31 October 2004

Weekly Commentary: Terror Threats on VHS (but not DVD)

So a bunch of terrorists send a tape to ABC News, telling us "the streets will run with blood" and other such euphemistic bilge if George W. Bush is re-elected.

Flashback with me, if you will, to Madrid, Spain circa March 11, 2004. If the terrorists really wanted to have an impact on American elections and turn the tide of the vote away from President Bush, they wouldn't be sending us threatening tapes; they'd be carrying out their acts of destruction. So, why aren't they?

They know they can't.

This pathetic attempt at a threat is not only evidence of their masked cowardice, but of their inability to act on their claims. In trying so desperately to take votes away from George W. Bush, these terrorists have admitted that:

1. George W. Bush and his security policies are a threat to their jihad.
2. George W. Bush and his values and goals are a threat to their very existence.
3. And, despite the antagonizing efforts of the opposition, the supposed "tight race", margin-of-error polling results, registration issues, and trial lawyers up the wazoo, President George W. Bush is going to be re-elected.

And there is nothing they can do about it but slap on their veils, sit down in front of their camcorders, and make baseless threats with multiple adjectives deemed "scary" by 1950s movie standards. (Yes, you sons-of-a-mongoose, I'm talking about you.) Pathetic. Although, I am thrilled that our government is taking the tape seriously and performing a thorough investigation, because when they find the two-bit pansy who thinks flashing a gun and screaming bloody murder is going to influence my choice on election day, I'll be glad to personally rip that sheet from his face, look him straight in his cowardly little eyes, and laugh my ass off at the big terrorist who, by his big actions, admitted his own defeat.

And as for that other tape released today, you know, the one with the room full of terrorists claiming that American Intelligence basically gave them all of those weapons that "just went missing six days-- I mean, over a year ago"... let me just ask, are they getting their cues from Terry MacAuliffe, too?

Meanwhile, Mr. Media Elite himself, Walter Cronkite, thinks Karl Rove "set up" Bin Laden to make his latest threat tape. Riight. And Karl Rove is behind the making of Farenheight 9/11 and every single John Kerry stump speech and press release, too, I guess. After all, the language used by all three (Bin Laden, Moore, and Kerry) is the same. At least John Kerry can tick off Osama's name on his list of newly gained allies, right next to Arafat and the Malaysian P.M. Pansies.

Last night on Greta Van Sustren's show, Fox News foreign affairs analyst Mansoor Ijaz echoed my analysis of the terrorist "threat" tapes released this week: They released tapes containing threats because they can't possibly conduct a terrorist attack on American soil because our security is too good-- they are threatened by George W. Bush's leadership because they know that they cannot successfully conduct terrorist activity in America while he's in charge. If they had wanted to attack us, they would have done so without any warning.

Walter Cronkite needs to return to his Fiefdom of One, and he can take John Kerry with him. John Kerry's reaction to the tape? Priceless: "This is why George W. Bush sucks! I can run a more effective War on Terror, like, I SWEAR!!!" Number One Lesson from the John Kerry Playbook on Foreign Policy and Wartime Morale: It's all about ME. John Kerry and John Edwards have validated everything from the homicide bombing of the Sbarro's pizza shop in Jerusalem to Christopher Reeve's death by making themselves the headline of each story. The War on Terrorism isn't about Islamic nutcases who want Allah to rule the world, it's about John Kerry's manicure getting mussed and John Edward's hair getting tousled by the likes of George W. Bush. First, there was moral relativism. Now there's political relativism. What's next? I just hope we get a VHS tape warning us before it happens... oooh, or maybe BETA Max. Vintage is in.

26 October 2004

Hanoi John and the French Connection

From WorldNetDaily (Complete Story here):

"The first documentary evidence that Vietnamese communists were directly steering John Kerry's antiwar group Vietnam Veterans Against the War has been discovered in a U.S. archive, according to a researcher who spoke with WorldNetDaily.

One freshly unearthed document, captured by the U.S. from Vietnamese communists in 1971 and later translated, indicates the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese delegations to the Paris peace talks that year were used as the communications link to direct the activities of Kerry and other antiwar activists who attended."


Translation: He's a Traitor.

For a summary: check out WinterSoldier.com. The summary contains links to the original documents.

The Jewish Vote

The Jerusalem Post has an interesting article on Arab press commentary regarding the American Presidential election. In the article titled: Cartoons in Arab press anti-Semitic the JPost details that the only candidate the Arab press really sides with is Ralph Nader, who shares their belief that, as the Malaysian P.M. worded it so eloquently, "the Jews rule the world by proxy."

In other words, a vote for Kerry isn't a way to make friends with the radical Islamic world. In case you still don't get it: they hate us, they dislike us, they don't trust us, we are infidels and we must die for Allah, pass go, burn in hell, and collect no virgins. If anything, the enemy is making this extremely clear: it's either KILL OR BE KILLED. That's it. No making nice. No sharing the play-doh or taking turns on the swing. THESE RADICAL ISLAMICS WANT US DEAD, EVEN IF JOHN KERRY IS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

For a short review, here's John Kerry's plan for the War on Terror:

1. Get troops out of Iraq "faster".
2. Work on the defensive-- "react only when attacked".
3. "Pass a global test"-- get approval from the U.N. before reacting to an attack.
4. "Establish strong alliances"-- with France and Germany, who were paid by Saddam to supply Iraq with WMDs; btw, the first American casualty in Iraq was killed with a French ROLAND missle.
5. Take money out of the defense budget and spend it on socialized healthcare.

That's really going to save us from lunatics who want to systematically rape, torture, and disembowl us one by one in the name of Allah.

A full collection of these anti-Semitic political ads running in the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, and the general Arab press can be found on the ADL's website by clicking here.

Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator, has an excellent article on why it is critical that Jewish Americans vote for Bush in this election. He makes a lot of good points, but the one that stands out for me is:

Israel: Without Israel, the Holocaust could, and would happen again. Don't be fooled; the U.N., the Libs, and the Islamofacists HATE ISRAEL AND WANT IT DESTROYED. America, and only America, has been Israel's strongest, boldest ally. Without a pro-Israel Presidency, Israel, and therefore every Jew in the world, will be in danger. Don't fool yourselves; don't be the Jews of Europe circa 1934. The world hates us, and without a homeland we cannot survive; America is our strongest and our only ally.

My commentary: In turn, G-d promises that "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." It's true-- history is the proof. What happened to every empire that persecuted Jews; Spain, England, Germany, Russia... they have all fallen from grace, their political power destroyed. America has been a steadfast supporter of Israel, therefore G-d has blessed us. Don't laugh and think that He won't take that blessing away if we disobey His command, and don't be the idiot who thinks your 3.3 pounds of grey matter can control the Universe.

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Lib Media Darlings Illustrate: Works Without Faith Loses Elections

You know, I really can't wait for someone to write a paper or a thesis on how the Lib Media lost Kerry the election.



"An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq.

According to NBCNEWS, the explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived."

Get it, folks? They're now so desperate that they're re-packaging OLD NEWS and expecting YOU, the VIEWER to fall for it. This should piss everyone off, especially if they are Kerry supporters. Between the DAN Debacle, the ABCNews Memo, and this, the combined forces of the Liberal Newsmedia could be driving the last nail into the coffin of the Kerry campaign.

And in other Bury Kerry news, it has been confirmed that the only disenfranchised voters in Florida are Bush voters. That's right-- Kerry campaigners are playing with more legal loopholes and managing to harass people who are in line to vote. One woman waited in line for over an hour; while doing so, she was pointed out as a Bush supporter and verbally harassed. Another man was verbally harassed and physically threatened to the point of leaving the polling station before casting his ballot, deciding to return on another day when the Kerry people weren't there. At another Florida voting location, Kerry supporters locked arms, blocking the entrance to the polls. Wow. Some people have no faith in their candidate, huh.

25 October 2004

Likes Him, Likes Him Not

John Kerry has earned the favor of:

  • The majority of the population in the E.U.
  • Jacques Chirac-- who isn't going to become an American ally, but he is interested in buying Kerry's grandmother's summer home in Brittany.
  • Yassir Arafat, who believes all Jews should be "driven into the sea" but is busy fighting off his own people right now, who want the despot ousted from power so they can do things like, oh, eat. And live.
  • the Malaysian Prime Minister who believes that the Jews are to be blamed-- for everything.
  • The U.N., now embroiled in the Oil for Food Scandal
  • NOW, which still insists that women aren't getting equal pay, and base their statements on carefully censored statistics.

    And because the Victimhood cult of NOW bothers me so much... let's get into this pay gap crap:
    According to the Pacific Research Institute: "The wage gap between women aged 24 to 33 who have never had children is virtually nonexistent compared to men of the same age. And a 1993 U.S. Census Study shows that women who work at full time jobs and have never married earn $1005 for every $1000 of their male counterparts." Women who decide to take time off for children sacrifice earning power the same way any one of any gender would when they decide to take a substantial period of time off from work. And, btw, the 75 female cents to a male dollar is a censored statistic that should read: 75 female office worker cents to every male heavy-laborer dollar. You earn more money if you work with a jackhammer in a busy NYC street than you do if you push a pen in that high rise office building, male or female. You want the right to choose? You've got it: you can choose to take time off of work, and you can choose what kind of career you want. For all of this feminist "right to choose" whining, they don't want take the responsibility for the outcome of their choice. It's easier to do that chick thing and cry victim. Quick, get Patricia Ireland her fainting couch and smelling salts!
  • the majority of Hollywood, whose greatest talent is reading scripted lines... much like the rest of the Liberal Left.
  • some African Americans, such as the creator/writer of the comic "Boon Docks" who portray themselves as parole violators, drug dealers, and leeches on the welfare system, while referring to Condoleezza Rice as "Condoskeeza Rice" and referring to the most racially integrated White House in U.S. History as "racist".

John Kerry has Pissed Off:

  • the Military, Active and Retired
  • the Majority of the Female population, many of which are Security Moms
  • those earning more than $200,000 a year
  • Small Business owners/operators/employees
  • the Elderly
  • those who support Israel
  • a growing minority of Jewish and African Americans
  • the majority of active Christians
  • the Catholic Church (and a majority of the Catholics in those churches)
  • the disabled
  • a growing minority in the queer community (and yes, GLBT's are reappropriating that term as a positive identifier-- just ask my former thesis chair)
  • patriotic Americans (those who believe in American history and values; those who think the U.N. ought to be plowed over)
  • anyone who isn't a Socialist or a variant thereof
  • our 30 ally countries in the War on Terror
  • the interim Iraqi P.M. Iyad Allawi
  • a growing minority of Hollywoodees, including but not limited to: the Zucker brothers, Jim Abrams (that's right, the Airplane people) and actor Ron Silver
  • those of the 9/11 generation who have recently reached adulthood

21 October 2004

A Bad Breakup

From: Jennings: Media in Glaring Spotlight

"The problematic response, Jennings said, is the way people tailor the way they consume news.

"If you tailor your news viewing, as some people are now doing, so that you only get one point of view, well of course you're going to think somebody else has got a different point of view, and it may be wrong," Jennings said."

In short, It's not him, it's us. At least that's what he keeps saying in the makeup chair to his hairstylist Fritz every evening.

10 October 2004

More of What you AREN'T Being Told

Former CIA Director John Loftus was on Fox News this morning, talking about the Duelfer Report. He brought up some great facts that the Kerry-bought newsmedia isn't making you aware of:

1. The largest appendix in the back of the report is titled "WEAPONS UNACCOUNTED FOR" and it details the vast number of weapons we knew Saddam had as late as 2003 that were not found when we conquered Iraq. This corroborates the photographic evidence taken via spy sattelite in the months and weeks before the war began detailing numerous amounts of trucks shipping "items" from Iraq into Syria.

2. Out of over 200 Iraqi nuclear scientists, we've captured 30. The rest have found asylum in Syria or Lybia, and the governments of those countries are not allowing the CIA in to arrest and/or capture these criminals of Saddam's regime.

3. The report discusses the fact that Saddam was making a number of attempts to accquire nuclear materials because the explosives were the only part he needed to finish his bombs. As Mahdi Omedi, fmr. Iraqi Nuclear Scientist, points out in his book The Bomb in my Garden Saddam had the plans and the casings- all the needed were the nuclear materials themselves.

4. Rumor has it that by the time of the election, the report will already be collecting dust on the shelves. The 30 Iraqi nuclear scientists are supposedly going to be going on trial in days, and their testimony could reveal a lot. It's also rumored that Qaddafi of Libya may come forward and announce that he's harboring Iraqi WMDs and scientists.

5. The Libyan connection isn't news: Saddam and Qaddafi made a pact in 1995 that allowed Iraqi scientists to perform experiments on nuclear weapons and other WMDs on Libyan soil.

6. BTW, I think it's imperative to point out, in the name of re-engaging old allies, that the first American casualty in Iraq was killed thanks to a Saddam-owned French ROLAND missle.

My Debate Wrapup (Cross-posted from my LJ)

Scary Kerryisms:
  • In talking about encouraging college education among American youth, Kerry discussed his $4000/year tuition tax credit. He cited that China and India are producing more graduates in math and science than we are ..."We've gotta create the products of the future." It sounds like he's taking into account the fact that Chinese students are trained nearly from birth to follow a specific field...as if they're "products of the future."
  • Kerry discussed in vagueries his healthcare plan. When confronted by Bush's retort that it is nothing more than the equivalent of socialized medicine, which would ruin the state of American healthcare, Kerry replied, "Nobody's forcing you to join the plan. If you like your high premiums, you can keep 'em!" So, in other words, I have a choice between socialized medicine and starving to pay for insurance. Didn't this guy ever take a basic philosophy or logic course? I wonder if he's lunched with Hillary lately and gotten her opinion on his Hillary- er, I mean Healthcare plan. I mean, we all know she's the expert who can give great advice on what to do to ensure a Republican majority in Congress for years to come.
  • One question focused on abortion. John Kerry said that he could not take away "anyone's Constitutional right" to an abortion. Too bad abortion isn't a Constitutional right. The Roe v. Wade case held that a woman's right to an abortion was covered under her right to PRIVACY, as interpreted in the 14th Amendment. Privacy is a Constitutional right; abortion is a personal decision.
  • When discussing Kerry's tax increase for the "richest 2%" of Americans, who are apparently the same as those "earning more than $200,000/year" President Bush noted that most small businesses, which are the core of our economy and job production, are taxed the same as individuals. Since most of them make over $200,000/year, they would be bearing the majority of the tax burden under the Kerry plan, which would decrease job/industry growth.
    John Kerry replied that the President doesn't like his proposed tax increase because the President owns a timber company.
    Bush's reply: "I own a timber company? That's news to me. Need any wood?"

Can Anyone 'Splain to me This?
  • Even though the draft hasn't been implemented, President Bush is already instituting a "backdoor draft."
  • In discussing the Patriot Act, Kerry cited that F.B.I. agents are "going into churches" and disrupting people's lives.
  • Kerry complained about Bush's tax cuts, and how they've resulted in inadequate Homeland Security spending.
    Bush then retorted with the fact that if Kerry follows through with his plan of only taxing the richest 2% of Americans, or at least those with $200,000/year incomes or more, he'd still only wind up with $6 billion dollars to pay for his $2 trillion dollar budget.
    Kerry then said "the test isn't if you've added money to the budget".
  • Kerry said that one of the ways he'll get us out of Iraq is by "adding 40,000 active troops" even though he "doesn't support the draft."
  • Kerry says he's giving parents or "students who are going it alone" a $4,000/year tax credit. Not cash, "tax credit". Which'll help pay for two loads of laundry, a couple of dinners, and half a class in College Composition I.

Random Johnfoolery:
  • Yes, he referred to OB-GYNs as OG-BYNs.
  • While discussing his Iraqi plan, Kerry proudly proclaimed that General Wesley Clark, the Butcher of American Troops in Bosnia, supports him and his plan.
  • His answer to one question was, "I can't go into all the answers."
  • Yes, he actually used the term "Orwellian" to describe not himself, nor the liberals, nor the Democrats, but the Bush administration. He also claimed character assassination on the part of the Bush team at one point during the debate, while taking a breath from verbally bashing the President.
  • At one point, he equated legalized abortion with a decrease in AIDS. And all this time I thought the real causes of AIDS were infected semen or blood transmitted through anal sex, intravenous drug use, and unprotected (or protected in some cases) vaginal or oral penetration. You mean unborn babies cause AIDS?
Quotes of the Night:
John Kerry:
  • "When I am President.."
  • "You're my priority!"
  • "I'm gonna lead the world..."
  • Our allies "pay a price for dealing with the U.S."
  • The majority of Americans earn less than $200,000/year, and "from the looks of the crowd here tonight, the only people who earn more than that in this room are me, George Bush, and Charlie over here." He forgot to mention Teresa. ("WHOA! THAT BITCH IS LOADED!" -- Stephen Colbert)
    He also apparently forgot the value of a dollar and the fact that most wage earners make a helluva lot more than John Edwards's daddy did in the mill. In fact, with that comment and his plan to raise taxes on the "rich" he pretty much alienated everyone living in every major metropolitan area in America. One caller into some talk show after the debate was infuriated. He and his wife have a combined income of waaay over $200,000 a year, but since he lives in Long Island, he also paid a million for his house, $10,000 in taxes a year, and $300 to commute into the city to work every week. People earning that kind of money work very hard for it, and are far from the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and the Heinz-Kerrys of the world.

President Bush:
  • "I own a timber company? That's news to me. Need any wood?"
  • "I'm trying to decipher that."
  • "I don't know where to begin."

This n' That:
  • John Kerry used the phrase "I HAVE A PLAN" 28 times.
  • He used the phrase "Bush lied" 7 times.
  • He referred to both Vietnam and Halliburton once each.
  • He succeeded in dodging the answer to 95% of the questions by the simple phrases "The facts are," "This administration has done it wrong," and "The President is doing this wrong," among others. The remaining 5% of his time was spent insulting the intelligence and/or earning power of the audience and the public, and declaring that when he is President (not if, "when") he'll make viable alliances with France and Germany and the rest of the U.N. Of course, he casually forgot to mention the Oil for Food scandal and its numerous implications.

08 October 2004

In the Spirit of Good Bloggery...

I give you the link to Eject Eject Eject! where the blogger has posted a really long yet really interesting take on the election and conservative vs. liberal politics.

READ IT! If anyone out there is listening, that is.


Dissent into Madness

"You hear all that and you can understand why somebody would make a face."
--President George W. Bush

Dissent is a natural and acceptable aspect of any democracy. The framers of our Constitution understood this when they penned the First Amendment. Apparently, they just accepted that the line between dissent and cry-baby antics was understood. Yet, as events of late prove, that line is one that has not been drawn into the sand.

The descent from valid “petition for redresses” into the blame game began shortly after the Supreme Court gave their final answer, when the Clintonistas suddenly and fervently pointed their knuckles at George W. Bush for daring to be elected, and its only gone down-hill from there. When I asked a friend which candidates she was following during the recent Presidential primaries, she responded with the now-popular catchphrase: Anybody but Bush. “Why?” I asked. “Because our economy stinks and the whole world hates us.” Many of my liberal friends were frustrated through the primaries, supporting front-runner Howard Dean until even the Democrats couldn’t hide his lunacy anymore, then supporting John Edwards for that three-day lag-time until John Kerry got back from windsurfing to slide right into that empty slot titled “Not George W” to soak up the fanfare. It’s six months later and we still don’t know what Kerry’s platform really is, but we sure know what it’s not, and its fashion-season apropos, flip-flops and all.

Unfounded blame got a guy nominated for President, who, it seems, will proceed to ride the blame-train into the election. Along with all the usual electioneering jargon, Kerry has been so kind as to inform us that even though 254 his fellow Swift Boat Vets have taken it upon themselves to denounce Kerry’s self-touted Vietnam record as nothing but a pack of lies, George W. Bush himself is to blame. You see, the President recently signed into law legislation commanding all Veterans to tell the truth about liars in their midst. (Bill Clinton need not worry about this one, but he should watch out: next up is legislation commanding Oxford buddies to tell all.)

In fact, according to recent news reports, Bush has also personally authored and ratified (without the approval of Congress or a call for Judicial review) legislation that requires female musicians to bare their breasts in public in order to take news-media attention away from the War or Terror. Also, in a carefully crafted publicity grab, Bush has decided to join forces with Dr. Evil in banning the employees of the Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan from unionizing.

Of course, what I’m writing is satire, but the blame-calling is very real. Janet Jackson cried wolf when she had to pay for her own performance faux-pas, and yes, somewhere in Manhattan, Starbucks employees are blaming Bush because they can’t get at least four fifteen minute breaks into every working hour. Bush-blaming is so rampant and undefined that its like the latest catchphrase in some lame comic strip. If one were to believe the complaints of all these nutcases, they’d think Bush was giving Marmaduke a run for his money.

So, it’s ridiculous. So what? Just ignore it and it’ll pass, right? Wrong. Novelist Nicholson Baker recently released Checkpoint, a book in which the two protagonists ruminate over the pros and cons of assassinating President Bush for 115 pages. In a new one-man show in New York City, “Brian Dykstra: Cornered and Alone,” the performer rattles off the usual liberal list of complaints against Bush 43 and declares, “I totally understand assassination now.” In fact, the show is so chock-full of his hatred for Bush that there’s no time for intermission. More considerate of a cabaret audience’s need for restrooms than the President, however, Dykstra encourages his audience to feel free to take a leak while he reads the Declaration of Independence.

But you haven’t heard the best part yet. Apparently, the Bush-bashers are re-living the Vietnam years to such a hilt that they’re even willing to proclaim that the 250,000 anti-Bush protestors who gathered in New York City this weekend represent the majority opinion in this country of 300 million people. Suddenly, Pauline Kael’s gall pales in comparison to the sheer pomposity of this newest generation of pop culture elites.

Charles Krauthammer recently quipped that if Bush were to be re-elected in November, the Democrats would need therapy. I say we put them in the straight-jackets now. Their madness has evidenced itself in ungrounded accusatory lunacy, and their musings are not only stupefying, they are treasonous. No trial is necessary; by their own acts they have been convicted, and I submit this wise observation for undeniable proof of my claim: “Innocence seldom utters outraged shrieks. Guilt does.”

07 October 2004

Israel, Iraq, and the UN

Reuters: Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing

Good. Very good. Because I don't feel like going to hell in my lifetime for taking part in changing the borders of Israel-- biiiig Biblical no-no there.

Also, the US veto'd a U.N. resolution condemning Israel's current actions in the Gaza Strip. I believe I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

Yet, American Jews living in America support Kerry by a 65% majority. This doesn't surprise me, but it is still embaffling. It's comparable to the proclamations of European Jews in the thirties who didn't think Hitler posed any sort of real threat.

George W. Bush has been the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish President in history! Along with constantly defending Israel to the U.N. and the world at large, the President also has Rabbis on his spiritual advisory board. He reads scripture and understands the importance of the Jewish people and Israel. He understands that Israel and America are linked politically and morally.

Anyone who understands this must comprehend the fact that this election isn't just between bigger or smaller government, WMDs, or corporations: THIS ELECTION IS A CHOICE BETWEEN FASCISM AND DEMOCRACY, BETWEEN OPPRESSION AND LIBERTY, BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE. As Mark Levin so astutely pointed out this evening on his radio program, if Kerry is elected, the U.N./world pressure on Israel will only get worse. G-d says "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." We cannot ignore our ties to Israel, and we cannot ignore our responsibility to the G-d upon whose gifted rights our entire civilization is based.

As for that Report that Finds there were no WMDs in Iraq after 1991:

1. When we plow through Syria and find all those dirty bombs with Saddam's stamp on them, I'm looking forward to shouting I TOLD YOU SO! at the top of my lungs. I might even learn it in Farsi to be pc.

2. What happened to the America that was willing to fight for the liberty of all oppressed people around the globe? Have we all become UNionized? Do we think that we can just memo insane dictators to death? That maybe if we kill enough trees we'll bury the millions of starving children,raped women, and maimed innocents in paperwork so we just won't have to see how bad it really is? Do we think the paper will block the path towards regional and global domination or destruction?

3. If our sole reason for ousting Saddam should have been WMDs, I guess we really had no reason to invade Europe and oust Hitler, then. After all, he was only a brutal, murderous, hideous dictator bent on genocide, too.

If anything, this whole WMD non-argument illustrates the sick, vapid selfishness of the liberals who are willing to let millions of innocents die as long as the biggest threat they have to face is a paper cut.

Plow it Over and Build a STARBUCKS!

CIA Details Oil-for-Food Scam:
The report estimates the deposed Iraqi dictator diverted up to $1 billion over the years from the relief program to fatten his military and industrial capabilities — all right under the U.N.'s nose. The diverted cash, part of a series of bribes and payoffs related to the program, was supposed to go to suffering Iraqis in the form of humanitarian aid and food.

Here's a link to a great series of FNC articles on the Oil for Food Scandal. That's right, Russia, China, and France-- three of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council-- accepted bribes to help Saddam starve his own people and build up a WMD arsenal.

P.S. Laura Ingraham reports via The Washington Times (click for article) that John Kerry admits that France and Germany would be unwilling allies in the War on Terror, even if he is elected (a possibility which some compare to the probability of pigs flying and cold days in hell). Big surprise there-- if they've been listening to Kerry, they've already been talked out of it. **UPDATE** Kerry has now offered to slip France and Germany some of Teresa's petty cash on the side and see what he can do.

06 October 2004


CHECK OUT THE SITE! LibertyFilmFest.com

I really want one of those posters... and I want to see EVERY documentary that was shown. This is the second conservative film fest this year; the first was in Dallas a few months ago, which I believe my Libertarian-now-Republican buddy Jamie was at. By the way, Jamie is also a new filmmaker with a lot of great perspective: check out his site: 1971 Films.

Conservative power is rising in Hollywood and in the film world at large. When interviewed on FNC, the maker of Celcius 41.11 (the temperature at which the brain begins to melt), a Hollywood veteran, said that the climate in LA is changing. More and more employees, especially those under 30, are young Republicans. He predicted that, as a result, the films coming out of Hollywood in 5-10 years will have radical ideological changes ...they might even start being, dare I say it? PRO-American again! And this time, it'll be in color, not just black & white. Yet another sign that the pixilated Kerry-Edwards team is failing with their TV Dinner depiction of politics, which I'll comment on later.

Debate Over: Cheney Wins

Can I just say that Dick Cheney kicked butt in this debate? Yes, yes I can...because unlike everything John Edwards said, it's the truth. Edwards, like Kerry, didn't back up any of his "plans"... he didn't even refer people to his website, like Kerry did! When Edwards tried to make a "point" all he did was lie-- and Cheney caught him in his own trap. I loved it when Cheney nailed Edwards for the 90% casualty misinterpretation, for having no record, for voting against every pro-American plan from military to healthcare, and for being the nobody that he is. Brilliant. Sad eyes silky pony loses the race!

For great running commentary, check out Blogs for Bush by clicking on the "I Blog for Bush" button in the sidebar.

And if you still think that John Kerry is a patriot, try reading his book The New Soldier.

Running Scared from the Wrath of G-d

As John "Silky Pony" Edwards nayyyyys away on TV, I'm torn between being disturbed and laughing my socks off at the latest on The Drudge Report. Last week, the Bush-Cheney Re-election offices in Washington state were vandalized; computers were taken from the manager's office. Today, shots were fired into the Kentucky Bush-Cheney '04 headquarters, and now I hear that protestors ransacked the Bush-Cheney headquarters in Orlando.

You libs are really freaking out, aren't you?

To top it all off, public school officials are now going beserk. Last week a middle school English teacher in Monmouth Junction, NJ was fired after parents complained about her patriotic classroom display which contained a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a picture of President Bush. Callers into the Laura Ingraham Show and the Sean Hannity Show have detailed their children's experiences in the classroom, among them:

- a high school biology teacher who, upon seeing a Bush bumper sticker on one of her student's folders, proceeded to jump up and down, scream, and point at the folder before dashing it out of the student's hands, throwing it on the floor, and jumping up and down on it. The next day, 10 of this student's fellow classmates showed up with pro-Bush gear. When the teacher ripped a pro-Bush sign off of a student's desk, the student said that the teacher was infringing on her right of free speech. The teacher finally conceeded that she'd just have to deal with the fact that there were Bush supporters in the classroom.

- a number of college professors who are telling their students that the draft will be reinstated if Bush is elected, and they'll all be forced into the Army after the end of their current semester.

- an elementary school student who was suspended after wearing a homemade t-shirt that expressed his fandom of the President, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

- a high school teacher in Texas who, when asked if they had listened to the first Presidential debate said, "why would I want to listen to Bush" spout his crap?

Wow, you libs are paranoid little suckers, aren't you? Freedom of speech is great when you're the one doing the talking, isn't it?

"Innocence doesn't utter outraged shreiks-- guilt does." -Whittaker Chambers

In the meantime, Mt. St. Helens has let off its greatest pile of steam and ash yet. In the infamous words of Brian Griffin, "G-D. IS. PISSED!" My mother, spiritual maven that she is, had a great point: remember those vicious and insane shark attacks during the Summer of 2001, that preceeded 9/11? As scripture states, G-d is known to give us warning signs in nature. I'd call four hurricanes within the span of a month and a volcano suddenly ready to blow its top a little more than a string of coincidences.... but really, the important thing is WWJKD.

Maybe he'd approach the UN and see if they could place multilateral sanctions against Mt. St. Helens, in between sucking dead snails with Jacques, that is.

Good Reading and Good Doctors

How To Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) is out in hardcover today. Get info on it by checking out Ann Coulter's site, linked on the sidebar.

I'm listening to Dr. Susan Forward (Toxic Parents, Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them) give her opinion of John Kerry on the Michael Medved show. According to the professional psychologist with 30+ years of experience, John Kerry is a sociopath, compulsive liar, and narcissist. Big surprise there.

05 October 2004


For anyone in the states whose voter registration deadline is midnight--- TIME'S-A-TICKIN'! and it's going a helluva lot faster than the 60 minutes clock.

Which reminds me: did anyone listen to Andy Rooney's solution to the CBS credibility issue? Turn the nightly news into an hour-long program "for the public service" and spend more money on it instead of those waste-of-time reality shows that Les Moonves produces. Now, I'm all about ending "reality TV" but if my only other option is the news... and "advertising" the increased news time as a "public service"? What the hell kind of Hitlerian tactic is that? BBC programming is dedicated to the public good-- that's why they aren't a commercial medium. It's also why they don't air spots with Tony Blair reminding you of how wonderful they are every thirty seconds. If that's what Brian Williams was talking about when he referred to the "town square" form of journalism, then I'll gladly take my humble fiefdom of one.

From the Archive: My Political Genesis Realised

Author's Note: I had originally submitted this to the Opinion Journal but it was very politely rejected, no doubt because their target demographic is not formerly disillusioned twentysomethings. Although, I do have a feeling that that is about to change.

When I was a kid, my mother had this habit of buying me flag-wear, T-shirts especially. As I grew older and started voicing my own wardrobe opinions, I began to dislike my mother’s flag-wear obsession. “What’s the point, nobody cares anyway,” was my usual response to her question of what patriotic Tee I would like that summer, and I wasn’t alone.

During my school years, I had seen apathy take possession of most of the greatest minds I had encountered. Brilliant students would settle for failing grades because they had no desire or reason to achieve. The students I taught couldn’t even muster a sarcastic chuckle when I encouraged them to reap the rewards of maximum effort. I had felt as if I had been swallowed by a generation who just didn’t care about anything, because they were given no reason to care. Parents were focused on working; teachers were focused on tenure; administrations were focused on politics; students were focused on the evils of them all. A panoply of commentators has remarked on the liberal bias in education, and I can testify to its truth, because if it were not so, both my peers and my students would not be saddled in this apathetic, hopeless state.
This year’s Presidential campaign has been no different, until now. Until now, John Kerry has informed us via the usual laundry list of liberal complaints: claims of economic depression, massive job loss, wretched security standards, and a Most Despised Nation status within the world. Until now, the media elite have informed us that our current President is nothing more than a religious zealot and a hayseed. Until now, the Ivory Tower has taught us that we are in a constant battle of “Us” versus “The Other” and since we represent Western, capitalist, white, patriarchal, heterosexual thought, we have no right to win. Until now, they’ve allowed themselves to function within the parameters of the Pauline Kael Syndrome, believing that they, and only they are right.

Well, beyond a reasonable doubt, they’ve been proven wrong.

In a sweeping show of American patriotism, the Republican National Convention acted as a four-night session of group therapy for the United States. In what could be equated to the largest group-hug since the Reagan years, Americans learned that our economy is growing steadily; home ownership is at an all-time high, especially among African- and Hispanic-Americans. The unemployment rate is down to 5.5% (it’s standard during the Clinton years) and declining. Our nation hasn’t suffered a terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, and, to quote a Democrat, our troops are viewed as liberators, not occupiers, around the world. But more promising than all of that was the overarching theme of the convention: a more hopeful America. The Democrats asked us to place our lost hopes in one man; the Republicans are asking us to renew our hope in ourselves.

I was one of the oddballs who watched C-Span for the majority of the RNC for one simple reason: I wanted to see as many crowd-shots as possible, and what I saw was surprising. Along with the seniors, the veterans, the moms and dads, and the various ethnicities and religions present, there was a large percentage of twenty-somethings in professional garb, some of which were most likely still college students, all of whom were proudly waving American flags. These were members of my generation who had hope. Hope in themselves and in their future, both of which were intrinsically tied to the hope they had in their country. Apparently the apathy hasn’t swallowed us completely after all.

There are a growing number of us, the members of the Alex P. Keaton generation, who were birthed into the Reagan Revolution but raised during the years of the Liberal Lie, who didn’t lay waste to the sheer apathy that years of brainwashing in schools and the media had sought to produce. We had been taught to seek solace in acceptance, resignation, and defeat, by the purveyors of a philosophy that pardoned a leader of our country for lying to his people under oath. But, thank G-d, we didn’t pay attention in class. Their philosophy has backfired; the liberal establishment taught us not to respect authority, and now we aren’t respecting theirs. We’re making up our own minds and taking control over our own futures. That is why the liberals hate the flag so much: when we wave it, we’re not only showing pride in our country, we’re showing pride in ourselves.

03 October 2004

Inaugural Post-- que fanfare!

I decided to start this blog mainly because I can't take the absurdity of the Left anymore. If I didn't have a place to vent in the vague hope of garnering a response or at least inspiring one lonely soul to action, I'd be throwing myself against a set of padded walls right now.

As for the title, ConservaJew: one could just be dubbed a Jewpublican, but I like "ConservaJew" better-- it sounds very anti-terror/pro-Israel. So, for those of you anti-Americans/anti-Semites out there, let me be clear: Je suis ConservaJew!

Since I'm in the midst of setting up, I'm going to re-post some political commentary from my old online notebook into this new one. Then I'll hopefully be able to join blogsforbush, because the more pro-W presence on the Internet, the better.