerusalem provided perfect misdirection to divert the world's attention.

The perfect magic trick... "look over here, not over there!"
Read it all.

Shma Yisrael!

Want another way to help Israel? Click on the banner:

and learn how you can help get the truth about Israel out into the public sphere.

Did You Say Your Tefilim Today?

After praying at noon for the Zahal, I tuned into the Kotel Kam at AISH as thousands gather at the Kotel to pray for the IDF. At nearly 9 pm, the crowd was still going strong. Here are some still shots from the AISH Kam:

I love the flags flying in front of the open Torah Ark.

The three flags here immediately reminded me of the Three Matzoh at Pesach. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought of this and wonder if they didn't do the three intentionally to represent Avraham, Yitzach, and Yaakov. I love seeing Israeli patriotism associated directly with Torah. Too often we have one without the other, but we need BOTH if we are to survive and thrive, because the gifts of Torah and our identity as Am Yisrael go hand-in-hand; if we are the tenants of Eretz Yisrael, Torah is our lease agreement. It's all in scripture, Deuteronomy 30:15-20 to be precise.

Love the huge yellow Moshiach flag flying here. If anyone hasn't seen one, they're becoming pretty standard among some Orthodox sects-- a yellow flag with a crown that says "MOSHIACH" in Hebrew or English on it. Love it.

In Other News

In light of the Mel's anti-Jewish rage, Israel National News reports that ABC Cancels Plans for Holocaust Programs. Meh, no biggie. The current victory of the IDF is giving them fresh miniseries material, anyway. It's about time the Jews of the galut get out of the Holocaust mindset.

Israel National News is also reporting that Arab MK: Ninth of Av Entry to Temple Mount Will Ignite Intifada:
Arab Knesset Member Talab El-Sana warned Tuesday that the police permit for Jews to visit the Temple Mount on the Ninth of Av, Thursday, will ignite a "third Intifada."
Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be a peace-loving Jew and say, "Okay, no Temple Mount for me in the name of peace." But I'm not. I'm not interested in brokering peace with people who want to murder us, who feel perfectly fine parading the bodies of their children around in front of Al-Reuters, who are happy to give aid and comfort to terrorist guerilla fighters that live off of Jewish blood. Instead, I'm going to grab onto the boldness of my people and say, "BRING IT ON!"

Searching Up to the Sky and Looking Beneath the Ground

I'm still rolling over last night's magnificent CNN report on Jews with Balls. Love it. I love it because it is that humorous and that ironic on so many levels. I love it because it shows that when Israel acts in accordance with the Word of HaShem, the world reacts in awe. I love it because it's a fulfillment of Psalm 64:6-9 that reads:

As they plot their crimes, they say,
"We have devised the perfect plan!"
Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.

But G-d himself will shoot them down.
Suddenly, his arrows will pierce them.

Their own words will be turned against them, destroying them.
All who see it happening will shake their heads in scorn.

Then everyone will stand in awe,
proclaiming the mighty acts of G-d,
realizing all the amazing things he does.

In an email conversation, a fellow blogger recently questioned whether we'll be the generation to see prophecy fufilled, or just another generation down the line who receives strength from prophecies yet to be fulfilled. My response was this: It is up to us. It is up to us to act, to call upon G-d, before HaShem reacts to save us. If Judaism teaches us anything it is this: we play the lead role in our existence. We are not powerless creatures, dependent upon an unseen, all-powerful entity-- we are indepedent people with free will who make choices: we can choose to follow HaShem, the all-powerful one and only G-d who reveals Himself to those who love Him, and prosper, or we can choose to disobey HaShem and perish. Hence, the Torah concludes with, I have set before you today life and death, blessing and curse, therefore, choose life so that you may live!

This is not to say that the thoughts of others don't have a great impact on the way we choose to live. Many Jewish scholars argue that we are still living in the ghetto mindset of a thousand years ago, that we are still functioning on the "give up and give in" philosophy, that Jews are losers who don't have a hope of crushing their enemies after thousands of years of oppression, assimilation, and concession. We see these arguments lived out in today's media reports on the war in Lebanon. Israel can't possibly be winning; they can't really say why, except, well, Jews don't win things, right? They're powerless, right? These terrorists are big, scary enemies, right? Right?

The blogosphere is no better. This is largely due to the fact that the blogosphere, while acting as a fantastic critic and watchdog of the MSM, still relies on the MSM for the bulk of its news reporting. Therefore, blogger commentary is dependent upon reports coming through even the most untrustworthy of news outlets. Very few bloggers have the kind of "inside sources" mainstream journalists do-- the most bloggers can do to get a clear, honest perspective on things is to rely on primary source bloggers, located at or near the scene of the battle. Often, as with the case of the war in Lebanon, these bloggers are average civilians who have as much "insider information" as the rest of us; the benefit of their perspective is that it hasn't been filtered by the standard journalistic prejudices so common in the MSM. That doesn't mean, however, that these bloggers aren't just as influenced by the negative reports of the MSM as the rest of us.

Of course, we all know by now that the MSM is prejudiced against Israel and is therefore untrustworthy. However, the one thing CNN's Apocalypse report proved was that the Mainstream Media knows absolutely nothing about what is really going on between Israel and Lebanon, "insider sources" or not. When you have the major cable news network devoting a significant amount of time at the bottom of the prime time news hour to a theological view of the book of Revelation, you know that they are desperate for some concrete answers, and they know they aren't going to get them from Lebanese civilians, heads of State, or Harvard grads. In other words, the MSM is lost for words, knocked off their pedastal and woozy from the impact of knowing that they are not the gatekeeping gods of information after all.

So, stop listening to them, Israel! Stop listening to these negative reports that contradict everything HaShem is doing in your midst! You can't hope to have a clear mindset when approaching this fight if you're basing your prayers on the shifty words of shifty human beings! Forget what the news is saying and what the blogs are analysing-- listen to HaShem, because He is the only one who knows what's going on, because He is the one who secures our victory. Trust in HaShem, not the words of men!

O G-d, I praise your word.
I trust in G-d, so why should I be afraid?
What can mere mortals do to me?

They are always twisting what I say;
they spend their days plotting ways to harm me.

They come together to spy on me--
watching my every step, eager to kill me.

Don't let them get away with their wickedness;
in your anger, O G-d, throw them to the ground.

You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
You have recorded each one in your book.

On the very day I call to you for help,
my enemies will retreat.
This I know: G-d is on my side.

O G-d, I praise your word.
Yes, L-RD, I praise your word.

I trust in G-d, so why should I be afraid?
What can mere mortals do to me?

Psalm 56:4-11

"As in the days when you came out from the land of Egypt,
I will show you miracles."
Nations will see and be ashamed
Of all their might
They will put their hand on their mouth,
Their ears will be deaf.
They will lick the dust like a serpent,
Like reptiles of the earth
They will come trembling out of their fortresses;
To the L-RD our G-d they will come in dread
And they will be afraid before You.

Micah 7:15-17


Apocalypse NOW, in PRIME TIME!

CNN's Paula Zahn is covering the most hard-hitting news story of the day from a spiritual perspective. She is asking the hard-hitting question of the hour, the one that has us all on the edge of our seats: IS IT THE END?

I kid you not, Paula Zahn is currently doing a news story-- A NEWS STORY-- on the apocalypse.

The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is making prime time news.

America is in Iraq for the second time in a decade. North Korea is testing their arsenal. Russia is selling F-16 bombers to Venezuela. Massive earthquakes and natural disasters are culminating in huge amounts of global warming (just ask Al Gore) and Africa is still starving to death. But none of this really matters. What tells CNN that the Apocalypse is breaking news?

Israel decides to fight back.

Hey, Evangelicals and all you Christians out there who think you're the new Israel: If anything proves your replacement theology wrong, it's this story. Because even after all your years of wailing and gnashing of teeth, it's still the Jews who get Jesus on prime time.


Anyone with a satellite dish or hot cable in Israel right now is looking at their TV cross-eyed, shaking their head, and muttering, "Jesus Christ, those crazy goys."

Seriously, let's think about this for a moment:

After years of the Oslo-mindset, Israel decides to fight back. She wages a brilliantly-executed PR war, managing to keep her battle plans secret while appearing to appease the world body with strong hyperbole. In other words, Israel is using her enemy's doublespeak against them-- and she's doing a brilliant job of it. In the meantime, Israel's increasing the Lebanon offensive and taunting Syria and Iran into action. All of a sudden, the world is seeing an Israel with balls.

Jews with balls? It *must* be the end of days!!!

I love it. LOVE IT!